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Flank Support Intercept 1.0

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About This File

You are in a company of LAVs, deployed in Flank Support of a Bradley attack on an enemy town. The enemy has reinforcements (BMPs, BRDMs, troops) staging in a nearby town and your job is to setup an ambush to destroy the reinforcements, then move in to take the town.

Meant for 1-3 players. Easy/Moderate difficulty, with randomization.

Mission by thekingofstyle (March 2014)
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User Feedback

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Apocalypse 31

· Edited by Apocalypse 31

  • 3

I enjoyed the mission, but some of the scripting could use improvement. 


For example, the ambush on the convoy heading to OBJ BADGER: The script to complete this task should be when the AFV's and Trucks have been destroyed. I found it very tedious that players had to hunt down every last dismount team and destroy them - the task was to prevent enemy reinforcements on OBJ BADGER, which can be accomplished by destroying the vehicles. 


The attack on OBJ OTTER is tough, and I like the surprise of having enemy dismounts in the buildings. I found this part of the scenario to be very enjoyable, but again, tedious. Maybe a script that has the Russians retreat or surrender when they become outnumbered on the objective would've been more effective than making players find every enemy soldier hidden. 


Enemy vehicle placement was also very poorly achieved on OBJ OTTER. Some of the red vehicles were stuck between buildings, and looking at your scenario file, it doesnt seem like much thought went into their placement, as indicated by the routes. 

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