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  1. we also need to realise who the main customer base is.. civis or military customers.. and what hardware they are having..
  2. well i did that in the report mode sry i miss wrote that... which is where i had the 36-39 fps
  3. i get between 36-39 fps.. while still being on the map. once back out looking at the vehicle it drops to between 27. and 30 fps (i7-5960X 3.00 GHz)
  4. you are unable to turn out as driver, on the leopard 1 biber. dont know if its possible to enable that again. as it was always a good reference when deploying the bridge to be able to see where you drove it up at. dk
  5. hello sander91 ill drop you a link to a little video i made.. a while ago.. plus if you need assistance or help understanding something regarding the cv9035DK/NL do feel free to ask, and i'll do my best to answer them for you.. best regards DK
  6. atm the m113g3 engineer unit has its barbwire located under its vehicle.. just as posted in the pic.. is it possible to get it moved to the basket instead as a standard location or? and this is the only engineer vehicle that has this bug. DK
  7. sry dark, volcano, and what not.. 17 sec still is too quick for towing.. unless you have a remote controlled tow bar..
  8. feels like attaching and detaching goes way to quickly these days.. less than 3 seconds.. dunno if its on purpose or not? dk
  9. thanks rotar... at least we got the issue sorted or will e
  10. well when i try to download 4.019 part 3 it downloads the 4.010 part 3 instead which unables me to install the newest version.. thought id let you know dk
  11. gibson there is also other ts servers than aussie one aswell.. no need to comment on everything just because someone from kanium offers other ppl to use the ts server for their training purposes..
  12. well at least the engine and hull is gonna be german otherwise wed see alot of reversing german tanks.
  13. id say reduce it abit.... but definetly great work....
  14. would be great to have it proberly runned through... make sure it runs well before release..
  15. all challenger vehicles and the rest are now only olive green..