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  1. Yesterday
  2. A quick video I put together explaining how the Rhodesian Fireforce tactic was normally carried out. The footage is from Nick Downie's film Frontline Rhodesia. It is the best example of Fireforce in action that I have seen so far.
  3. Thanks! Well you know, people here are really passionate about history. I hope soon the Armored Vehicles Museum in PoznaƄ will be opened for public after relocation outside military base, then I can visit it in my free time, and get inside more vehicles.
  4. Excellent video. The passion showed by the restorers impressed me there's a vehicle very similar to the Tankette in Bovington Tank museum. When most people see an old AFV wreck rusted and battered they probably think its only fit for the scrap yard Wheres a real enthusiast will see a piece of history. Also the reenactment was very well done.
  5. You can always keep the server in the mission briefing screen to give it max performance.
  6. Yeah, it seems that Barracuda kits are still seen only in US, in Europe what they use is most likely ULCANS, altough I heard that US Army was interested in Polish Berberys, that is said to be better suited for terrain here in the region.
  7. Doesn't look like Saab Barracuda. Maybe ULCANS?
  8. Well Monday the 13th is a Public Holiday for me, so if they run a session on the evening of the 12th GMT, I can help out.
  9. I ran into a knife fight in the woods. A Platoon of T-72s rolled into my line of sight at extremely close range. Luckily, I saw them first. Also included is an image of the enemy's destroyed tanks on Objective 2. 3rd Platoon and the CO can be observed advancing through the objective.
  10. I just didn't have time to watch them, I was busy running the defense at the time.
  11. God that was painful Really needed another 2 players on red Way too overworked. Still... Hope BLUE were given a challenge Bloody AI pathfinding / pre routing fucked over my counter attack
  12. Not going to be able to make it. Due to Technical difficulties
  13. Ran the mission using M2/M3 and M1A1s Again just for the hell of it i went up the centre surprisingly i took as many casualties as i did in the original mission. I used the same tactics and route as i did when i ran the mission in the CR-2s and warriors. The bradleys tow launchers were effective and the M1s better fire on the move capabilities showed I like to test different AFV capabilities in missions and analyse the results. .
  14. Even if there was a command line option to disable the 3D world during game startup, that would be a huge help. I think. That gives PE players the option of putting the server in a high bandwidth data center on a virtual server that lacks the ability to render 3D.
  15. Ill be there, jus put me as a gunner if there is no vehicle for me.
  16. Here it is :
  17. Well as I say, in 10+ years of using the Pro version I've never experienced "severe limitations". I'm also not sure how many defence buyers would want to buy something that required such a hardware refresh. I know of several sites here that just use a collection of laptops with one machine labelled as the server, by virtue of it having the dongle. If they now need a dedicated server then we lose a fair bit of flexibility. I suspect we might be also constraining the community a bit if you need some sort of dedicated server box to run the "server" software. Currently the limitation is usually network bandwidth, not CPUs. Maybe just don't mess with the maps (sorry I don't know what your "editing" consists of). I also know that we have run the exact same scenarios that you guys have had issues with and have not had issues. It just seems to be a big change that might fix an issue that as far as I know only one VU is experiencing.
  18. So have we until recently especially if the map is edited, but lately we have had trouble 3-4 times with around 30 players But what i really want is a multi threaded server version that uses the whole/All of the cpus and not just one. That was what i meant with a dedicated server as right now its only a client with no restriction on the number of users its not a real server and therefore it has some severe limitations. Cause i really really like this sim MD
  19. More TGIF:
  20. Here's some shots from V31's perspective We had previously bumped into a fleeing civvie car, so when V31, creeping into our overwatch position way up in the north, getting ready to watch the roads east, saw a dark shape on the road to our left, at first iu thought it was another car or civvie truck. Nope, it was a T90, spearhead of a CRP. My second callsign only survived because Tango 1-1 was able to hit him in the flank as he was about to kill my retreating ASLAV. Thanks 1-1! This apparently prompted the enemy to take the southern route, allowing D u k e's FO team to coordinate multiple ICM fires onto their approach routes Then later, as I probed east to make contact with the T90 company passing down our right flank, I bumped right into the enemy at close range - they were already crossing the ridgeline protecting our flank and heading for a handy re-entrant. Two close-range surprises in one night. Luckily the skipper, as well as Tango 1-2 are able to hit them as the head down the slope I contribute some paint scratches, trying to damage their optics with my 25mm But after one T90 passes by, a second survivor notices my mosquito bites and turns to deal with me - time to retreat again Dismounted Javelin team from V31D gets some kills before their vehicle is destroyed just before they can rearm Viewed from V31D's dismounted FO team (D u k e) the ICM barrages are beautiful Tango 1-1 callsign helping to blunt the enemy thrust
  21. Going to have to bail out on this one , knee deep in syrup
  22. Thanks you! After I crossed the river, I didn't encounter any more enemy forces until I reached the Objective. I looked over the AAR and saw that there were some obstacles that I didn't know where there, but I pushed my forces a lot further west. I can send you the AAR in a PM if you want.
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