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  1. Ho-Ho-Ho! Release Notes are up.

    Download pretty fast. Installation worked like a charm. Thanks eSim Games!
  2. T-72 model template

  3. Why the price?

    I second that.
  4. Most aesthetically pleasing tank

    1. Leopard 1A5 2. Leopard 2 (up to A4) 3. M1A1 4. M1A2 5. Leopard 2A6
  5. SB Pro PE 4.010 Released

    Thanks, eSim!
  6. History of US Tanks.

    Outstanding post. Thank you!
  7. Skin Request (dejawolf...)

    Thanks, RogueSnake!
  8. M1 Abrams Sound Update

    Great! I Love it.
  9. SB Pro PE 4.0 - Discussion thread

    Now that is interesting!
  10. New maps in 4.0?

    Yes. Excellent indeed. That was my only doubt - if legacy maps would be converted. Thanks Ssnake, and all member of eSim staff. Well, this time you guys exceeded my expectations in a virtual stellar way. I'm really impressed with what I've seen. A big WOOAH!
  11. 3.027

    Thanks, ESim! Always delivering more than expected. :luxhello:
  12. The Beast - refilmed with SB

    Great! :thumbup:
  13. M1A1 Splash screens

    Hooah! :gun:
  14. M1A2 "Pimped" Woodland skin

    Excellent! Outstanding skin, Daskal! :thumbup: