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  1. ok, it was the track ir toggle keys, so I changed them to my Flight sim profile and works thanks for your help..
  2. when we leave the commander position, we can not get back into the position..We are stuck using the gunner, or observe F8.. Leopard I tank.
  3. worked...all working..
  4. it states full installer does this mean I need to uninstall the 4006?
  5. where do I put this?
  6. your California sales taxes is not correct. its at 7.5% and it seems to be charging %10, this is not correct California sales taxes.
  7. I think Matt "Wags" Wagner can take some well constructive criticism, on how to handle customer service from you sir. You are what all "Devs" should aspire to; on handling of customer relations. I salute you! ~
  8. Al I know is I wish, 777 Studios followed your same business model because such a small community we need to keep this kind of simming alive..
  9. Most post that are like this is because, "We are getting older and not younger!"
  10. this just got waaaayyy betterrrrr!!!!!!
  11. ok if so why only get 2x magnification I thought the sep had 3x?
  12. Ok but how do I use it in the range? as It is no longer in the vehicle list like it was before.
  13. so its not available to use?
  14. I was away for awhile do to win10 install and losing my stuff, reinstalled up 3.28 hotfix, If I remember right wasn't there a M1A2SEP in our list?
  15. make sure our smooth is turned up; this helps with head shaking; if your as old and shaky as me.:luxhello: