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    Going Full "Chuck Norris" mode. Target: Trees.
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    er, Tanks funnily enough. And sneaking around the Virtual Battlefield.
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    Estimating Engineer!
  1. They just cost too damn much.... They tried a "production" 25 lb field gun. £500- ish I think for a base line panther the asking price was £3k You got a basic "it works!" Package But the fast turn turrets, blank firers etc are add ons And each one was £500+ Wish I had the spare cash. I'd have avringa's leopard off him in an instant :-)
  2. Oh all right. Gimmie the FO track instead...
  3. Eh, what do you expect from grunts?
  4. Can we have the Magach series in SB? Puhleeeeeeeeeeeeease? One of those tanks that looks like a tank
  5. Thought the driver was bit enthusiastic.... And the bang bang bang ping as the pin went "Freedom!" For the second time. Oops. 😁
  6. Soooo. Why does it have a Challenger 2 as the cover photo?
  7. I'd have a Extendable Mast Pod, like on the Fennek
  8. Park it next to a supply truck for 20 mins and you have another insta boom
  9. I'd have an ARRV. At least parking won't be an issue. A crane is a handy thing to have sometimes.
  10. Mmmm Crispy Peeking Duck
  11. I'm overgrown with joy.
  12. With great trees comes great responsibility
  13. Or going out on a limb