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  2. Error Log, what next? How do you actually fix it?

    You are the King of customer service!
  3. Error Log, what next? How do you actually fix it?

    Please start Steel Beasts in "debug mode" (see the link in the eSim Games/Steel Beasts/Troubleshooting folder). Then try to do the same thing again until you have the crash, and send us THAT log. That will hopefully be more useful. Also in the Troubleshooting folder there's a link to the directory that contains CrashDump files which Windows generates on an application failure. Those files are even more interesting. Please compress all "SBProPE.....dmp" files and send them to me along with the debuglog.txt file to me by email.
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  5. Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

  6. Been getting a crash in the map editor on the Ft. Drum map that came stock with SB. This is also causing crashes when I update the map in the scenario editor and then hit F1 to view. I found and read an error log but I don't know how to interpret the log and fix the problem? DebugLog.txt
  7. Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

    Someone for tonight?. Same time.
  8. Mugs! Posters! Mousepads! Magnets!

    That is a good strategy for a good merchant - letting you keep the wrong items instead of spending money on collecting the wrong item. You get to keep the items and they gain a loyal customer. Win-win for both.
  9. By now most readers will already know who BG ANZAC is, so I'll put the information relevant to this week in first, then background, etc. If you are new to the Forum, feel free to read the entire post. BLUF: IMPORTANT: As a serving Officer, I am not allowed to make "public comment" about topics without clearance. This is why my signature block says what it says to cover written comment. Recorded audio on YouTube = "Public Comment", especially if I were to express a personal opinion (without knowing someone was recording). In addition recording people's voices in Australia is illegal without their permission or a Warrant. If you want to record a session, ASK! We maybe about fit you in (I maybe able to play the OPFOR, etc.). If you don't ask: a. Expect me to ask you to remove the YouTube (or other media). b. Don't be too surprised if you aren't welcomed back. Timings: Thursday evenings, Australian East Coast time. Daylight saving is over here, just in time for BST etc. to kick in. Next meeting: 0900 GMT on Thursday, August 23rd. 0900 GMT / Zulu / UTC 1000 in London (BST) 1700 in Perth 1830 in Darwin 1830 in Adelaide 1900 in Brisbane 1900 in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra 2100 in Auckland Your Local time: Click on this link for the Local time in your part of the world Count down: Time remaining until Meeting start Mission will start promptly at 0900 GMT. If you want a pre game "chat" then by all means come on line at say 0800 GMT, but so that the Kiwi's aren't after Midnight the Mission will commence promptly at 0900 GMT. In game chat / Communications: You'll need access to "Teamspeak" to communicate with us. The Teamspeak software is available here: Download Teamspeak client software How to connect and use it is detailed here: Steel Beasts Wiki Entry - Starter Pack Remote Access / Screen Sharing / Whiteboard Sessions: We continue the use of TeamViewer so people without the Steel Beasts software can connect and see and hear what we see and hear (looking over our shoulder if you like). Team Viewer available here This maybe a suitable vehicle for people to see what the software is all about (you can even use it on a Mac), without having to invest in even a short time limited copy. Anyway we'll see how it goes. Agenda: Assuming someone turns up, one of the following: 1. Continuing the discussion on Scenario Design and things to think about. 2. If we get enough people coming back, perhaps run their solutions to the homework given out previously? I've updated the "SOSRA" mission to incorporate a "fix" to the FASCAM issue (refer post in Support thread). Link to the current version will be in the email accompanying this post. 3. Revisiting some "not so easy missions" from the past - probably harder still after 4.023. These need a few people to turn up. 4. Perhaps give some of Chris's latest creations a go. 5. Do some "Brilliant at the Basics" work? This can encompass some Tutorials (along the recent sessions on Obstacles, Artillery, Symbology, Routes and Tactics, etc.) or working through some small unit density scenarios. As always, visitors (apart from one individual) / first timers / spectators are welcome. Current Standard: 4.023 Please use the new Calendar RSVP function or post here to facilitate planning. Background: Who is BG ANZAC? https://www.bganzac.org Described here: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?t=21753 A couple of examples of the BattleGroup at work: Multi Player session: Training session: So if you are interested, visit our web site https://www.bganzac.org and sign up.
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  11. Defensive traning.sce

    Version 1.0.0


    A Single player mission, with a 1 hour limit, where you are to stop the enemy advance. All routes are made so all you need to do is, jump in as gunner or commander and enjoy the show.
  12. Tactical FPS

    New Ground Branch build update and "Hot-Fix Patch" #001 released... https://www.groundbranch.com/index.php/2018/08/19/build-update-001-hotfix-patch/ Red
  13. We love videos

  14. Last week
  15. May I ask what changes you made? I thought it was perfect the way it is.
  16. Wargames

    World War I Deluxe Edition, by Decision Games is a reprint of the original magazine/ziplock game... Decision Games WWI Deluxe Edition: https://shop.decisiongames.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=3002 Red
  17. Wargames

    Korea: Fire and Ice by Compass Games. Introduces it´s new game system OSS (Operational Scale System), which is a low count, low complexity rules system for operational scale gameplay. Vietnam: Rumor of War, second addition to the OSS system will be released circa 4Q of 2018. BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/249650/korea-fire-and-ice Compass Games - Korea Fire and Ice: https://www.compassgames.com/korea-fire-and-ice.html Compass Games - Vietnam Rumor of War: https://www.compassgames.com/vietnam-rumor-of-war.html Red
  18. Thanks everyone for playing and CO'ing, I made some small tweaks to help improve it for next time. Also, just FYI, some had mentioned the that the side score didn't add up correctly, but when I looked into this I remembered that it is because the convoy points are "bonus points", which are added on top of the scaled score. So, you have 1,000 normal points, and then another 100 - 200 bonus points added on top (depending on which side you are), so its scaled between 1000, 1100 and 1200 points. So, its normal that they don't add up exactly due to the inclusion of the bonus points. This affects all sides, so since the winner is the side with the most points - it isn't something that hurts one particular side.
  19. 17 AUG scenario: Brush War-4023a-MAD SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS: Draft? Yes. Random CO selection? Yes. Four COs (Blue vs. Green vs. Orange vs. Red). Need at least 16, preferably 20 people total. If we don't have enough, then we will play the next SCE in the list (and push this one a few weeks). NOTES: Avoid studying the enemy's side; only gather intel from the briefing and exposed enemy unit icons (enemy intel), and briefly looking over both sides to figure out which one you want to CO. Anything beyond that ruins the fog of war element. To avoid passwords, open the scenario in Network Session as HOST and choose the side you want to play and go to planning phase. You may briefly look at both sides like this to see which side you want to play or CO on. As CO, once you choose a side, go to that side and create your plan. Remember to play within the TGIF House Rules and SB.com community rules. Brush War-4023a-MAD.zip
  20. Norway platoon ORBAT

    Thank you but I'm looking for actual Norway formation, not Netherland (:
  21. Norway platoon ORBAT

  22. Sure, no problem - I'll take A12 for consistency, which is good :-) Dboy
  23. @DBoy: We might want to trade A12 and A13 to keep the same platoon setup as last time.
  24. Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

    All is good. We are firing up the scenario in a few minutes: taking Chris´s latest creation for a spin.
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