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  1. Steelbeasts pro not starting

    Sounds like it might be a GPU driver incompatibility. Try updating the GPU drivers. How long do you leave SB running before you close it? It takes my antiquated laptop 3/4 mins to load and I get a white screen and a not responding message / Blue Ring of Thought Although if I try and run SB straight after starting, Windows is too busy "waking up" to run SB and it hangs like you say. But give it 5 mins and SB runs fine.
  2. We love photos

    *Daivd Attenborough voice* "And here, we see, a Marder, giving birth to her litter of cubs."
  3. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    60 / 70s UK Uniforms UK Inf with SLRs. And AFV Crewman in the same vein. Plus the usual wants for various UK AFVs Crewable Chieftain Ferrets, 432s, Spartan with & without MCT, Swingfire, Stormer, Fox etc. Chieftain AVLB You get the idea. Love a Conquerer. *Hint Hint* Hang on..... YOU BASTARDS!!
  4. Suspected Bug - L30 gun HESH drift direction

    Thanks for letting us know. "How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?" - Sherlock Holmes
  5. Mission Editor question

    As Ssnake said: Right click on route originating from unit. "Jump to end if...." And it only works when the unit first appears in the 3D world. (It's primary use is to randomise starting locations / deployments of AI units.) So for your purpose of simulating an "in the middle of the action phase" successful water crossing it is quite useless. However if the units were to cross successfully at mission start you could use this feature. (But then you may as well start them off on the "correct" side of the river/lake/sea anyway) To get your desired effect you'll need to play with the map & theme editor. I.E. turn up the traction of the water tiles and play with the map to get a lesser exit slope. The theme editor lives in the top menu of the map editor.
  6. Suspected Bug - L30 gun HESH drift direction

    Life is too short for internet arguments.
  7. Suspected Bug - L30 gun HESH drift direction

    MMMMMMCCCXX = 6320
  8. Suspected Bug - L30 gun HESH drift direction

    Huzzah! I found a bug! (I reckon a spurious negative value is in there somewhere.)
  9. Hello The HESH on the CR2 drifts left, got a feeling the L30 is a right hand twist gun. (Tank range)
  10. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    I ran out of Squirrels. Trials with other rodents have been less than ideal. the_List seems to respond only to black squirrels. For you reviewing pleasure http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=The_List Jeebus, I need to update this. Vehicle suspension? check. - Crikey! How many of us thought we'd never see that one?! 3D Vehicle Crewmembers ? check. Weather effects (rain, snow)? check. Chemical weapon strikes ? Think they're working on it..... Useable Loader's machine guns? Eeeeeh, some of them. Still. "Progress, its being made" - Ssnake. ***All Hail the_List!!***
  11. Test: Are Allied parties counted as "friendly forces" Actual result = Yes. (Bollocks) Findings attached. (Test Screen Shot Zip) Green unit allied to Blue enters Blue test, condition "Operational Friendly forces in test blue region > 1" = TRUE Articles 5 & 8 prove this for Blue and Green parties respectivly Request to eSim Add "Own Party Only" Units option to condition logic and event logic setup dialog Reason. (Why I would like this option) Enables "allied" units to become hostile/enemy to "own party" units entering adjacent territory. Blue unit enters Green Area. Green becomes hostile to Blue (Using "Own Party" condition above and the "Allied if" / "Enemy if" dialog) Blue remains Allied to Green Blue Surviving units leave Green Area. Green becomes Allied to Blue. Represents unauthorised boundry crossing being met with "Friendly Fire" However this condition would not respect AO boundaries. I.E. If Blue unit A crosses boundary and Blue unit B does not but both Blue unit A & Blue unit B are visible to Green unit A. Blue Unit B could be engaged by Green unit A, if Blue Unit A crosses boundary. (See Graphic Below) Or a more controlled option would be if only units crossing the boundary into the forbidden area are to be engaged, but that would need changes to TC spotting / fire control logic. Test Screen Shot.zip
  12. Control Logic Question, Friendly forces and allied parties So, in the below screen shot Does "Friendly" forces include Allied Party forces? If it does it's kinda F**ked my plan up. Is there a way to determine "Own party only" forces?
  13. ASLAV 25 Troop Capacity

    Hello, What is the Troop capacity of the ASLAV 25 in SB Pro PE? Did a forum search, but, nada. (Yes, I know in the ADF there is no such thing as a troop capacity on the ASLAV 25 as you've filled it with fridges and things.) Thanks
  14. UK is currently on BST which equates to "Alpha" Time (UTC/GMT + 1 hr)
  15. Tell me more about...

    And not a single Misfire!