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  2. CV9035dk VIS screen text overlay

    right looked at the vis screen through the main menu at (status menu), and some of them have text overlay onto parts making it hard to read.. did take pictures showing it through all the menus there.. hope the pics shows what i mean
  3. Video Thread

    Audio works here for me too
  4. Driver's passive sight on an M60A3 is a periscope that goes through the driver's hatch. I don't think tanks were issued personal NVGs.
  5. Something seems amiss here. From the driver's view I can get NVG views in the M901, M113A2 and M60A3. I have not figured out the exact sequence for any but "zooming" while in the driver's view, hitting the "TIS" button and "going up" in the hatch works, most of the time in the M60A3. Zooming from the closed hatch view of the M113 series and hitting "TIS" works also.
  6. 19 JAN scenario: Mech Company MTC (1978)-4023 SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS: Draft? No. NOTES: Avoid studying the enemy's side; only gather intel from the briefing and exposed enemy unit icons (enemy intel), and briefly looking over both sides to figure out which one you want to CO. Anything beyond that ruins the fog of war element. To avoid passwords, open the scenario in Network Session as HOST and choose the side you want to play and go to planning phase. You may briefly look at both sides like this to see which side you want to play or CO on. As CO, once you choose a side, go to that side and create your plan. Remember to play within the TGIF House Rules and SB.com community rules. Mech Company MTC (1978)-4023.zip
  7. Main Menu Redesign

    In that case I would just tell them to hit "Instant Action"
  8. Yesterday
  9. New Credits Page Music

    So 58 Million plus people are playing this and paying the band $0.00? I think they need a new manager.
  10. New Credits Page Music

    I downloaded the song off the band’s YouTube website using the Keepvid software. Keepvid won’t download copyrighted video/audio. The band’s website states the song complies with the “Standard YouTube License” So they say they're not in violation. Per the website the song has been accessed 58,926,755 times so I guess it’s certainly out there :-)
  11. No audio on videos

    Weird. Now it works.
  12. New Credits Page Music

    No copyright / royalty / licensing issues with this?
  13. New Credits Page Music

    Hey Tankers! Just for kicks I made a credits.wav sound file to replace the credits page music. The song is the heavy metal song that has become the anthem of US Army/Marine tankers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Song: “Bad Company” (Explicit) Performed by: Five Finger Death Punch Download the attached file to your desktop. Go to… C:/program/esim Games/SB Pro PE/music/ In the music file rename “credits.wav” to credits.old and save. Now copy the new credits.wav file from your desktop into C:/program/esim Games/SB Pro PE/music/ Now when you are exiting the simulation you’ll get the new music. credits.wav
  14. No audio on videos

    I can hear the audio when I just click on the "play" button - i.e. not having to open a separate you-tube tab / window. Not sure what's different, but I suspect that makes it a PC issue, not a Forum issue?
  15. Video Thread

    I can hear the audio when I just click on the "play" button - i.e. not having to open a separate you-tube tab / window. Not sure what's different, but I suspect that makes it a PC issue, not a Forum issue?
  16. No audio on videos

    I watched a video posted by Grenny/Ronin and did not hear the audio when I played the video through his post. I did hear the audio when I went to youtube and played it there. Being curious I tried playing other videos in the video thread (including ones that I had and had not watched before) and I get no audio when viewing through the posts. I don't know if this is related to your site or if is something youtube is doing.
  17. Video Thread

    For some reason, unknown to me, I only get audio when watching this at youtube.
  18. We now have not only a Campaign Ribbon... But TWO Our Dear Leader have made one in silver and one in gold: We award a silver one for those who play one Scenario, and a gold one for those who play in all the scenarios. All awards at the end of the Campaign. And the Gold one looks better It is not too late to join.
  19. Main Menu Redesign

    Vy nice job !
  20. Alsways fun to make fun of the airforce

    Except when they're packing Mavericks and CBU-97s.
  21. Alsways fun to make fun of the airforce

    Texts says: Handkerchief for mun 1,49€ Beer after the ceremony 3,50€ Getting one on that airforce-smug...priceless
  22. Video Thread

    "Winter Wolf"...Panzergrenadiere in training
  23. SB does not detect CH Combatstick (FIXED)

    Programmed stick, added Enterpad back in and so far so good.
  24. SB does not detect CH Combatstick (FIXED)

    OK, that worked. Un-calibrated and needs to be programmed but it's there at least. THANKS Rotar!!!
  25. Main Menu Redesign

    I agree with Gibsonm, Can we just make the letters bigger on 1920 x 1080? The text is insanely small on the menu screen at that resolution.
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