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  3. Kanium Sunday 29th of OCT 1800 UTC "Operation Steel Claw" by Apocalypse Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World clock 1900 UTC Please notice the daytimes saving settings have change in europa Operation Steel Claw by Apocalypse 1. SITUATION a. Enemy. An Armored Battalion from the 881th Brigade Tactical Group (BTG) is established in a deliberate defense along the Cay River, with strongholds in two vital towns along our Brigade's Axis of Advance. Their current disposition is unknown, but they are composed of 6x Platoons of T-55A tanks, 6x Platoons of BMP-1's, 1x Recon platoon (BRDM-2), and 1x Platoon of 2S1 Artillery. Additionally, the 1-881 has minelaying capabilities and may lay up to 3 medium sized minefields. b. Friendly forces will conduct an attack to defeat the 881 BTG, in order to allow friendly forces from 2nd Battalion to pass through our area of operations, along Highway 5. To the east, Team Apache will conduct an attack to fix the 2-881 BTG, and to our West, Team Bulldog will attack to fix the 3-881 BTG. Simultaneously, Team Kanium will attack to clear enemy forces along Highway 5 in order pass elements from 2nd Battalion that will continue their attack to the south to defeat the 882 BTG . 2. MISSION Team Kanium attacks to clear the 1-881 BTG between PL BLACK and PL GOLD in order to pass friendly forces for follow on operations. 3. EXECUTION a. Purpose. The purpose of this operation is to clear enemy forces from Highway 5 so that that follow-on forces have freedom of movement along the high-speed avenue of approach. b. Key Tasks 1. Clear 1-881 BTG 2. Seize OBJ PANTHER 3. Seize OBJ COUGAR c. End State i. Terrain. Objectives PANTHER & COUGAR are seized; Highway 5 is cleared for 2nd Battalion. ii. Friendly: Friendly forces are established in a hasty defense along PL GOLD, prepared to safely pass follow-on forces from 2nd Battalion. ii. Enemy: The 1-881 is cleared between PL BLACK and PL GOLD; unable to interfere with follow-on friendly forces. iii. Civilian: Minimal collateral damage and disruption to the civilian way of life. d. Fires 6x Tubes of 120mm Mortar (organic) 3x Sorties of CAS (AH-64 w/ 2x Hellfires ea - yes, I know this is not realistic or era-specific - but it works well as "notional" CAS). Call-sign "Troublemaker" will begin their approach and engage targets of opportunity upon call (Trigger by A66/A65) then RTB.
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  5. 150 rounds in magazin, another 150 in packages. Info comming from a former NVA man i'm working with...
  6. Working on an East vs. West scenario, and it's come up today that East German infantry may have carried drastically less ammunition for their AKs than I'm thinking. So the question is, how much ammo was your average East German rifleman supposed to carry? At first I had thought it would have been similar to the US standard (7x30 = 210 rounds) but now I'm hearing it may have only been 4 magazines of 30, plus a few stripper clips that you would probably NOT be wanting to play with in the middle of a firefight. Meaning that in firefights between an East German and US unit, the NVA troops would be running out of ammo pretty darn quick instead of a long exchange the way it happens when I max out the ammo for both sides...
  7. This tank:
  8. What Zero said. And the M60A1.
  9. Some kind of UI function that would list all units that a player has under their command/ownership. (For Multiplayer). Also, a text and/or radio filter for contact reports, so that players arent constantly overwhelmed by irrelevent/less relevant information (again this is with Multiplayer in mind) ...and a crewable AMX13, PT76 & Scorpion light tank?
  10. I would like to see some more prototype AFV,s Some types i would like to see. The Challenger 1 Falcon. T-80 black eagle. MBT 70. I will add more later
  11. Yesterday
  12. Great ideas Maj.Hans! All that can add a lot to realism. I dream also about a "random" mission generator, hope someday!
  13. Can you let me know who I should ask for persmission? I have tried PM-ing Dejawolf but it did not get to him - thanks.
  14. I'm comfortable with them, just pointing to the fact they are not manned as AFV's are. I have used them from sprite till now and enjoy there coming of age. ")
  15. Thanks for the context. That makes sense. Some things cannot be explained so easily, and I appreciate when you take the time to provide us with the details and the "why".
  16. One may be a symptom of the other, occasionally. When you have to tame a code monster of 700,000 lines, there aren't always cases of linear cause and effect. The decision to "move" from an observation activity to a firing pose may not be "pathfinding" in the close sense of it, but it definitely deals with behavioral algorithms for the infantry, the "A.I.", which includeas multiple factors - battle position tactics, target priorities, user input, a general suppression factor, the perceived vulnerability of a target, the range of own weapons. Let's assume for a moment that both you and me have only an incomplete understanding of the Steel Beasts code base, that our programmers know what they are doing, and that they are trying not to break stuff that works while working on stuff that needs improvement. Due to our limited understanding of the situation our discussion can by necessity only approximate certain aspects. Not everything that I write may always make sense in every aspect, this may be due to my limited understanding, my limited ability to express my thoughts, or the desire to be brief in my responses. I often get accused of writing walls of text, and I guess I'm guilty of that, but not because I love expressing in 500 words what can be said in five, but because I believe that context is important, and especially in software development and engineering in general, details matter a lot. I cannot lay out all the details in a public forum. So you'll have to live with some of my statements not making sense immediately. They are, however, always as truthful as I can be in public.
