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JT Scenario 0006 - Highground (3.011)
by Jecobin
JT Scenario 0005 - Winter Engagement (3.011)
by Jecobin
JT Scenario 0004 - Engage and Destroy (3.011)
by Jecobin
JT Scenario 0003 - By the Flank (3.011)
by Jecobin
JT Scenario 0002 - Enemy Amoured Column (3.011)
by Jecobin
JT Scenario 0001 - Behind Enemy Lines (3.011)
by Jecobin
Combat Team Flank Attack at Hamelin 1990 v1.1 (3.011)
by Panzer_Leader
God of War (3.011)
by kotplus
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3 Mission
Description: These are 3 of my first missions. 2 SP/Coop and 1 H2H

Fight for the Crossings
Players must fight their way south to the enemy held town, securing bridges. 2-4 Players

Tale of Two Cities
Players must fight their way north and clear two enemy held towns.
2-4 Players

Haddenberg H2H
Head to Head
Blue attacks a port city and then must seize an airfield from Red. No thermals for this one.
2-4 Players
File Size: 1.06 MB Version: 1.0
Author: Apocalypse 31 Date Added: June 09, 2008
Date Updated: June 09, 2008 Download Count: 579

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