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Welcome to Steelbeasts.com

We are the home of the official fan site for eSim's Steel Beasts Professional Personal Edition, an armored vehicle centric combat simulation. This is the place to find everything you need to enjoy SB Pro PE, through an interactive home for news, forums, scenarios, mods, maps, online battles, and the community at large of fellow virtual tankers.

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Available at eSim Store

Price: $115 US (Perpetual License/Dongle Only)
Price: $9.50/$24.50/$39.50 (Time Limited License for One Month/4 Months/1 Year)
Manual: $15 US
Upgrade: $40 US

What are the system requirements?

Update Releases
GameRelease Date
SB Pro PE 2.370 Beta 2007/12/13
SB Pro PE 2.483 2009/09/02
SB Pro PE 2.538 Upgrade 2010/08/27
SB Pro PE 2.552 2011/06/25
SB Pro PE 2.640 2011/12/10
SB Pro PE 2.654 2012/03/30
SB Pro PE 3.002 2013/09/20
Published: March 01, 2014
Updated: March 01, 2014

Major improvements are an up to 10x higher throughput for scenario files that are sent from a session host to the clients via typical DSL connections, making “join in progress” cases and last minute changes of multiplayer scenario files a lot more practical. All 3D characters will now use normal and specular maps, and therefore blend with the surrounding environment much better. An improved lighting model will now also bring out the normal maps when there’s only indirect light on the surface. Also, the installer will update the security settings for the map folder, so that an installation as administrator is no longer necessary. Beyond that, a truckload of bug fixes.

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News Archive
Patch 2.546 PostedOctober 03, 2010
Upgrade release 2.538 posted along with release notes!August 21, 2010
SB.com Banner Contest Winners AnnouncedDecember 29, 2009
Update 2.483 PostedSeptember 02, 2009
Long Night of Tanks XIIJuly 07, 2009
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