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  1. New Steel Beasts version soon??

    Fellow members. i appreciate all answers to my question. To clarify. I have a CM dongle from an earlier version of SB. I would like to use it with the next version of SB version, after re-initializing it when making my purchase. If that is possible, great. If not, that's fine also. I wish all here a great and safe Summer.
  2. Possibly of general interest.

    I subscribe to a number of U.S. Defense Dept. newsletters. I thought some members, may find the article that I am providing the link to here. Of some interests. War game introduces early synthetic prototyping, which enables the Army to explore thousands more ideas than what is possible today
  3. As has happened in the past, for one reason or another. I lost all of the maps and scenarios I created. This time round, it was building a new rig. Before I start to reconstruct new maps and scenarios. I'm wondering if I should just wait for the next edition of Steel Beasts. Also, I have a CodeMeter Stick from SB Pro 3.023. Would I be able to reinitialize it, and use it with newer versions. Any thoughts and assistance with these questions would be much appreciated.
  4. Remembrance Day

    On this Remembrance Day, I would like to say my thoughts, are with all who are serving, have served and sacrificed. In the defense of Freedom and Peace.
  5. Up grades or patches??

    Thank you all for the info you provided. Thank you MAJ_Fubar for explaining what I called Cyclone fencing. :-) I'll try to remember to use that term in the future. Also, thank you for agreeing with me, that it would be a nice addition to the "line objects" menu. Ssnake knows that I always have a long wish list of items that I would like to be included in SB. The addition of Power lines was a welcome surprise some time ago. ;-)
  6. Up grades or patches??

    I'm wondering if there will be any Upgrades or patches coming to SB Pro 4.19 in the next few months. It would be nice to have some artillery effected mid to high buildings. Cyclone fencing, pipelines, train tunnels, and highway overpasses would be nice additions. Just sayin.. :-)
  7. Simple "Object" question.

    Thank you Ssnake I always appreciate it when you take time in your busy schedule. To assist me with my questions and little problems. Screen shots are things, like other computer tools, that I know of, but rarely or never use. Thanks for the info, and Bravo for a SB4.0 extremely well done!
  8. Simple "Object" question.

    Gentlemen, Thank you all for your responses, and info. I was really puzzled. Sorry, I'm not Tech savvy enough to do screen shots.
  9. Simple "Object" question.

    Gentlemen, I would appreciate knowing what Industrial object number 584 is. Also, I would like to congratulate the SB development team. On the really impressive number of new objects. They offer a lot of flexibility in designing scenarios. I particularly like the petrol fill up station objects. They are universal through out the world. ;-)
  10. Maps I created

    Thanks Sir. Unfortunately, I haven't been very proficient at applying old maps and scenarios I have created, to newer versions of SB. I appreciate your, and the members, help with those issues. ( L.M., Waterbury, CT. ) ;-)
  11. Maps I created

    If I understand correctly. The maps I created in SB 3.027, will not be transferable to 4.0. Also, I count myself lucky. That I had the vision to have one of my newer computers use 64 bit. ;-)
  12. Snow??

    Thank you Gibsonm, and Rotareneg! Your quick, concise, and informative advice, is greatly appreciated. I have been a Military game tinkerer, since the 1990's. I love creating my own scenarios, and pushing the limits of game editors, etc. I purchased SB in 2000, after reading a review, and it has been my gaming mainstay since. Once again, thank you for your help and kindness. I live in Connecticut, U.S.A. and snow is an important part of my environment , L.M., U.S. Army, Signal Corp., Ret.
  13. Snow??

    Gentlemen, I was watching the "SB Museum" videos on the Youtube channel. I noticed that the author created an environment with a lot ground snow. When I create maps from the SB inventory, and use the various "Winter" themes. In the menus, I get the standard menu options such as, "No snow on roads". I have trouble trying to provide actual ground snow cover. I would appreciate any advice on how to apply snow on the Winter maps I create. Much thanks in advance to anyone offering said advice.
  14. Maps I created

    Thanks RENEGADE-623 I'll check it out. On the face of it, I would say your info solves my problem. May all of your ops be victorious! ;-)
  15. Maps I created

    Fincastle, thank you for your assistance and advice. I realized after sending my post, that I didn't mention that I am using Windows 10. In the past I have been able to follow the instructions in the printed SB manual I purchased. I'll look at the PDF supplied with the download purchases now. enigma6584, thank you also for your reply. I don't go out of my way to use "administrator" mode on my computers. Tech Gurus, advise against using administrator in daily computer ops., and suggest creating sub accounts. Shame on me cause.. I don't. ;-)