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  1. enigma Its been a while....I have a fair amount of rust to shake off and new stuff to learn but would be interested in taking part. Regards Paladin
  2. This looks like as a good a time to return to action as any...Will do my best to be there.
  3. Will be a bit before I jump back into TGIF. Considering my last installed version was 2.460 I have a great deal of stuff to catch up on.
  4. Hey Tacbat how ya been ? Yup its time for Paladin to return to the fray.
  5. Getting a response to a support question in a mater of hours as opposed to days of waiting is a rare thing these days.Another area where esim games excels.It was much appreciated. Regards Paladin ( Walt )
  6. Good games guy's...Thanks. Did manage to shack a little of the rust off !!!!!
  7. Anybody heard from SB's best recon officer (Stalin) ?
  8. Great old game...still have it and fire it up every once and a while
  9. Cr*P !!! where the h*ll did I put the keys to the CV90 ? If I can find them I will be there...hell will be there anyway.
  10. Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Well I am an American and seem to remember a rather short Corsican fellow owning most of Europe for a number of years.
  12. Hello Bard....been awhile (IL2) count me in
  13. Any news on this ?
  14. If I can remember/relearn what key does what bye Tuesday I will jump in if there is an open slot.
  15. Now where the H*ll is Stalin ? we would need our recon troop commander back if this comes to pass. As for help with missions I will do my best to help out.