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  1. Sunday 16sep18 game?

    I take a Tank? If Cavgunner is tanking too
  2. Eurgh! That is one Fugly tank.
  3. FN-FAL

    I made the list as a reference for myself, I am sharing as a kindness. I couldn't be arsed to google it as it only appears in once. And "Bofors" was better than "Some SIG looking knock off."
  4. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Like this chap? (20 seconds in)
  5. Steel Beasts Gold on VirtualBox question

    Talk to *Liquid snake voice* SSSSSSSSSSSSsnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!
  6. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    I'd like the platoon sitrep thingy That could be useful Also as I have mentioned before, that f**king cursor, whoever changed it from the small black cross cursor should be shot, if he survives, shoot him again. No exceptions.
  7. The Thin Green Line Play Test

    Ok change the time to 1900GMT
  8. The Thin Green Line Play Test

    Hello, Thanks for the interest so far. We'll need more than 3 players as it is intended for TGIF it is a sizeable scenario. If we don't get a minimum of 4 or more confirmed before hand i'll cancel this one and try with the Kanium Ad-Hoc or something else. Sorry to waste your time if that happens. Thanks Hedgehog
  9. I have a Scenario to play test. 1900 GMT Saturday 25th Aug SB Team Speak Please? Setting is 1950s era NW Germany (As much as it can be in SB) BAOR vs CCCP
  10. "OP TESCO" by SwordsmanDK and SnS

    A22, please?
  11. FN-FAL

    Fixed Regarding my List of countries in SB I do not care if you "AR-15XYZ Blah Blah Blah" isn't in the list. This is a catagorical list of the sides in SB and the rifle they use. You got a problem? Talk to Ssnake. That said Gun Jesus reviews the Semi Auto version of the F2000:
  12. "OP TESCO" by SwordsmanDK and SnS

    Mrs May's Brexit plan takes a hard line....
  13. FN-FAL

    Think its a placeholder for their QB series rifles
  14. FN-FAL

    Here you Go Code - Country - Rifle AT - Austria - AUG AU- Australia - AUG CA Canada M16 CD DR Congo AK47 CN China G36 CS Czech R AK47 DD E Germany AK DE W Germany G36 DK Denmark G3 DK (2) Denmark M4 EG Egypt AK ER Eritrea AK ES Spain G36 ET Ethiopia AK FI Finland AK ID Indonesia M16 IL Israel FAL IQ Iraq AK IR IRan AK KP N Korea AK KR 2K S Korea M4 NL Netherlands M16 NO Norway G3 NZ New Zealand AUG OPFOR SCAR RU Russia AK SE Sweden Bofors SY Syria AK UN UN FAL UK UK L85A2 US 70s M16 US 90s M16 US 2000s M4 USSR AK ZA South Africa FAL Edit CIV Civillians AK <- "Normal Civilains" (Who are also Armed) CIV "Militia Civilians" M16 < - "Infantry model" Civilians