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  1. Thanks! I'm glad you like 'em!
  2. (1280x1024 : 1280x960 : 1280x800)
  3. Thanks! I'll get around to the "E" when I get some free time.
  4. (1600x1200 : 1600x1000)
  5. My screens are intended to be used as either desktop wallpaper or splash screens, and they are definitely edited! The only exception would be my Armed Assault screens from "SimHQ: Military Monday's", but almost everything else is Photoshoped...
  6. I'll get around to the Leo next chance I get...
  7. (1280x1024 : 1280x960 : 1280x800)
  8. Thank you Daskal! That's exactly the type of info I was lookin' for!
  9. Fair enough. I did notice, however, that the sky textures use a different naming scheme. I don't plan to replace 'em yet, as they look pretty good, but I was wondering if maybe some of the other textures have become redundant or have been renamed as well. The new sounds are also top notch, so I don't plan to replace 'em just yet either, but if I did...
  10. So, Which mods still work and which mods are broken? I'm mostly interested in the texture mods, but any info is good info!
  11. I got the upgrade yesterday, but I'm just now gettin' around to installing it! I look forward to tryin' out all the new skins (Congo & Co.) and sounds (Daskal) once they start rollin' in!
  12. I would appreciate some input from our resident tankers. I'm settin' up a speech recognition profile for SB Pro PE, and I would like to use realistic verbal commands for the following: So, what I'm askin' for, is the real world equivalent for as many of the commands as possible. I know that some of the commands aren't verbal, as sometimes you communicate through other methods, but any input would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Thanks I'm glad you guys like 'em! I use Photoshop to post process the colors, and add filters such as Diffuse Glow and Film Grain. I aim for a cross between photo realism, and cinematography, and I feel it comes pretty close...