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  2. Wardog, Great mod! The anti-dust skirts look sooo out of place in the ETO. And go ahead, be picky... its what makes SB good. Now when will we have an interior to match the M1s and Leos? Anyone? Keep up the good work. Look forward to getting the download when you are happy with it. cheers, Trackpin
  3. I have to say.... I think it's been years since I've had a vehicle drive off a bridge. i suspect the problem some people are having results from the lead vehicle turning too sharply after clearing the far side of the bridge, and follow-on vehicles' AI attempting to turn as well before having completely crossed. Or, similarly, the approach route to the bridge is at too sharp an angle to the direction of the bridge. So, in my experience, the nearly foolproof method is to create a route where the last 100 meters before the bridge approaches the bridge from an angle less than about 30 degrees from the direction of the bridge; hold the shift key down while plotting the portion that actually crosses the bridge (this causes the route to "snap" directly to the bridge); and make sure that the approximately 100 meters of route on the far side of the bridge does not turn more than about 30 degrees from the direction of the bridge.
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  5. You're welcome. You may find this useful too: BTW, is it an intended irony that your avatar is of Diehl track - that doesn't have a "trackpin"?
  6. Beautiful !
  7. Very fun game. I played with it several years ago, even made a few vehicle sprites for him to try out. Can't remember if he used any of them or not. Great to hear that he is going to have a commercial version, guy deserves it. The last time I checked it was a one man programming operation, with the help from beta testers, and some contributions from a few artist. Great to see that he, and that community are still marching forward with it. It really is a little diamond. Pretty sure anyone who likes SB would enjoy playing around with Armored Brigade. Always felt this would be a great game to have on something like an Ipad. Where you didn't have desktop horsepower, but wanted your cold war fix.
  8. A wee piece of Bradley porn.
  9. I will miss having you an a BN FSO.
  10. I know it's not a Leopard 2, but rather curious example.
  11. Thank you, Sir. That is *exactly* the skinny I needed. If this was in the downloads archive, it did not show up in my search results for "Falling off Bridges"! Trackpin
  12. Armored Brigade The game has drawn inspiration from classics such as Steel Panthers, Close Combat and Combat Mission. Free version and homepage... http://www.armoredbrigade.com/
  13. Trackpin, This may help:
  14. I shall sacrifice myself as recon before Duck throws me there
  15. Hi, Having only played SB Pro for a couple of months (but several hours a day), I don't have the historical perspective of the senior members, but am open to suggestions for a reliable work-around. It's a matter of degree. Losing the occasional vehicle to driver/TC error seems entirely plausible and statistically correct. However when 3 out of 4 NZLAV vehicles, unopposed, in a marching column, snarl up crossing a simple road bridge and end up FUBAR in the river, it is a little frustrating. Ditto a single Bradley just pootling along across a railway bridge. Swerve. Plop! At least the grunts can swim ashore to fight another day. The tanks seem to do better than wheeled vehicles in these situations. Moreover it is random enough to require manual intervention on vehicle by vehicle basis. From watching AI controlled crossings there seems to be a condition of suddenly swerving to the right at discreet points on bridges. It is as if the path-following logic for highways is being *suddenly* applied, even when there is no oncoming traffic or obstruction. All vehicles do this but the lighter wheeled actors seem to overcook it more often and end up in the drink. This makes bridgelaying on damaged bridge structures a bit of an art as vehicles try to swerve off the treadway span before being safely across. It seems best to lay the treadway to the extreme right hand side of the structure, but the swerve still occurs, even when manually driving from the Observer position. My work around is to hitch five or six of the most skittish (and non-amphibious) PCs, trucks and hummers behind an MBT or M88 and manually drive them slowly over the entire bridge. Even then I have seen hummers jump several meters into the air on reaching the deployed treadway. Help! So when plotting a route that crosses a bridge, what is the optimal position for the points either side, and should the automatically-added points (in red) be left in place? Is there a tried and tested speed and spacing parameter? In fairness, manually crossing deployed treadways seems a reasonable trade-off for the tactical advantage of having bridge-layers in the sim at all! Lastly has anyone noticed that vehicles on bridges when in-game saves are made, have fallen through the bridge and drowned (unless amphibious!) when the game is reloaded? BTW credit where it is due; the modelling of the rivers and river banks is great. Having to recce the traction available almost metre by metre along the bank to see if you can get out near where you got in adds a whole new dimension to planning! Kudos. Thanks for any shared wisdom. Trackpin
  16. Manninglist: BTN CO H66 (Leo1 A5DK): Apocalypse 31 (Kanium,US) H2 BTN RECON PLT (HMMW) H21: Zaphod (Kanium/1CAD,CAN) H22: H23: H24: H3 BTN TOW PLT (M113 TOW) H31: H32: H33: H34: H4 BTN Recovery (Wizent ARV) H41: H42: H5 BTN Supply: H51: H52: H8 Bridging Section (Biber) H81: H82: A TANK SQN (LEO 1A5DK): A66 (Leo1A5DK): Abaddon (Kanium,FIN) A65 (M113): 1st Tank PLT: A11 (Leo1A5DK): Cavgunner (Kanium,US) A12(Leo1A5DK): A13(Leo1A5DK): 2nd Tank PLT: A21 (Leo1A5DK): A22(Leo1A5DK): A23(Leo1A5DK): 3rd Tank PLT: A31 (Leo1A5DK): Swordsmandk (Kanium,DK) A32(Leo1A5DK): A33(Leo1A5DK): A5 CSS PLT: B TANK SQN (LEO 1A5DK): B66 (Leo1A5DK): B65 (M113): 1st Tank PLT: B11 (Leo1A5DK): B12(Leo1A5DK): B13(Leo1A5DK): 2nd Tank PLT: B21 (Leo1A5DK): B22(Leo1A5DK): B23(Leo1A5DK): 3rd Tank PLT: B31 (Leo1A5DK): B32(Leo1A5DK): B33(Leo1A5DK): B5 CSS PLT: 1st MECH INF PLT D COY (M113,CG, law, mg3) D11: D12: D13: P AA (Arty BTN) FO Partys P66 FO (Assigned A SQN): P65 FO (Assigned B SQN): 3x6 M109: P5 CSS:
  17. Kanium Sunday 29nd JAN "Counter attack at Franningen" BY Swordsmandk When: Sunday 29nd JAN 1900 UTC Where: Kanium / UK armor TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock Brief will follow Village of Franningen Village of Sjøby
  18. Managed to remove skirt from CR2 Seems ok but sometimes at certain angles can see a slight light line, nothing terrible just wondered if any of you skilled modders know of a correction, guess can live with it really, or mabye im being too picky here..... Can see slight line here in the distance, closer is fine though.
  19. Here is footage of the Kanium mission we ran yesterday. It had a bit of surprises, and had a very high level of intensity right from the start. It was a blast!
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