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Czech Pandur IFV skin for NZLAV-IMV (3.025)
by JustSomeGuy
Leo2A5 HiRes Interior by Hase *DDS Conversion* (3.025)
by Lt DeFault
Bekibekibekistan (3.025)
by cata
Stockton CA Terrain
by DarkAngel
Stockton CA
by DarkAngel
M1A1 HA 1920 x 1080 Splash screens
by daskal
Russian New Image Mech Inf Bn
by profevil
Flaecken und Lueckentaktik MW series (3.025)
by gunnyhighway
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Tri-Color MT-55 (2.640)
Tri-Color MT-55 (2.640)
Description: This pack contains one vehicle and one track texture for a Soviet style tri-color MT-55 skin is based on Dejawolf's excellent MT-55 template. It includes detailed surface textures ...[more]
File Size: 551.52 KB Version: 1.0
Author: MAJ_Fubar Date Added: August 09, 2012
Date Updated: August 09, 2012 Download Count: 183
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Finnish MT-55 (2.654)
Finnish MT-55 (2.654)
Description: The good old BLG-60M2 skin from CZ, now in glorious DDS -form. Two files included, one with Finnish national markings and one without. Originally from 2006... Time sure does fly by!
File Size: 869.08 KB Version: 1.1
Author: Zipuli Date Added: August 26, 2006
Date Updated: July 22, 2012 Download Count: 1020
   (5 / 5)  (2 votes)
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Dirty Ass desert bridgelayer (2.552)
Dirty Ass desert bridgelayer (2.552)
Description: Rendition of MT-55 bridgelayer.
File Size: 526.6 KB Version: 1.0
Author: congo Date Added: October 19, 2011
Date Updated: October 19, 2011 Download Count: 180
   (5 / 5)  (1 votes)
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CZ Studios Biber
CZ Studios Biber
Description: You can have it in any color you want as long as its green! Enjoy and give me some feedback at our thread.
File Size: 1.69 MB Version: 1.0
Author: congo Date Added: November 28, 2007
Date Updated: November 28, 2007 Download Count: 587
   (3.67 / 5)  (3 votes)
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no image
BIBER "Thor" incl. Nets
Description: German Biber "Thor" Skin including Nets
File Size: 1.44 MB Version: 1.0
Author: LUPUS Date Added: December 31, 2006
Date Updated: December 31, 2006 Download Count: 808
   (4.29 / 5)  (7 votes)
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