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  1. I still curse it out constantly!
  2. I like the first one.but they both look good.
  3. Good read.will finish later.wonder if the US will ever adopt it.
  4. Soet of like what birds do when there is a hawk in the area.
  5. they have for sure,but no its time for the crunchies.
  6. Man i cant wait til esim fixes the grunts.
  7. I like it.
  8. id be nice to add an option to the dismounts so that when they are staring down the barrells of a 120mm,.50 cal and a 240 to just go for it and let loose with everything they have and/or charge the tank and throw a couple of grenades down the open hatches or a satchel charge on the deck or track,you know like a sticky bomb.
  9. thats a good idea,they should mount it behind the TCs cupola or even in the bustle rack on a mount that can rise and lower a foot or two.
  10. how can the TC see a damn thing w. that monstrosity in front of him?
  11. ''Even better: no weapon cleaning afterwards(ok ok...less cleaning) '' Dont forget about the drool.
  12. Version 4.10.1


    Large H2H sce.Set in winter 1987.US(M60A3 TTS)AB vs USSR(BMP-2)MRR.
  13. nice,i always have trouble with the Javelin.always forget what button to use,guess i dont use it enough.
  14. Merry Christmas from NJ (even worse).