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  2. FINAL ORDERS Final Orders Battle of Finland.pdf AND SCEN File for those who want to do a map recce The Christmas War by Hedgehog v3 (Lge - KANIUM).sce
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  4. New Computer

    It's not supposed to "do" anything, but to log at which point the application stops in the starting process. That may give us a hint about the cause of the problem. That's why we need to have a look at the DebugLog.txt file.
  5. New Computer

    Pretty sure the screen shot says "All licenses are activated"? That's different to "not activated". Also pretty sure you should be looking under the CmStick tab since you have a USB stick / dongle. From memory (happy to be corrected) the "ESIMGAMES" tab is for time limited (i.e. no USB stick / dongle) licenses.
  6. Ending in RAR plus PLN

  7. New Computer

    I reinstalled again and I am still a NoGo at this station. I was looking at my code meter and for esims it says I'm not activated. Not sure if this right so I took a screen shot. Is this right?
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  9. New Computer

    Debug didn’t do anything. Uninstalled everything and I’m going to re download from scratch. And try again.
  10. New Computer

    Thanks Snake, as soon as I get home I will do that.
  11. Whether it's in its separate thread or in the Wishlist, it doesn't matter. I already told you that it's a high priority item for us, but that it'll take time to change. Not sure what else I could tell you that's both truthful and realistic. I don't sugar coat things. It needs to be done, we all agree on this.
  12. New Computer

    Please start Steel Beasts in "Debug mode"; you'll find it in the Windows Start Menu | eSim Games | Steel Beasts Pro PE | Troubleshooting. The resulting DebugLog.txt file in your folder Documents | eSim Games | Steel Beasts | logs may help us to find a clue about what's happening.
  13. Video Thread

    Fighting at Objective Curly during the Thunder run in Baghdad - approx 40 mins unedited footage
  14. New Computer

    Starting from Icon, or in release folder?
  15. New Computer

    No no errors. If I try to start it it through the start menu nothing happens. If I right click and run as administrator I get the request from Windows to allow the program to run. I hit yes and nothing happens. No errors at all. If I open task manager nothing is running.
  16. New Computer

    Any error logs?
  17. We love videos

  18. Ending in RAR plus PLN

    congratulations. perhaps a nick change to gramps is in order?🍻
  19. performance

    bummer but thx Rotar time for a new comp i guess !
  20. performance

    SB 4 is 64 bit only.
  21. performance

    Hey guys im hoping by switching to the 32 bit version of SB PRO PE i can increase my aged rigs performance ( when the poop hits the fan my comp boggs down ) how ever i dont know how to ..please help
  22. Scimitar WIP

    Cheers DK-DDAM Quick look on Woodland
  23. New Computer

    I picked up a new PC this week. I installed SB and ran it and everything worked fine. I created a short cut and went on to installing my other games. Last night I could not get SB to run at all. I reinstalled it twice. Uninstalled it and reinstalled to another drive and it still would not run. I moved the dongle to a different USB port. It did light up when I inserted it. Still nothing. Any ideas?
  24. Scimitar WIP

    ill report it dont worry...
  25. Larger Briefing Font for for Displays 2550x1440

    It's probably time I went to Optometrists to update my prescription. Thought I put this in the wish list thread?
  26. Scimitar WIP

    Hope they fix the gunner sticking his head through the hatch, lol Wheels are easier on the eye Dirt is building
  27. Scimitar WIP

    Ye'h know what you mean, took for a test drive like a spinning top kind of may do a version with all one colour, still a wip, the dirt will come in time. As for adding noise its ok but ruins the paintwork too much, will do it the old and slow way and keep going. All the best, folks.
  28. See you next weekend - audio enabled.
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