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British RAF Chinook Decals 2.640
British RAF Chinook Decals 2.640
Description: Simple RAF decals for the Chinook 2.640
File Size: 464.7 KB Version: 1.0
Author: cata Date Added: January 14, 2012
Date Updated: January 14, 2012 Download Count: 176
   (5 / 5)  (1 votes)
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Canadian Chinook
Canadian Chinook
Description: Canadian Chinook
Default chinook skin mixed with some Canadian decals from default Griffon skin... Very basic. Based on Canadian Forces CH-147D #147204.
File Size: 1.96 MB Version: 1.1
Author: MOAMarksman Date Added: January 02, 2011
Date Updated: January 03, 2011 Download Count: 338
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USMC Ch-47
USMC Ch-47
Description: Grey on grey USMC Chinook. In BMP and DDS formats. Enjoy!
File Size: 1.19 MB Version: 1.0
Author: Hackworth Date Added: January 02, 2008
Date Updated: January 02, 2008 Download Count: 531
   (5 / 5)  (3 votes)
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Desert Chinooks
Desert Chinooks
Description: Here are two desert skins for the Chinook based off of actual Gulf War choppers. The first is a standard overall "desert pink" with the second one being painted up for ni ...[more]
File Size: 550.23 KB Version: 1.0
Author: Tacbat Date Added: December 29, 2007
Date Updated: December 30, 2007 Download Count: 613
   (5 / 5)  (6 votes)
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