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Attack valley, OPFOR vs leo2
Description: i tried to make a bit more realistic scenario than the usuall "take the objective in the middle".
in this sce blue is attacking with leo2s, marders etc. reds are on defense, with OPFOR units. reds have a lot of ground at the start, they should be able to execute defense in depth.
blue can win either by gaining territory, or by breaking through reds and getting at least 10 AFVs (IIRC) on the other side of the map. i hope this will encourage attacking with mass, not sniper tanks.
woods are NO-GO areas, there are penalty zones for throwing a track.

i'd be very glad if someone tried this and had some comments. i want to make more more realistic scenarios in the future based on feedback on the scenarios. you can post comments in this thread:
File Size: 406.11 KB Version: 1.0
Author: RIPper Date Added: August 21, 2005
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