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Advance to Contact 1.2

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About This File

New update includes ammendments suggested in the Forum ie ARP, and messages from flanking formations wrt enemy mov. Having played the mission last night in COOP I have also introduced penalty zones plus of the boundries. Many thanks, CharlieB File contains the Msn File and Stuart666's Salisbury plain map on which this msn is based. Adv to contact from Battlesbury to Imber and secure LOE. You command a Sqn Gp including Recce, inf and CSS elements in addition to your Sqn of Leo 2a5s. Scenario work well with King tiger's CR2 and WR modifications for the Leo2 A5 and the CV9040B. En is randomized to encourage playability. Msn is good for single player if you are happy with all the moving parts or better as a multiplayer for teams such as the ARRC. Good luck and feedback very welcome.

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