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  1. 4.023 FASCAM FUBAR?

    where do u see the sarcasm?
  2. 4.023 FASCAM FUBAR?

    well we have been 3 ppl looking into this and all of us noticed the FASCAM placed on the ground.. both from blue and redfor side
  3. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    no one cares about the last 100 mils
  4. ive replicated this. yet i dont see the big issue unless you do a constant spam of ALT+F10/F11 that the only way that happened.. and as it doesnt feel like a game breaker at all
  5. Spintires Tank mods.

    and at least our 3d tracks looks better than that to be fair..
  6. CV-90/35 VIS bug

    the bug/feature is shown here...
  7. leopard 1a5 towing biber

    faith is nothing i have atm but yeah they still should be able to
  8. leopard 1a5 towing biber

    seems like the biber cant be towed by the leopard 1a5dk and leopard 1a5, which they should be higher weight lvl
  9. Regarding the CV9035dk/NL

    nice one looking forward to that.. and keep up the good work mate
  10. Regarding the CV9035dk/NL

    I like the idea of revisiting the 9035.. snake got any ideas on what the upgrade will include hehe.. Sry for asking
  11. nope, kept crashing. so we picked a different one
  12. 4.023 - MICLIC no longer detonates?

    think ive experienced that its more client sided regarding the explosion. that only the one using the miclic were able to see the explosion.
  13. dont think there has been an update to the cv9040 texture in a long time.. so all i can say is check out the textures in the skin section, thats all i can say
  14. lookinmg focking interesting id be there....