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  1. The BMP-3 would be cool, too (It's almost a tank).
  2. How about the M-48/GR/A5 MOLF.
  3. Along the lines of the FPS Gaming Vest; I think some kind of surround effects system would be more appropriate for SB. When your sim tank/AFV is destroyed, you get a jet of boiling water (annoying to be sure but not life threatening) from the direction of impact to simulate the effect of a jet of molten metal. Maybe it could be fine tuned to simulate a HEAT/HESH round where a jet of gravel rocks would hit you instead of real blast and spalling effects? Either way, it would leave a helluva mess for the wife to clean up!
  4. 1) Can the platoon be part of a larger AI unit as tank platoons rarely, if ever, operate independently? 2) Are all the sce submissions for Contest 1 available for download or will they be part of a future release of SB Pro?
  5. Very cool. I had not heard that you guys were working on that.
  6. I recently experienced a number of program lockups during MP. In every case it occurred when trying to access F8 view from an infantry unit which wasn’t mine. Very frustrating as I had to quit the game (usually in the early stages). I won’t be trying that anymore!
  7. And the winner of the "Best SB Video Producer of the Year" goes to........DASKAL! What would these awards be called; "The Beasties"?
  8. WP fine with me. If you need any more help with ORBATs or Soviet operational art just let me know.
  9. Version 1.0


    Blue force (M1s) attacks from multiple beach-heads and has an airmobile on call. Red (Leo2A5s) defend. Ammo updated. Well balanced challenged for Red & Blue. Suggest minimum of 4 Blue and 2 Red players
  10. Version 1.0


    Play alone or co-op. All playable SB tanks included. A good 10 minutes of furious shooting for MP competition.
  11. Yasou, 3Star! I had no idea as I just came back to this thread after a looong while. Great news about your new cousin; Na sou zisi! Our family is from Thess, too. A tradition of cavalry (great & grandfather) and then tanks (dad, uncle, cousin, me) but my brother is in SF. Drop me a line sometime; maroukis@yahoo.com Nick
  12. It was a great book; a non-stop read. You just couldn't make up this kind of stuff!