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  1. Yesterday
  2. The RCL technical being made crewable would be fun.
    Great work Splash! The M113A3/Medic in Auscam makes an excellent addition to the line-up of Australian camouflaged vehicles and can act as a proxy for previous A1 or current AS4 variants (minus sixth roadwheel). Similarly, the base M113A3 with gun shield fitted can be used to represent a current M113AS4 Armoured Command Vehicle (ACV), minus sixth roadwheel.
  3. 3D performance will be better than what you currently have, actually. But loading times and RAM usage will increase a bit, there's no way around that.
  4. Not at all. Whatever floats your boat - as long as I don't have to provide tech support.
  5. Need subtitles!
  6. Oh no, I know your stance on it. You're obviously not generating a profit from 1.0 in any way, and if it were still viable you'd still offer it for sale. It's still your IP and your right to keep it a secret.
  7. Absolutely! As the Commander for this one, it helps ground you in reality for the plan actually went, versus how I think it went.
  8. This. And as a counter.... Frag Grenades & Bayonets. I get that mainly you'll bypass a dug in enemy, but sometimes you need to get in there and winkle them out.
  9. Mortar pits...
  10. ATGM firing positions.
  11. ...or propper infantry positions. -Foxholes -Foxholes with cover -combat trenches -combat trenches connected with covered running trenches etc etc etc
  12. Oddly, One of my favorite implementations from 4.0 is the concertina wire. It adds so much life to scenarios. Would love to be able to continue to add the types of obstacles.
  13. Great, thanks Homer!
  14. Try it now. Download file Use file Return to download page and post comment or review (bottom of page) You can cheat after step 1 by pressing refresh which will enable the user feedback option.
  15. We'll have to wait for the final product. But esim are working on improved efficiency. My laptop was quiete happy...
  16. I can go back even further then that. I actually played this in the arcades back in the day. LoL
  17. Reminder! OPFOR Session this Saturday Saturday 2030GMT (Well it is for me anyway clocks go forward at 0100) Doing whatever TankHunter decrees we're doing. (I have a thing in the works, nice and simple 70s themed scenario)
  18. Ugh, my laptop is screaming in terror already....probably seconds per frame soon....
  19. Nils is probably having fits, seeing this old clunkers again.
  20. Hi Major Hans. Haha! I admire your steely determination to go boldly where no armchair tanker has ever gone before. To explore new polygon worlds and to see flat-shaded tank models.
  21. Hard to argue with feelings. All I can say, it's not gonna happen.
  22. Thanks Sean for filling in. Then I know there's nothing I can do at my end (browser etc) to "repair" the information. Good to know you're working on it. Not a major problem, but merely a lacking bonus Cheers and thanks for all the good efforts, Ingolf
  23. I support the right of an inventor/creator to have intellectual property, and the right of an inventor/creator to profit and benefit from the sale, leasing, licensing, use, and/or exchange of his intellectual property... But I have to say that in cases of games like Steel Beasts 1, I feel like the appropriate thing for the developer to do is, at some point, to make available his old source code for the outdated game, and any tools that he himself created for it which could be used to expand/mod/develop/patch/edit the program. There's plenty of people out there (like myself) who dabble in retro games both as a source of entertainment and because occasionally the game still has lots of entertainment value, for whatever reason, and sometimes it's nice to be able to play around with them a bit, fix old errors or mistakes, etc.
  24. I saw your retro looking pixel skins, and they're impressive, but I challenge you to go EVEN MORE RETRO!
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