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  1. I'd give the cadet PLs the job of Plt Sgt. (with normal Sgt assiting) Then they have appreciation of all the crap the Sgt has to deal with. Just my thought.
  2. Thanks for the game.
  3. Service Station method, please. Also, why is everyone jumping all over my request?! Believe I said: Please note: "reasonable reach" Did I say "Please park the trucks next to my Tank" ? No. The reason I ask about the trucks is the 105mm has a friggin' automatic cannon ROF compared to the 120mm And the rate I use ammo (Hey, I'm not paying for it. ) its quicker for me to nip back a click or two. The supply trucks reload straight into the ready rack, on par with the Leopard's reload rate from semi ready So with the M1IP and an approximate / terrain dependent 2000m seperation to a "service station" the M1IP is fast enough to nip back and do a quick bomb up. Rather than sit there faffing around opening and closing ready / semi ready doors and this "One round in the turret" bollocks Think I could reasonably call this a (And I think this is standard US doctrine of the time, I could be wrong though)
  4. Reason I ask is the M1 takes foooooooooorever to reload from semi ready rack, supply truck is quicker.
  5. Not a hitpoint system in sight here. If you hit a Leopard 2 in the side with a 125mm BM-42M round, it hurts. A lot.
  6. Please may I have a price for ..... Sorry. Please may I have B13? This is an M1IP. I realise my crappy antiquated Laptop will struggle with a frontline position, but, eh, I wanna shoot stuff. Also please may we plan to have the Supply trucks in reasonable reach and not at the back of the column?
  7. PSA

    Oh FFS
  8. PSA

    I heard they dip their bullets in maple syrup before firing....
  9. Well that's Spearpoint 80. (Which I have already asked about the map. Just off the east side of the Hannover map.)
  10. Isn't that an M6 Bradley Linebacker though? Has a 4 pot Stinger launcher (one half of an avenger) instead of TOWs
  11. Um, shouldn't that be: Sunday 9th of July "Tank Battle near Willingen close to Soltau 18 September 1987" ? Also US tank platoons typically have 4 Vehicles (Manning list has 3 tanks per platoon.)
  12. Mainly, this region borders with the German 1st Corps to the North (around the Celle area I think)
  13. This bit of mud would be nice, Believe a few NATO exercises were held here (And you've probably got the data as this borders both Hannover & Wolfsburg maps)
  14. Arty you could keep at the same level, as Off map Arty Spawns rounds 2k in the air rather than On map with does Calcs of trajecories tracks ind rounds etc. which is a much bigger load on a server Tactics of Arty, should be considered: ICM on Russian side = V late 80s / early 90s Also much of the Russian Artillery was pre planned, so battalion sized fire missions with 18 tubes (3 missions all with slight overlap, and worked into the offensive manouver plan) I would also say turn off AI call for fire on Red if there's a human player overseer. As AI will spam any and all detected Blue positions with ICM. (And if you have off map, well that's a steel monsoon) Typical Sov doctrine = 2 compaines = Recce, Cobat patrols, Fwd Sec elements (On map at start or within 60 mins (Ask V man for tips) ) Balance = Adv Guard Main Body. (these guys start appearing about 90 mins in, so the population on the map should be smaller as Blue and Red kill each other off.) AGMB should move with a purpose and together trying to exploit gaps in blue's line. (T-72s started life as a basic wartime only design with quick simple mass production in mind, their one advantage is numbers, get guns on line firing back at blue. Throw enough poop and some of it sticks) People to ask for tips are: Short and Sweet (Used to plan opfor for exercises for a living) and V man (Resident Game play Balancing Guru) Gibsonm The examples you have indicated are special events and with exclusive use of the server (SB & TS only) Kanium share their server with other games (Arma 3, etc), hosting 30 people on TS as well (20 SB, 10 or so others) and as such the limits of this server are much less. Anything over 30mb sce file size is too much for Kanium according to Swordsman (I don't know if this has changed recently.)
  15. This is going to kill the server