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Gradual Retreat (For Cobrabase) 1.0.0

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About This File

The Red tide 1988. 

The war to hold back the Soviets is failing, the German forces have been forced to fall back as their flank has collapsed, the BAOR still stands strong, and we the US forces are on the retreat now.


We have to try and hold back the soviet forces for there to be a civillian evac from the city of Archen, trucks still haven't evacuated everyone, they need an hour, so we must try and hold back the enemy force as there is no-one between us and the city.


We have a simple mission, hold the enemy back for an hour.



1 PT of M1A1 HA

1 PT of M1A1

2 PT's of M2A2

1 PT of M3A2.


With a few other assets.


Good luck.



The ammo types are CORRECT. 

All blue and red forces are to date.

Any bugs please comment below.

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