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  1. 3-day of fun by participating with veteran armor association, where I am now a member. Residents of my old regiment - Jyske Dragon Regiment. http://picasaweb.google.dk/jcap59/AbenHede2010#
  2. Sorry Eisenschwein, cant say i now him, my days with Jydske Dragonregiment was in 1980-81 as a conscript as MotInf.
  3. A little video of the day's :
  4. A little TV-News video ( in danish ) http://www.tvsyd.dk/artikel/56718:Krudt--kugler-og-kampvogne
  5. More pictures - clik on galleri : http://www.jdrveteranpanser.dk/#forside.html
  6. Nice one !
  7. Nice find
  8. Yep: Leo2A5 DM53 = 1670 m/s, Penetration = 840 mm. Have Rheinmetall L44 120mm. Leo2E DM53 = 1800 m/s, Penetration = 920 mm. Have Rheinmetall L55 120mm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rheinmetall_120_mm_gun#Rheinmetall_L55_120mm
  9. Have seen it before - both with BRDM, BMP, BTR and BMD !
  10. Wants that you not have to pop your head out <q> of the tower as TC <F1> to use Art-Menu as it was before v2.370Beta - especially annoying under fire !!!
  11. Working on editing my old sceneryes up to v460 or above i have a problem ! When i set "Minimum light level" > 20% the vehicles slows down to a walking speed even at hard road's, at 0% you migth as well stay where you are and hope the vill come to you. Scenery: http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/24/p13_fileid/1237 Map: FT POLP LA 50km
  12. Thanks for the help, but did not solve the problem, as I see it night is useless when vehicles are moving at a speed below 10 km / h Putting Upgrade of. Sce on the shelved !
  13. To change mode for the gun use [ Page Up ] & [ Page Down ] And dont use "Dynamic Lead" It has "Automatic Dynamic Lead" as i now I know it so far until wee se a MANUAL Just Lase and wait a sek. or two before firing in "Moving" mode.
  14. I think Esim have to get the finger out , here is the real sound of CV9035DK and there is a big difference in sound compared with SB Pro PE. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJdRsE7QJ1g
  15. It should be mentioned that the 3 beers a day is part of the union agreement that Carlsberg now break's without debate, in addition, I can not recall that there have been no serious accidents due to beer but it can happen if the move is too high around the corner !
  16. Denmark :men_ani:
  17. There is a tree that grows in Africa, which annually produces some very juicy fruit, which contains a large amount of alcohol. Maruela fruit grows wild in South Africa. When it is ripened by the sun contains the same alcohol level as a beer. It is this fruit liqueur Amarula Cream is made. Since there is shortage of water when the fruit is ripe, while the tree provides shade, animals come in from here and there, to get shade from the heat and gorge themselves in the juicy fruits ... A fruit similar to a beer! :men_ani: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtPplZnPuMA
  18. Yep ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFGAr7ulQFA
  19. It say's it all ! http://vimeo.com/staffpicks#10100482
  20. I am a Hero, i think :men_ani: http://en.tackfilm.se/?id=1269461077407RA92
  21. A sweet little one ! http://vimeo.com/5622592
  22. A little video ( in danish ) that shows little about using Steel Beast in the Danish Armed Forces :men_ani: http://haeren.smugmug.com/Video/Video-2010/11383277_V82Dj#799857638_YFeNK-A-LB
  23. Did my best with "Google Translate" for some of the Video: :men_ani: The army has in early 2010 received upgraded tank simulator so you can now practice 6 Leopard 2 tank crews at a time it gives a greater efficiency in the training of tank crews. There is no doubt that the graphics have improved, the old graphics were state of the art 10 years ago but now the soilder play computer and the computer the soldiers play in their free time been plenty of much better and it makes the soldiers makes some other requirements for the simulation they suffer in their workingtime. The new software means that particular gunner and commander are presented is very lifelike, it is a very accurate picture you get and we may practice broadly all types of shooting at stationary and moving targets with all ammotionstypes and operation stages so the image they get is as close to reality, we can come to with regard to shoot, we can do it very well. One of the advantages is that you can practice and repeat prosedyre every time without it costing the box every time It is very carefully we can keep an eye on the smallest detail, the gunner aims a little wrong, say it wrong, press the wrong buttons and practice the 100 or 200 times to get it to work correctly so that when we shoot the live round have it accurate, and not wasting a live round.
  24. One of my friends have just for fun of it challenged a Chief Strategists at the Defense Akedemi to field a team against us who play Steel Beast as a hoppy. So maybe one day it will happen