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    near copenhagen
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    Armoured vehicles.. Particularly Tracked vehicles.

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  1. just remember nothing is made instantly... as the models take a while to make.. and if they also have other priorities first itll take even longer to do..
  2. so game or no game?
  3. no they have to be kept seperate... otherwise they transfer some bad TC genes over which will harm them later on in life..
  4. well we both see things differently in that regard at least.
  5. no im not why would i be kidding?.. plus i make stuff for it so..
  6. thats why i did it
  7. well you could pay the 4000 euros for the 1 year subscribtion for VBS3 17.2
  8. we always used to say a turret not moving means the gunner is sleeping
  9. the models will be done when they are done... as it doesnt take 2 days to make an interior model.
  10. right so that means there is alot of vehicles we cant use... but not worth talking about anyways..
  11. i dont know when the a1 had it but once we recieved the G3 model they all had the thermal system..
  12. bloody gunny cant reload fast.. work them arms...
  13. ssnake think the best way to say these things is... Its done when its done and ready..
  14. Version 1.0.0


    as Dejawolf so clearly said to me "you danified it" yes i have danified the damn thing... Comes with a woodland and Winter version.. so far no desert. maybe later. the file it self does include a normal which removes the x part on the doors. which i have removed so you can use it or not.. if you want to use that normal as part of your game, you have to go to "(yourdriveitsinstalledat):\SB Pro PE\textures\woodland\normals and replace the hmmwv.dds file thats in there by either rename the original to something or overwrite it. to install the textures it self here is the path to it. = C:\Users\"pcprofile"\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods\textures\woodland\dk
  15. its from open hede.. 16 i think or 15 along with some demonstrations during slagelse GHR open house.. plus the only leopard 1a5dks we have left are placed with the armoured veteran clubs... the rest have been sold to FFG a couple of years ago... where if i remember correct they were sold to chile.