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  2. Another thing (perhaps for the wish list) is to include the name of the current theme somewhere. Its not listed in "Map Info" and the Theme menu doesn't provide the information either. Perhaps if you opened the Edit option the name of the current theme could be in the Dialogue box (so you knew what you were editing)? Or perhaps Save as could offer the current theme's name as opposed to populating it with whatever theme is at the top of the list? This would also prevent someone overwriting "29 Palms" (at the top of my list) with some variation on "Realistic deep snow" theme. It may have been decided to not make changes here given the likely upgrade / replacement to terrain, but at the moment it seems to be a lot of guesswork and scribbling notes on paper involved.
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  4. Can you tell me what you adjusted it to? Actual values / Numbers would help.
  5. UI Scaling for UHD?

    Yes it has worked so far for me. and your velcome Its something you can do when ever not something you need for the install process i sometimes scale individual webpages and bring the scaling back when i need to play SB MD
  6. ETA on terrain patch?

    that was funny
  7. Please enter two different email addresses from, ideally, two different domains (like gmail and hotmail). This increases the chances that at least on one account the email will get through. I have now finally received the first emails from you, so at least you now know my email address and can contact me again if necessary Roger on your hint on the contact form sheet. It's being worked on as I'm writing this. Looks like an unfortunate coincidence of your order with spam filters, and our website being redesigned (and apparently the new contact form sheet does not always work as intended (which is particularly bad, but nothing that you should worry about). In summary, thank you for your patience.
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  9. UI Scaling for UHD?

    Is that what you do to handle the scaling? Do you have to hold down CTRL and scroll wheel when you enter the game? I am reinstalling right now so I haven't had the occasion to try your advice yet (thanks for it though).
  10. "The time counts from the moment of first use, not from the date of purchase, or the date of license activation" Fine! Well, it seems that you guys were right, i didn't even receive the activation mail, i was tricked into thinking that it was the same as the "order confirmation mail" by the attachment icon (see pic below) and i thought that the e-mail filter filtered out that specific attachment as there wasn't any inside it! Your mail Ssnake showed me that it was a completely different mail.... now the point is: if i am going to purchase other time limited licenses then i'm gonna have the same problem again.... what to do? Plus, before i forget about it, are you sure that the contact form is working fine? I might test it again if you want Thanks Gibsonm and Ssnake for the help, now license is active and working fine, if i had to encounter other problems i will let you know, but hopefully not!
  11. Video Thread

  12. Video Thread

  13. History of US Tanks.

    First photo of the M109A6 test bed for XM907 ERCA (Extended Range Cannon Artillery) for M109A7/M109A8. XM907 depending on source uses L52, L55 or L58 barrel, will have max range of 70 km and with new ammunition possibly extended to 100+ km, an autoloader + a second variant for towed M777 is developed. It seems 3 different autoloader designs are considered.
  14. SB 4.023 - HEMTT Supply repairs vehicles [FIXED]

    Thanks, that should be fixed now.
  15. We love photos

  16. Video Thread

    sweating tankies:
  17. We love videos

    Watched this, you guys posting these videos help a lot of us, I'm not ready for online atm keep the videos coming. Love them. Thanks
  18. Please study the Release Notes of version 4.023 carefully. They describe the installation process and the license activation in a step-by-step manner. You'll find them on the Downloads page on our web site.
  19. Pretty sure the License is activated by a URL. Don't think you should expect an attachment. Unless the time limited licenses work differently to the dongle based ones?
  20. I don't think that this is going to work, wait a moment. The mail arrived to me, no spam folder or anything else, simply the attached license was removed from the mail. For example once i sent an ".exe" file to a friend and i had to change the extension to ".jpg" in order to deceive the email filters and allow for the file to be sent and received, my friend then just changed the extension back to ".exe" et voilĂ ! So sending the mail again wont work at 99,99% (but if you want to try...), so if you can trick the filters as i did i think it is going to work fine (or file transfer through Telegram?) Thanks for your time guys!
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  22. OK, I found your license ticket (from June 12). I can send it again to the one (and only) email address that you provided. I'm not sure if that's going to help any, simply because if it hasn't arrived and you can't find it in your spam folder, chances are my re-send is going to "get disappeared" as well. This is why we're asking for an alternative email address, just in case something goes wrong with the first one (like in this case).
  23. Skin Request (dejawolf...)

    Looks pretty good to me mate. Crack on don't sell yourself self short top stuff pal
  24. I'm not sure if he monitors it - in line with the comment in his signature block: "Please contact me only via email (my user name here @ my avatar picture .com) ... and I'll be your happy servant."
  25. Hello Ssnake, sure something went wrong, anyway i don't think i've made any typo as i always check carefully the mail name and anyway i would have missed it twice Thinking that there were some problems with my mail i wrote my phone number on the second contact form to allow someone from e-sim to contact me through Whatsapp or Telegram, but again no answer... I'm gonna send via pm my email address to you, thanks a lot EDIT: ok not possible to pm you, i'm gonna write it here but i will delete it from my post as soon as you will answer back to me (safety reasons, just that) so save it somewhere please: riccardXXXX@XXXX
  26. We love videos

    Last TGIF, 6-15-2018:
  27. Video Thread

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