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  1. wow,who would have figured a figure skater would put out a great sim!
  2. get the visibility mod and all the other mods too.
  3. sweet!
  4. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh man.
  5. Don't go thinking all crazy now, lol
  6. youll liike it
  7. id like to simulate a gas attk and be able to hv the crews go lvl 3 and stay buttoned up,and hv the dismounts simulate going to MOPP Lvl 3
  8. well yes,but you know what i mean.
  9. sounds good too.i hope there is a major Inf. overhaul coming soon.id also like to see the AI more aggressive and use suppressive fire more
  10. thanx
  11. where can i get this sce?
  12. Troops that shoot on the move.nothing like seeing a Batt. of T72s and Bmps emerge out of the smoke w troops a blazing from the hip.
  13. PSA

    Can.,they have some exceptional snipers.
  14. sorry that was 7 months,lost it.