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    Going Full "Chuck Norris" mode. Target: Trees.
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    er, Tanks funnily enough. And sneaking around the Virtual Battlefield.
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    Estimating Engineer!
  1. This. And as a counter.... Frag Grenades & Bayonets. I get that mainly you'll bypass a dug in enemy, but sometimes you need to get in there and winkle them out.
  2. Reminder! OPFOR Session this Saturday Saturday 2030GMT (Well it is for me anyway clocks go forward at 0100) Doing whatever TankHunter decrees we're doing. (I have a thing in the works, nice and simple 70s themed scenario)
  3. Ugh, my laptop is screaming in terror already....probably seconds per frame soon....
  4. Nils is probably having fits, seeing this old clunkers again.
  5. LoL Try the first capture! Sound effects were a thing!
  6. Up to you mate, it's your thread.
  7. This is a minor sneeze compared to what Grenny throws up.
  8. https://youtu.be/6qQPVRIr6Rc
  9. Are you Mad??!! If there was a combined facility, NOTHING would get done. It'd be worse than a UN mandated mission....
  10. *Ahem* MORTAL KOMBAT!!!
  11. If you want this map, you need to do the digitizing.
  12. um.....