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  1. Is there a tutorial as to how to best control OPFOR units. if "driving" a T72 or BMP how do you give it the command ot engage something that has appeared ahead of you? During MP games does everyone use "crewable" vehicles or are some controllnig the red non-crew types and if so what is best way to do so. Thanks!
  2. Looks fantastic Sir!!!! Can you please do one also with the square redcross as opposed to the roundel? Just as an alternative? I am still traveling japan on Business and my laptop does not have PS or I would be uploading too! Salute! yaty
  3. I LOVE YOU MAN!!!!! Work travels have kept me away from the old Photoshop but you did what I did not have the time to do! Thanks brother, and like I said all along- TEAMWORK gets things done around here! WOOT.
  4. Version 1.0


    An ASLAV skinned in USMC LAV Textures with or without KFOR markings
  5. Version 1.0


    US M113 Camo Pattern Late 90's with and without KFOR markings. Just rename file to M113 .bmp and dump in your mods/texture/woodland or whatever folder you like!
  6. Heya team CZ! I am a noob to the forums and just picked up the sim a month ago and let me tell you I am loving the immersion that your great skins add! I am a veteran FS painter and would love to take a whirl to add to the community. I was curious if you had the .psd skins for your desert hi-res M113's. I would LOVE to hook them up with a little woodland cammo. I hop ethis would not be too much an imposition. Again SALUTE!!!! USMC LAV CO YATYAS