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  2. at the same time does your average Enlisted tanks or even platoon grade officer know the exact composition and exact thickness of the Tank. That in itself seems like a big intel risk All KGB err i mean FSB ( or other foreign intelligence) guys have to do is Hack thier personal computers, Get a guy drunk at a local bar for a nice talk, OR if that fails Snag such a guy when hes on vacation ( or in case of a war capture a crew as prisoner) and after a few days in a dark dark Room theyl know the exact composition and armor protection RHAE equivalent and penetration values for the ammunition. AFAIK Tank crews dont go through SERE or arent trained to resist interrogation. These aren't Tier 1 Special Forces or Government Spooks with such training and possession of TOp level security clearance.
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  4. Getting ready to roll out
  5. Will attend, anywhere is good. Have been to this area more times than I can remember.
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  7. I don't know why you're willing to waste your time with fruitless nerd battles, but I guess you have your reasons. Exactly. This is a dead giveaway that a) the values are a calculation result, which is useless without knowing the calculation method, or the validity of the parameters that were used in the formula b) the guy has no clue what spurious accuracy is; I'm willing the risk to sound arrogant, but I refuse to debate with people who have no understanding of error propagation in estimations. This is a simple heuristic - in most cases such characters either are clueless about even just basic engineering methodology, or they are bullshitters, often both. c) as has been suggested, insist that he reveals his sources and names the document from which he's pulling his claims: I doubt that the document exists in the first place (such figures would simply not be disclosed in a user manual) If it exists, the figures are either out of context, or classified - in which case he's committing a felony Most likely he's a bullshitter and will enter evasive maneuver Theta Seven. Might be fun to watch, but watching mosquitos sparkling in an electric bug zapper while sitting on your porch in the dark with a cold beer is probably a more useful way of killing time.
  8. Yet another hardcore Wargame simulation Battle Command by HSC (Historical Software Corporation), seems to be a ambitious project in the works with high potential in many aspects, among others are training, multiplayer and versatile tools for scenario creation. Willl have to keep an eye on this one! To bad the payment method is "Bitcoin" or I would have already downloaded this to my HD HSC Battle Command: http://www.historicalsoftware.com/ Videos: http://www.historicalsoftware.com/index.php/videos/ Care, Red
  9. Yes certainly close enough for most but for a rivet / padlock counter like me. Certainly a lot better having this arrive to recover a Leo AS1 than a M-88.
  10. Thanks for the comment, Gibsonm. I'm happy the skins are appreciated. I just used eSim's nomenclature for the vehicle, but agree it's more accurate to say it represents a Leopard ARVM, which was the Wisent 1's predecessor, but from photos the two appear nearly identical, so only limited squinting should be required. (The modeled Wisent is on a Leo 1 hull, like the ARVM, not Leo 2.)
  11. A soldier active/retired can be prosecuted in most countries for revealing restricted tactical information. For Example: Try asking Mr Gibsonm for such tactical details on the Aus M1 or Herr Grenny for Tactical details on the Marder / Puma They'll both tell you "Um....No." WT and other forums members like to claim they're serving/former serving as they think it lends kudos to their claims. They may actually be serving members, but like I said if they reveal actual figures that have been classified, well, they're in a world of sh*t.
  12. First fully destroyed T-90A in Syria.
  13. I would dismiss it, even if he is a former soldier, or even active duty, I seen a lot of such guys running amock in a fantasy world.