  17. I think you're speaking for yourself here. There are plenty of guys, including myself, who are comfortable using infantry and bang our heads against the wall on a regular basis. @Kingtiger@Wiglif That's interesting to hear. Have not had any issues with pathfinding, only engaging. We already have the ability to fire MG's in game, but thats great news about RPGs. 1. It is greatly appreciated. 2. It is kind of hard to ignore the presence of dismounted combat on the modern battlefield. You have to adapt your product to stay relevant.
  18. The road Z-fighting will be addressed in version 4.1 For the rest, we'd need a logarithmic z buffer. Doable, but not trivial to change.
  19. A lot of the infantry issues are rooted in fundamental issues with pathfinding. We're going to address that first. Once that they can reliably negotiate the environment we'll make the behavior less erratic, which will increase the "playability". Along with that we may also address the firing of MGs and RPGs. I would however like to point out the difference in development paths between SB Pro prior to version 3.0, and after. Up until 2.6 there were infantry sprites and not much of a user interface. Now we have infantry with a meaningful UI that is modeled in much more detail (training levels, stamina, "shoot here"/"suppress"/etc. commands, the overhead view). So, I think that friends of the infantry can see a somewhat encouraging deviation of course since I took over management. That not all change is coming as fast as you'd like it to see, check. There are limits to how fast a team can make non-destructive changes to a legacy code base. Given our means, I think the result is awesome. Of course, seeing this from a customer's point of view who doesn't care how the sausage is made, as long as it tastes good, it may still appear as a slow pace. Both perspectives are valid. Naturally I only have ma own perspective, but I try to see the situation from your end as well. All I'm asking for is that you try the same.
  20. Regrettably not this week - have fun!
  21. I don't get hull invisibility in thermals but I do get terrain features, roads, and vehicle parts shimmering heavily when looking through missile sights.
  22. Version 1.0.0


    The stock M60A3 skin repainted in NATO 3-color camouflage.
  23. Options->Display-> Z-Buffer Size: 24 Bit
  24. I believe some of our Inf issues is due to not playing them enough. If we played them as we do AFV's with manning each then I think our results could/would be different. The fact is we don't. There are few missions that are based around Inf operations that we play them as individual players. I think we need to play them, as we play the AFV's to better understand their do's and can not do's. Until then it's just speculation I think. Each Inf , with a real player in control will lay this to rest.
  25. Hoping that in the future, we can get some combined disembark/join in formation options. I already know how to get the vehicles to arrive at a waypoint, drop their troops, defend the waypoint, and have the troops spread out and converge on an objective. That's great. What would be better still are the options to get infantry to dismount and then move together with the APCs as a cohesive unit... For example... "Dismount Defensive if..." - Used to allow APCs/IFVs to react to an attack while moving along a route. Troops dismount, find cover within 100 meters of the vehicle they dismounted from, set up crew served, anti-tank, and mortar weapons, and get in the prone, and open fire. Any mortar team that is part of this action will, autonomously, without human orders, fire it's mortar at targets that it has a direct line of sight to. The vehicles will move no further than 200 meters away from their infantry squad. When the condition (for example "Unit this is under direct fire") is no longer true, the infantry re mount and the vehicles continue on route. "Dismount Scout" Route - Creates a "Scout" tactics route. RIFLE teams dismount, and move to a position about 500 meters ahead of their vehicles. All other infantry teams remain mounted. If the retreat condition is met, the infantry pop smoke, run back to their PC, mount, and the unit retreats. "Dismount Engage" Route - Creates an "Engage" tactics route. Rifle and support teams (but not mortars) dismount, and move ahead of their PCs along the same route. Support teams set up and engage when they ID a target. Any mortar teams dismount, but stay at the way point where the route was created. They fire, autonomously, without player orders, at targets identified by the members of their platoon only. "Dismount Assault" Route - Creates an "Assault" tactics route. As above, but only the rifle teams and LMG teams dismount. Teams with weapons that need to be set up (HMG, AGL, ATGM, etc) remain on board their PC and only dismount when they locate a target to engage.
  26. When I look at a vehicle with FLIR, they often have graphical distortions such as the hulls becoming invisible. These distortions get worse the farther you get from the vehicle. It's hard to explain, but the videos and photos below should demonstrate the bug in action. The same issue occurs with the Spike's missile camera, so it may manifest with normal daylight optics as well. Here's a video of the bug Release 10.22.2017 -
  27. Agreed, the inability to rely on the inf to do anything really hampers mission design as well. I can't trust the inf to fight effectively enough to be reliable. I'll never build a mission involving urban areas because I've seen time and time again entire squads wiped out by a two riflemen in a building, or sending inf to clear a wood line and watch an entire platoon struggle to clear one section sized position.
  28. I do but it's not mine to distribute.
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