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    Armoured vehicles.. Particularly Tracked vehicles.

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  1. no the padlocks are missing detail... just kidding.. hope this helps you lot anyways no matter how fucked up i am
  2. sry about this im not trying to be a dick picker or nut tucker or what dark calls it, only trying to help out where i can with info and views to make the models better. leopard 2a4 loaders hatch smoothing error on the catch handles Leopard 2a5dk normals missing on the turret lod plus same error on the loaders hatch with smoothing group although this last one for dark is right up his alley under the loaders ring the textures have bolted textures whereas the bolts dont allign, (Bloody Joking here dark but ill post it for u anyways )
  3. but still a good video.. specially over a danish terrain
  4. M113a1dks advances towards an objective under cover from leopard 2s M113A1 DK trying to figure out if he can be bothered to cross an anti tank ditch or not
  5. I mean not even those fockers that i know from BI sim knew that but yeah vbs is a very good tool for that, like SB is a great tank training tool.. used it my self on the 9035
  6. i for one didnt know that denmark recieved vbs3 thats news to me nice one
  7. would be nice... need as much ref on it as posssible.
  8. why no pictures of the drivers interior as i need that atm
  9. live firing exercise in oskbolle with leopard 2a5dk s
  10. its hard to write them up really but if i have to. 1: Cv9035dk cause obviously since i drove that and know it by heart i love it. 2: Leopard 2a5dk cause an amazeballs tank to use and great maneuverbility 3: Marder cause its just an amazing vehicle.. soo low profile makes it great to hide with
  11. bmp-t is an insane ifv