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Brave Rifles - Where the Eagles Dare (2.654) Brave Rifles - Where the Eagles Dare (2.654)
Description: June 15th, 1988 - World War III

3ACR is attacking via Porta Westfalica towards Stadthagen to stop the enemy main forces from linking up with airborne troops that hold the bridges over Weser at Minden. 1st Squadron has cleared its way through town of Klus to Achum and is preparing to engage the enemy main body.

2nd Squadron "Sabre" is following behind and will push north to cross Mittel-Land-Kanal to completely cut off the airborne troopers in Minden as well as to secure the 3ACR northern flank. Intel says the enemy has sent a battalion size forward detachment to link up with the troops in Minden and to flank 3ACR.

"Eagle" Troop from 2nd Squadron is attacking on point. Their mission is to bypass Minden and cross the Mittel-Land-Kanal and hold. You have 13 M3 CFVs and 9 M1A1s plus supporting units and artillery. Something tells you that this won't be a walk in a park...

This scenario takes place during the original Brave Rifles Campaign.

Dedicated to cobrabase. Hope there's enough challenge for you in this one! ;)

Version 1.1.
File Size: 749.5 KB Version: 1.1
Author: Zipuli Date Added: February 03, 2013
Date Updated: February 17, 2013 Download Count: 372

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