  14. Close enough. He is a WT forum member. I was having a conversation concering the Leopard 2 and he ended up stating that the Leopard 2A5/2A6 has a resistance of KE 1628mm and CE 2817mm. What makes me doubt this value; besides that it is absurdly high, is that he states values down to the millimeter. Who would bother ,even in a professionally prepared ballistics report, to give these values down down to millimeter? I would expect a range of values (e.g. 700 - 750 mm) representing an plausible estimate, since in these cases there will always be some kind of variance. He also stated that the combat weight of the Leopard 2A1, 2A4 and 2A6 is 53, 56 and 63 metric tons respectively according to his documents. As far as i know the Leopard 2A1 has a combat weight of about 55.15- 55.4 tons, the 2A4 56,5 tons and 2A6 around 61 tons. The other issues is that he states that one of the armor wedges of a Leopard 2A5/A6 weigh 3.25 metric tons. Looking at images from disassembled and labelled German and Dutch Leopard 2A6s, a wedge weighs between 500-600 kg. After some 3D modelling I determined A non-hollow steel wedge of the same size would weigh about 2.2 metric tons. He also stated that the DM53/63 can penetrate 900+ mm of armor point blank and that that the turret of a Leopard 2A5/A6 was penetrated using this ammunition. Weirdly enough, I had some other "former dutch soldier" also state the DM53 / DM63 can pen 900+ mm of armor. I am not totally sure whether or not to accept or dismiss anything this guy is saying. What do you guys think?
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  16. Kanium Sunday 1st of Oct 1800 UTC "OPERATION JUMPING JACK" by Kknispel Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World clock 1800 utc Eny have occupied NAPANEE iot secure NAPANEE RIVER offensive. We shall with a square combat team advance to contact quickly, defeet or bypass eny and SIEZE the heights at NAPANEE. Link to full Brief on Kanium Site NB Real terrain, enriched with Google view. BE AWARE The railroad is partly impassible in real terrain due to high banks. This is marked with a 3 meter wide river. Be carefull not to loose mobility by driving in the river. Comd have made your advance axis narrow to secure mass of gravity for his main effort. Atry 9 arty missions available, HE and Smoke penalty for movement outside cmb tm borders
  17. I guess you could squint and use this as a proxy for a ARVM [Armoured Recovery Vehicle - Medium] (although the ARVM is on a Leo 1 hull and the Wisent is on a Leo 2 hull). Of course once we adopted the M1A1 AIM SA, we use the M-88. Thanks for the ongoing support to ADF skins.
  18. Here's a slightly longer version of the video that makes it pretty clear they were expecting to see rockets flying, just not quite so close...
  19. lemme guess? 1.71 rumor roundup WT forums?
  20. Last week
  21. Steel beasts site says this: The Israeli variant of the M735, nicknamed "Hetz". Several M111 rounds were supplied to the Soviets by the Syrians after being captured from the Israelis in 1982, which prompted the addition of a 16mm steel plate for the T-72, and a 20mm steel plate for the T-80, after testing showed it was unable to withstand the round. http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=M111 IS this really the case? the M111 is a monobloc penetrator compared to the M735. In the Cutaway you can see the M111 looks different the M735. compared to M735 I think that's differentiation enough for it to be considered a more unique l in home Design rather than a Variation ( license built or even Minor modification of the M735.) Built under a different name
  22. LMAO
  23. I can name a folder_ "super secrit documents" too...seems legit
  24. A screenshot of his desktop he sent me: I also asked him about the weight of the wedge shape modules on a leopard 2A5/A6. I told him that i heard that they weight about 3 tons each. He replied saying that they weigh 3.25 tons each.
  25. Can you ask what manual* this "former soldier" is refering to? ...so I can have a good laugh *(ask for an HDV or TDV number)
  26. Hello Everyone, what do you guys make of these comments from an former soldier that happens to have had access to the operational manuals of the Leopard 2A1, 2A4, and 2A6: " allright LEO 2A5/6 the real protection on the turret is listed: against CE 1628mm against HEAT 2817mm TOW2 missles can pen the turrent front by 20mm thats all im going to say. the Leo2A1-4 is way weaker" - former soldier He also said that the DM53/63 is able to penetrate 900+ mm of RHAe and that the turret of a Leopard 2A5/A6 was penetrated. Any educated guesses and/or feedback on what these comments could mean would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !
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