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  2. I liked it. Would have loved some more engineers jobs tough. But the TF as a whole was very challenged with the one wire breach anayway ;-)
  3. I hope you all enjoyed the mission. There are up to 27 possible enemy courses of action for this scenario. If you enjoyed this mission, please take a look at the border relations series (parts 1-3). Happy for any feedback on how to make my scenarios better.
  4. Beauty and the beast Which is which is a mater of interpretation . LoL
  5. I realized that towards the end of the session. Only thing different is the updated teamspeak.
  6. Cav you have problems with your com as i can hear from your video you are saying much more than i got.
  7. Aye, but it seems that to install CV12 diesel, Chieftains rear hull needs to be redesigned to be more similiar to Challenger 1 hull rear.
  8. yes, Jordanian khalid basically had the challenger engine.
  9. Everyone had fun besides 3rd platoon
  10. Fred sorry but what are you talking about??? I've already replied to this same question in your other thread, some 3 hours ago: We can't really help you if you don't read the replies to your posts?!
  11. So, check your email; there might be a time-based license in it. If so, activate that one, then you can play. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the CodeMeter to arrive. Don't worry, you cannot activate the unlimited license without a CodeMeter being inserted into the computer.
  12. I paid over 125$ to get this game and so far all i got was to talk to you
  13. can i play the game without my code meter stick i;m still waiting for it in the mail. i guess what i;m saying is i really don;t no how to play this game. thanks for any suggestions.
  14. No. There are plenty of free alternatives to WinZip, like IZArc or 7-Zip, for example. I think Windows might also have a program that extracts .zip files as well.
  15. No. There are free programs to unzip .zip and .rar files. I use 7-Zip and WinZip both of which I found for free by googleling.
  16. My Question is do you have to buy Win Zip to get MODS or Tutorial or any downloads in this game ?
  17. A video of the session (as soon as it is done processing):
  18. Fred, So as I understand it, whilst you are waiting for the dongle, you have access to a time limited "bridging" license. So "yes" you can play while waiting for your dongle to arrive. Can I strongly recommend that you visit here first: You can certainly do the gunnery range, but after that I'd suggest following a set of tutorials for one vehicle. However I'd review that thread before you just play a scenario as you are likely to get very frustrated/confused if you just jump straight in. While you mention "4.0" can I also suggest you update to 4.010 as that is the current "standard", and you'll need to be running that to play with/against others.
  19. Purchased Steel Beast the sim game received my license and waiting for my Code Meter Stick. Want to start playing right away. I would like to learn the ins and outs of the game first so i thought a solo mission would be best. My question is can i play the game without my stick ? they said it could take up to 4-12 days for delivery. I was informed that i could play while waiting for my delivery. I purchase Pro 4.0 iv'e been looking at the Forums and saw start up about AI and gunnery range to get familiar with the M1A1 tank that would be nice if i could ? I also uploaded the my Team Speak can you please help me.
  20. Didn't the Iranians and Jordanians fit better engines the Rolls-Royce CV12 engine producing 1200 BHP That would have given the chieftain decent mobility.
  21. Looks like the mission was a lot of fun! I really wished I could have made this one.
  22. While singleplayer is a lot of fun, in my opinion multiplayer is where you will get the most enjoyment out of Steel Beasts. Besides the added social aspect (which does count for a lot), you'll learn from your fellow players, and have great fun while doing it! Try playing with all the VUs out there at least once if your schedule permits to get a feel for each of them, and see which ones you enjoy the most. In Steel Beasts, VUs are not exclusive; I'm a member of Kanium, but we have played games with guys from Dogs of War, BG ANZAC, and the OPFOR. Also, even though I am a member of Kanium, I regularly attend the Canadian Armored Division (CAD) games on Wednesday, just because they provide a different flavor than the normal Kanium scenarios. Also, don't feel too worried about trying to "get ready" for Multiplayer. No one expects you to be a Michael Wittmann of the Steel Beasts variety, especially in your first few games. As long as you are able to control your vehicle effectively, you will be fine. I would recommend being comfortable with the Commander's position, and at least know how to shoot as a gunner in Emergency mode, using the GAS, inputing manual range, etc. If you are able to do that, you will have very few issues falling into a Platoon and destroying T-72s. Also, I love your profile picture! The khukuri is quite an impressive blade; I acquired one while training with the 2/9 Gorkha Rifles in northern India. They were certainly impressive Soldiers!
  23. Yesterday
  24. Servus, here the Livestream: cheers D u k e
  25. ...however, a) the multi-fuel Diesel engines run most efficient with diesel fuel (surprise!) b) they usually don't run on PURE other fuels (or if so, only for rather short times). Rather, up to 40% of the volume may be replaced by alcohol, gasoline, or second hand deep-fry oil. A gas turbine is the only "true" multi-fuel engine that will burn pretty much anything, pure, as long as it can be vaporized when injected into the burn chamber.
  26. I stand corrected.
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