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  1. Some of you sce.designers should write a book or two.Id buy it.
  2. Best music for PRE-combat ?

  3. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    I tbink a vulcan would be great.
  4. 4.023 hind helos wont engage

    yeah,it sucks.
  5. Video Thread

    Who knew? https://youtu.be/YiecixAsm8w
  6. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    this would be excellent,I mean you can do it with Vechicles.Why not grunts.
  7. Looks like a good comprimise.
  8. Then I guess the BTR 50 should do the trick. I would love to see the AAV in SB
  9. how about the TAM VCPC?atleast you dont have drive around in that Russian POS.Only holds 8 tho.
  10. Great job,looks quite interesting. Just out of curiosity could a force really land on the shore there without the Australian defenses being alerted?
  11. The Battle of the Bulge Movie 1965

    I believe Pitts was the only one with a brake.
  12. Ho-Ho-Ho! Release Notes are up.

    Unfortunately they still like swimming.
  13. The Riddle Thread