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  1. what were thode 2 small pins that were stuck on the end of the pin for.
  2. man this thread needs to come back big in 2017!
  3. 12'' o snow otw here...woohooo.backache anyone.
  4. can i get the pw?i dont change the mechanics of the sce,just the vech to represent diff timeframes.you can e mail me if you agree.thnx.
  5. just in time for the warm weather
  6. yeah i know,was just kiddin w/ him.
  7. c mon fix this,lol.and its pw protected.
  8. where is the media file in win 8.1?cant find it for the wav files. found em never mind
  9. where is the media file in win 8.1?cant find it for the wav files.
  10. what are the new ones called?
  11. Where can i get a set of Aussie camo tops and bottoms?
  12. That would be awesome!
  13. ok sounds good.any time frame on new engine.i think doing videos would be an excellent way to explain things in the manual.....a video manual,im more of a see it/show me person.