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  1. would be great to have it proberly runned through... make sure it runs well before release..
  2. all challenger vehicles and the rest are now only olive green..
  3. it looks like some part of the alpha layer that still is visible
  4. none of the things seem to work for me sadly... still cant do full screen borderless cause then the screen is still then taking half of the ui cause i got 2 monitors and it apparently sets up for 2x4k monitors. if that makes sense
  5. the challenger 2 model havent been changed so that can be used.. as for the m1 i dont recall it being updated either uv wise... so that should be usable aswell..
  6. ill be there.. and maybe another fellow dane
  7. regarding the danes in afghanistan we had 1 where we lost a driver to an ied strike where the emergency hatch blew up into the driver, that was when we decided that underbelly armour was neccessery, but weve had loads of ied strikes on leopards there but most went back out after been repaired.. know we had a couple of chassis standing in bastion but think mainly they were there for spareparts..
  8. id say it depends on what model the leopard texture your thinking of using is based on... and as ssnake said... if the uv still fits it via the version of the game it was implemented since alot of the textures thats on the site still comes from 2.6 and lower might be an idea to clean up in the site for textures that is for the 3.0 and up to now. just an idea.
  9. mmm steelbeast with human sounds... would be mint.... i can say like a bomb... or like a gau/8
  10. the good thing about the bang bang thing is reloading is not neccessery..
  11. canadian leopard 2a4m

    Version 1.2


    here is the canadian 2a4m. recommend you drop all your files here needed in C:\Users\*yourprofile*\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods\textures\woodland\ca
  12. already made... just forgot to upload it... works for both the 2a4 and 2a6
  13. me on the left with my gunner... prepping it for test firing after it finally arrived a month late.
  14. yeah as kt said.. when using the different modes keep your spacebutton in or firing button in, till its fired all the rounds for that specific mode.. goes the same for point deep and of course wide.. the FCS turns the turret automaticly in widemode to make it do the spreading, so you dont have to, just keep the reticle in the center part of the infantry group.