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Ad Hoc SB Mutliplayer session


Community Calendar

This event repeats every week forever

Event details

This is to replace a session I used to host on Discord.


Unfortunately I found using "Discord" lived up to its name - i.e. chaotic.


So as to not deprive those there of a SB opportunity, I'll continue to offer to host this every Saturday morning my time.


Your equivalent global time is here: Global Equivalent


These sessions will require 4.019 until further notice.


Also because they are ad hoc, I'll need a PM (to "gibsonm") 24hrs prior that is, Deadline  (disregard the date) letting me know:


a. If you intend to be there.


b. What you'd like to cover (Q&A topics, scenario file, etc.).


No PMs, no session.


Also this is not locked in to BG ANZAC members. You are welcome to attend if you belong to BG ANZAC, another VU, or have no affiliation/clan/VU at all.


Comms will be via TeamSpeak using the SB TeamSpeak server located at:


If after the first month (say by the end of May) I haven't had a PM, I'll assume there is no interest and remove this calendar entry.


Also there will be weekends where I can not attend and if so I'll edit that calender entry (or see if I can delete the one entry without disrupting the series) no later than 24hours prior so you are aware.


No minimum requirement.


This week though I need to leave by 0700 so the session would be capped at 60min duration.


Happy to run some sort of Tutorial / Q & A session as I suspect you will be the only attendee.

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Hi Gibson


I would dearly like that. Knowledge is a perishable ressource.

And as you would expect from my previous post, then I have a rather small and thus finite competence.


Also at 22.00 friday its not in the realm of  - for me - crazy times that some SB sessions are, due to the nature of it being played across the globe.


This friday however is not an option for me as I am on a business trip abroad from friday to sunday.


What about next friday though?






Edited by Nike-Ajax

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Well its a standing meeting (at least until the end of May).


So by Thursday night send me a PM that you are coming (as per the first calendar entry and corresponding forum post) and I'll be there.


It has become a little boring for some 6 sessions now to get up at 0530 and sit here with no one turning up, so its long term future beyond the May trail period is very doubtful.

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