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  3. M1A2 Throwback Skin

    Uploading now. Pattern is from the 2018 Europe Strong tank competition.
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  5. Attack on OBJ WASHINGTON and ADAMS

    Very good game ! Thanks all
  6. Attack on OBJ WASHINGTON and ADAMS

    D2 overwhatching A2's attack on the 1st OBJ
  7. We love photos

    😁 😁😁
  8. Video Thread

  9. Video Thread

    I know the swedes turned some BMP-1 in to some sort of armored resupply vehicle. But i did not know Bundeswehr spend money on them. In saying that i have read/heard the BMP and the MTLB have excellent Cross country mobility. and some of the soviet designed Artillery pieces was high regarded.
  10. Out of discussion with colleagues about my Bundeswehr time I got curious if the combat rations had changed much in the past decade. Does anyone know a cheap source for them? I tried ebay and some military and outdoor shops but the prices are way too high in my opinion. I want to compare the current US, German, French and British ones.
  11. Video Thread

    @Marko They kept the 24 Mig-29s for a longer time. And they had the brilliant idea of putting lots of money into modernising and fitting 600+ BMP-1s to Western traffic regulations, only to sell them all in 1993 when they found out the total of Marders was sufficient to equip the new East German Panzergrenadiere...
  12. Best music for PRE-combat ?

    And this for when the game is over: Support your and Our Veterans …
  13. Video Thread

    They sold a lot of it at very low prices. Sweden bought a lot of BMP-2´s and MTLB´s for instance
  14. Attack on OBJ WASHINGTON and ADAMS

    So let it be written, so let it be done
  15. Video Thread

    I know the Bundeswehr kept some of the former NVA's equipment for a short period of time,while it reorganized its forces. It then donated some then scrapped a lot of it. MY question is what AFVs equipment did they regard as being fit for purpose. And how long did they keep it.
  16. Best music for PRE-combat ?

    Lets light the fire for tonight …
  17. Attack on OBJ WASHINGTON and ADAMS

    hell yes!
  18. US Army Infantry (OCP)

    Excellent depiction. Very accurate.
  19. Attack on OBJ WASHINGTON and ADAMS

    I'm in, perhaps A22 or 23?
  20. Attack on OBJ WASHINGTON and ADAMS

    Put me in D2, I'll arrive a bit late.
  21. Wargames

  22. Video Thread

  23. We love photos

    I pity the Pilot and Gunner who has to mount up …
  24. ETA on terrain patch?

    Plans do not always go as planned. Please try to be courteous and understanding; recall any experiences when you thought for sure something would turn out one way, however inevitably did not. If it helps, think of it as donating to a project you want to see succeed. I for one am grateful for all the continued effort no matter the obstacles.
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