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2K22 "Tunguska" in 3-color camouflage (2.654)
Description: Altered camo pattern seen on parade vehicles. Added some wear , dust and stains.

Skin is based on Dejawolf´s template
File Size: 682.8 KB Version: 1.0
Author: Jartsev Date Added: July 07, 2012
Date Updated: July 07, 2012 Download Count: 180
   (4.75 / 5)  (4 votes)
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Tunguska &
Tunguska & "Gephard" Pack v1.0
Description: Tunguska & Gephard Pack v1.0

Contains a NATO camo "Gephard" and a Soviet green Tuskunga skin.

5 Decal sets are provided: Generic Soviet num ...[more]
File Size: 2.26 MB Version: 1.0
Author: Hackworth Date Added: June 02, 2009
Date Updated: June 02, 2009 Download Count: 471
   (5 / 5)  (3 votes)
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Description: a "german Tunguska"
File Size: 297.06 KB Version: 1.1
Author: singleshot Date Added: April 19, 2009
Date Updated: April 20, 2009 Download Count: 572
   (4 / 5)  (3 votes)
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