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  2. We love photos

    In all fairness, your question is very specific. There were T-80s in Soviet units in East Germany in the 1980s, so much is safe to say. There were T-80BVs, as documented by BRIXMIS. To RULE OUT that there may also have been T-80Us (which is the core of your question) is an entirely different caliber of question.
  3. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    If recent SyFy productions are to be believed, nature grows bigger sharks in response.
  4. History of Soviet Tanks.

    Object 195.
  5. multi monitor or exporting views

    Needless to say, a second instance will cost you some frame rate. Not too much if it's the map view, but still.
  6. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    And we ended up buying bigger helicopters
  7. Attack on OBJ WASHINGTON and ADAMS

    Nah, I'll do it either way.
  8. Attack on OBJ WASHINGTON and ADAMS

    A24 please. DBoy
  9. Attack on OBJ WASHINGTON and ADAMS

    D24 please
  10. Wargames

    Ogre PC on sale at Humble Bundle (50% off)... https://www.humblebundle.com/store/ogre Red
  11. Wargames

  12. Wargames

    @FSKRipper Thanks, downloading now... Red
  13. Wargames

    Still not the full version but at least the demo for Combat Mission Shock Force 2 is out: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/133389-cmsf2-demos-released/
  14. We love photos

    No response to my question so far...have a Soviet major of tank troops radioing in his T-62 as coverboy of Soviet Military Review for the wait.
  15. multi monitor or exporting views

    When you setup the 2nd instance use for the Host IP address.
  16. Operation Saber Tip

    Good mission, but you should put eny map contacts off,with 81 arty tubes you can kill everything if you see the enemy on map.
  17. Wargames

    Cross of Iron, first gamette for Avalon Hill´s Squad Leader. Just in today. Was missing the QRDC but got a copy of those inbound in a few day´s along with the 3rd edition rules, all from a incomplete CoI I found for 10 bucks. Red
  18. Tanker Books/Novels

    I haven´t gone through all the threads here so sorry if this one has already been brought up. It has come to my attention with very good references, but was wondering if anybody here actually red it, as it is quite expensive... Kursk: The Battle of Prokhorovka, by Christopher A. Lawrence. A 1622 page, 6" inch thick, 11.5 pound monster. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/27803290-kursk https://www.amazon.com/Kursk-Battle-Prokhorovka-Christopher-Lawrence/dp/0971385254 I do have "War by Numbers" by the same author in order. Red
  19. Assume working hours for you? Shame.
  20. Attack on OBJ WASHINGTON and ADAMS

    And Roger that Does that mean the doing the outlined above would assure your participation?
  21. RADIOS

    @marques In case you didnt see this already; http://www.steelbeasts.com/forum/9-multiplayer-engagements/
  22. multi monitor or exporting views

    Oh! Smart solution! I´ll try this afternoon and see if I manage to run it. Thanks!
  23. RADIOS

    Now I understand your points and agree with most of them, actually. In this case, the normal problem of misinterpreting a post is aggravated by the fact that I´m not using my own language. I´d love to play with you guys, but sadly the sunday afternoon is a NOGO time for me right now. But I promise it´ll happen sooner tan later. to finish with the radio issue, and now is just a wish (not even a request), what I´d love to see is the system that DCS has, for example. Helicopters (well, aircrafts in general) have the radio sets simulated, and you can enter frecuencies on them. This frecuency for the simulator itself is only used to decide if an order or request used with the radio menú (similar to SB) is heard or not by the receiver. Just this is not so exciting. The interesting thing is that DCS lets to export info, and therefore there are free programs (even plugins for TS) that can take info from the simulator, such as frequencies, position into the game (helicopters are multicrew), distance, etc... and simulate more or less the signals. Anyway, as I said before, I understand why Esim did not waste resources on this, and that´s all from my side.
  24. BATUS

    Looks like fun! (Says the guy who has never been there ) Downloaded.
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