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  1. A soldier active/retired can be prosecuted in most countries for revealing restricted tactical information. For Example: Try asking Mr Gibsonm for such tactical details on the Aus M1 or Herr Grenny for Tactical details on the Marder / Puma They'll both tell you "Um....No." WT and other forums members like to claim they're serving/former serving as they think it lends kudos to their claims. They may actually be serving members, but like I said if they reveal actual figures that have been classified, well, they're in a world of sh*t.
  2. CBRN is the new NBC As it was explained to me.... NBC core concept is to survive and fight within in a contaminated environment. CBRN core concept is to evacuate the contaminated zone first, then continue fighting. N = Nuclear, Big bang, lots of light, heat, avoiding Fallout etc R = Radiological, what are termed dirty bombs, spreading of radioactive material usuing conventonal explosives or if you wanted artillery shells. Edit: So anyway, I'm happy about this new feature development announcement It would certainly liven up the early coldwar scenarios where the soviet attack plan was "Nuke everythign in sight" Make for a good "What's left of NATO ground troops tries to hold back the Red advance" And rumours hint at other more "adding depth" features coming down the pipeline. But I'm looking forward to the new terrain engine, people who tried it have been impressed.
  3. Keep this thread going
  4. Could get confusing, you call Tovarishch Grenny and Tovarishch Ronin answers.....
  5. *Tovarisch Pretty sure Ronin/Grenny are the same person.
  6. Today Lativa, Lithuania and Estonia Won their independence 26 years ago Kurwa!
  7. This sounds like Schrodinger's cat...
  8. There's a reason why they play WT and not SB Pro PE (Thankfully)
  9. Or there's Moskau (no decent video on youtube)
  10. Pfft. Children. https://www.youtube.com/embed/PBvwcH4XX6U?
  11. I'd give the cadet PLs the job of Plt Sgt. (with normal Sgt assiting) Then they have appreciation of all the crap the Sgt has to deal with. Just my thought.
  12. Thanks for the game.
  13. Service Station method, please. Also, why is everyone jumping all over my request?! Believe I said: Please note: "reasonable reach" Did I say "Please park the trucks next to my Tank" ? No. The reason I ask about the trucks is the 105mm has a friggin' automatic cannon ROF compared to the 120mm And the rate I use ammo (Hey, I'm not paying for it. ) its quicker for me to nip back a click or two. The supply trucks reload straight into the ready rack, on par with the Leopard's reload rate from semi ready So with the M1IP and an approximate / terrain dependent 2000m seperation to a "service station" the M1IP is fast enough to nip back and do a quick bomb up. Rather than sit there faffing around opening and closing ready / semi ready doors and this "One round in the turret" bollocks Think I could reasonably call this a (And I think this is standard US doctrine of the time, I could be wrong though)
  14. Reason I ask is the M1 takes foooooooooorever to reload from semi ready rack, supply truck is quicker.