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  1. ok,makes sense.i thought it was a bug.its been awhile since ive been in the drivers seat,then i noticed this.
  2. ahhh ok,but even the SEP
  3. Hmmm it seems the M1(all variants) wont unbutton,other tanks do.Went to driver position and he wont unbutton.
  4. gotta be honest the first falling tank was cool,ala the A Team.Could you fire the gun?
  5. always thought BMD had a weak chin,i guess the slat armour(forget what they call it,if thats wrong)really makes a difference.
  6. i believe you can creep fwrd if you are in the drivers position.
  7. Didnt the US use that too,for a time being?
  8. what does it do?
  9. OK.I wonder if that is even legal,lol. offf topic,is tthere a new lighting engine in the new update.the sim looks great and so much more crisper.
  10. did you chip off a piece of the rock for home?
  11. NK blunts
  12. fixed,please delete.
  13. yes,but no one can tell you.we all know.
  14. i didnt know he worked on Star Trek!!!!!