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  2. +1 from me
  3. I'm sorry, but that report is about useless. It doesn't break down the losses to different sources, or the attack direction, but just speaks in the broadest of terms. It is pseudo information that anyone could have googled within 30 minutes (not your fault, mind you; and journalists failing to do their jobs properly shouldn't come as a surprise either). WRT Maj. Hans, tanks can only be as good as their crews. 20 M1s were lost in Yemen, 10 Leo 2A4s were lost in Syria. That doesn't mean that either tank is useless. We've gone through the reasons for these losses in this thread already, to the extent that the propaganda videos of the Islamofascists provide a clue. What we can say is that the flight times are considerable, so the attackers seem to utilize their standoff range (3,500m for the AT-14). We also know the nominal penetration depth limit to be (per manufacturer claims) 1,200mm under ideal circumstances, so maybe a tad above 1,000mm in real life. Which means that the missile is very well suited for the job. Expecting a Leo 2A4 to perform better once that it gets hit by that missile is simply irrational. Expecting the Turkish Army to perform better is probably a more reasonable expectation. But they haven't had to deal with a well-equipped opponent in the past decades... just Kurds who, until recently, weren't equipped with decent anti-tank missiles (and even then they only got Milan missiles from Germany that are approaching the end of their shelf life). Syrian rebels on the other hand are being supported by a wide variety of potent countries in the region, particularly Iran for the Shiite/Alawite groups (with indirect Russian backing) while Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, and Kuweit support the Sunni jihadists. The west in the meantime is still seaching for "moderate rebels". Well, back to tactics and technology. Syria was well equipped by the Russians, and to the extent that the rebels managed to raid army weapon depots it shouldn't come as a surprise that they got their hands on first rate anti-tank equipment (if they didn't receive it from Russia via Iran). Debating the merits of ammo compartmentalization is, IMO, a point that has been settled since 1991. The Leo 2 is a legacy system that still has this weakness, always had it, and eventually it needs to get replaced. Until then crews need to rely on their skills, particularly on their mobility to avoid getting hit in the first place. Fitting active protection systems seems to be the next best option (though costly) as a stop-gap measure.
  4. Well, it's not really surprising that a Leopard 2 can and will lost it turret due to ammo cook off. Besides crews incompetence, which is one thing, one should seriously look at the problem of ammo storage, and in future a proper, safe ammo storage should be mandatory for every new design.
  5. Yeah... it's on our list.
  6. Yeah, it uses the entire desktop space. Maybe you can set up virtual desktops in Win 10 that use only one of the monitors?
  7. Today
  8. Was a good session, and a good turnout also. Thanks for the Sce. Im playing it as SP now
  9. I could be wrong, but i think that sort of effect is beyond the realm of 'modding', and more to do with the games animation system/s. But yeah, it would be awesome to see bits of panels and stuff flying off of vehicles when they are hit/explode. Maybe one for the 'wishlist' Cheers
  10. How about a mod that shows the M1 series of tanks having their ammo cook off thru the blow out panels...
  11. Best mission in ages! Very well done and all the ambiance was so awesome. Best mission makers goddamn you're good!
  12. The M1A2SEP..
  13. I daresay this has been mentioned already, but it would be very helpful to be able to check a list of ALL 'ownership' of participants units in multiplayer! ie; no more: "...who owns 1/2/A...who owns 1/2/A... who has 1/2/A.....Dammit! Everybody look at the map now and see who owns 1/2/A.........&@#$." Cheers
  14. You'll probably need to specify the vehicle that you want the skin for
  15. Well I enjoyed the immersion and civilian traffic is pretty realistic. No harm in trying these things and then taking the lessons from them as long as everyone enjoys it. I did even though I didn't fire a shot and lost my gunner when Short n Sweet de- synched and his tank leapfrogged over mine hitting it on the way!
  16. I am ashamed to be so computer literate in this day and age...Here is what I am requesting from the modders..The name Ballistic on the main gun,markings on side skirts 2nd panel 11>,unit I.D. on rear of tank 2-2-34 ^ B-11..If any modder can make it I will mail them $100.00...All I will need is for contact info and the decal..Again I apologize for not being the smartest cookie in the deck but that's just the way it is..
  17. Looks pretty fun, is it worth getting into?
  18. Certainly belated, but here is a recording of the session from my point of view:
  19. Let me be more blunt about "poor performance" then... I'm disappointed that so many 2A4's appear to have been totaled or lost. I'd hoped for a better showing. I'm disappointed that the Turkish army seems to be a mob of incompetent imbecilic fools led by a bunch of even more incompetent imbecilic fools.
  20. You should be fine with your config files. Steel Beasts doesn't have an automatic update; you'll have to download it from eSim.
  21. ok I was out of games the last months and never fallowed the updates. I remember my last update was 4.004. Question? this Sim have a kind of autoupdate? all my config controls etc gonna be still there if I do a clean installation?
  22. Here is an "executive summary" style article exploring why the Turkish Leopard 2A4s are performing poorly: https://southfront.org/reasons-of-losses-of-turkish-leopard-2a4-tanks-in-syria-report/ It boils down to a lack of crew training, ineffective doctrine, and their tanks not being equipped for a 360 degree combat environment found in Urban Areas.
  23. That was a pleasant scenario, though my first time out in M60s. When my troop bumped into some T64s when i moved them up to support 2 troop, three of the five were slotted in seconds.
  24. Hi Mark - probably can't make it due to Oz Day plans, but if these change, I'll jump on TS...
  25. Yesterday
  26. We also put in some immersion like lots of traffic, artillery sounds , helos, LAA shooting at helos , civilians on the road and then a 10 minute march with refueling at the end while his inf coy came under attack and he spotted the enemy's counter attack practically right from it began. Well done and ronin is right with where the plts are right now but its not an easily fixed problem when we have changing plts all the time !! Well done and a very well performed flank attack from red as well. MD
  27. none of the things seem to work for me sadly... still cant do full screen borderless cause then the screen is still then taking half of the ui cause i got 2 monitors and it apparently sets up for 2x4k monitors. if that makes sense
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