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    Going Full "Chuck Norris" mode. Target: Trees.
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    er, Tanks funnily enough. And sneaking around the Virtual Battlefield.
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  1. Kaminski! Golikov! BATTLE STATIONS! Mujahadeen! One Thousand Meters!
  2. Huh? 9th of April? Last post was in September. Oh, wait, your one of those "Americans" I don't get why you people write dates the wrong way round. Que Strange....
  3. Yeah, dat one
  4. More Armoured Cars! Panhards AMX-10 Rooivalk etc
  5. Depends which Jaaaaag* The Jaaaaaaaaaag* 1 had the HOT The Jaaaaaaaaaag* 2 had the TOW *as the Jaguar is also a swinger's car the "a" should be drawn out and inferred as sleazily as possible.
  6. T-62 / T-72 - Ed's idling sounds and requires more skill in its use. Challenger 2 - Crusty's Idling sounds and it looks like a hover tank Chieftain - 'cos its Chieftain. Honourable mentions M60 it looks like a tank very cold war era As close as we have to the M48 M1IP - fast nippy witha good gun T-55 - M60's foil
  7. Tank Action by David Render ISBN: 978-1-474-60328-7 Memoirs of a Tank Troop leader from D Day +4 up to 5 May 45 in Bremerhaven. (via Cloppenburg, Odd to see a cold war associated name pop up in a WW2 book, for me, really brought the 2 eras together, that one fed into the other.) The after word is pretty poignant.
  8. Hmm I wonder how they decide the order of the layers? I'd have gone VH Steel 16mm - 80mm Base - 50/100mm GRP - 20/80mm HC Steel mid layer - 50/100mm GRP - 20/80mm HC Steel inner layer - (5mm GRP Spall Liner - optional extra)
  9. LoL. Think about it. We're arguing* over an internet argument. * Well, discussing, but for the sake of irony.....
  10. A soldier active/retired can be prosecuted in most countries for revealing restricted tactical information. For Example: Try asking Mr Gibsonm for such tactical details on the Aus M1 or Herr Grenny for Tactical details on the Marder / Puma They'll both tell you "Um....No." WT and other forums members like to claim they're serving/former serving as they think it lends kudos to their claims. They may actually be serving members, but like I said if they reveal actual figures that have been classified, well, they're in a world of sh*t.
  11. CBRN is the new NBC As it was explained to me.... NBC core concept is to survive and fight within in a contaminated environment. CBRN core concept is to evacuate the contaminated zone first, then continue fighting. N = Nuclear, Big bang, lots of light, heat, avoiding Fallout etc R = Radiological, what are termed dirty bombs, spreading of radioactive material usuing conventonal explosives or if you wanted artillery shells. Edit: So anyway, I'm happy about this new feature development announcement It would certainly liven up the early coldwar scenarios where the soviet attack plan was "Nuke everythign in sight" Make for a good "What's left of NATO ground troops tries to hold back the Red advance" And rumours hint at other more "adding depth" features coming down the pipeline. But I'm looking forward to the new terrain engine, people who tried it have been impressed.
  12. Keep this thread going
  13. Could get confusing, you call Tovarishch Grenny and Tovarishch Ronin answers.....
  14. *Tovarisch Pretty sure Ronin/Grenny are the same person.