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  2. SB does not detect CH Combatstick (FIXED)

    Programmed stick, added Enterpad back in and so far so good.
  3. SB does not detect CH Combatstick (FIXED)

    OK, that worked. Un-calibrated and needs to be programmed but it's there at least. THANKS Rotar!!!
  4. Main Menu Redesign

    I agree with Gibsonm, Can we just make the letters bigger on 1920 x 1080? The text is insanely small on the menu screen at that resolution.
  5. SB does not detect CH Combatstick (FIXED)

    I had the same issue with my Saitek X-55 (with a previous update) and I have seen elsewhere that this most recent update has caused other devices to fail.
  6. SB does not detect CH Combatstick (FIXED)

    If the joystick isn't showing up here, it isn't going to work in any program: I suggest you start by unplugging the joystick and then uninstalling the CH drivers. After doing that and rebooting, plug the joystick back in and see if it shows up in the game controller window. If it does, you can go ahead and install the CH drivers and check that window again to make sure Windows can see the joystick.
  7. SB does not detect CH Combatstick (FIXED)

    Anyhow, I am unable to do a restore to before the "critical Update" on 1-16-2018 which I believe started this whole mess. I get the usual it's your AV, so I disabled the AV and I am still unable to do a system restore prior to 1-16-2018. Suck to be me. Is there anyone else having this issue? I am dead in the water. No stick no sim.
  8. SB does not detect CH Combatstick (FIXED)

    Is it there now?
  9. SB does not detect CH Combatstick (FIXED)

    The screenshot you posted a few posts back shows that it is not listed in the Game Controllers window, that means that Windows isn't seeing the joystick as an input device.
  10. SB does not detect CH Combatstick (FIXED)

    The joystick shows up in windows and I am able to calibrate in the CH Control Center, the joystick does NOT show up in the sim.
  11. SB does not detect CH Combatstick (FIXED)

    If the joystick doesn't show up in Windows, there's something wrong. Assuming you have the CH Control Center installed, make sure the joystick isn't disabled there.
  12. SB does not detect CH Combatstick (FIXED)

    Good on that Dark.
  13. SB does not detect CH Combatstick (FIXED)

    It might be a recent windows upgrade that did you in.
  14. SB does not detect CH Combatstick (FIXED)

    You have tried unplugging it and plugging it back in?. Looks like thereis no driver running for the joystick.
  15. SB does not detect CH Combatstick (FIXED)

    I was running a Combatstick and a Enterpad for well over a year with versions 4.0 and up and now all of a sudden I cannot run the Combatstick?????
  16. SB does not detect CH Combatstick (FIXED)

    OK, I have removed the Enterpad and tried the Combatstick alone in several USB ports and still have no stick in the sim. I do now see the "Advanced" button, however the Combatstick is not listed as a device or any device for that matter that I may chose. I don't get it?
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  18. Video Thread

  19. Use of 50 Cal on M1A1

    ...in the M1A1 only buttoned, on the M1A2 only unbuttoned.
  20. No, I understand "reasons" When I do the progress score on Monday I'll just update to reflect the first two.
  21. Sorry, can give you a 100%..for reasons ;-) But Fri or Saturday would be best
  22. Thanks for the definitive response. Did you have a preference for a date (Fri Ni, Sat Ni, or Sun Ni your time)?
  23. Well, we may be at home over the easter weekend, so I might be able to join in...
  24. Wargames

    As a side note... This is a clean install, so it will not update via de usual way (check for updates). You have to un-install your original version, download v2.00 from your "my products" section, install with your S/N and off you go! Do not try to update V2.00 via "check-updates", it will revert back to v1.02 again. Nice stuff Red
  25. Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

    SO ... can we interest you in some fresh ADHOC tonight ... ?
  26. Use of 50 Cal on M1A1

    You can also do this in SB, on the M1A2
  27. So... It looks like we are almost full. However do not let that stop you, as we can easily take on gunners and commanders, and there is plenty to do in this scenario... IMPORTANT POINT: If you havent played with us before, or if it is a while ago, then please contact either @Major duck or @Swordsmandk to help you set up your Teamspeak before the day of the session - thank you.
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