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  1. :luxhello:
  2. Interesting subject. 1. Do you really want things like this enforced? Why should the company be able to read or monitor my PM's? Private is not called 'private' for nothing. Then I am not sure eSim would be the entity here that would have to enforce it, not sure, but it might be in the user agreement somewhere. 2. On the other hand, bullying should never be allowed, be it in PM's or otherwise, so I guess if one feels that a PM was offensive is such a way that it really needs reporting, one could contact the moderating staff or owner of the boards in question. 3. Having that said, I would assume adults being able to settle things among themselves rather than cry out towards a 3rd party (again, of course depending on the severity)? 4. I feel there is no clear answer to this, but 'common sense' usually helps. 5. Another thing to keep in mind is the person receiving the report. It's extra work for them and I assume nobody is looking forward to reading through piles of crap just because two people have a beef. In which case 3 applies again IMO. And this applies to the open threads even more, at least I feel so.
  3. Thanks for the exclamation, Asid.
  4. Version 1.0


    Breach and Occupy is created in SB version 3.011. Its a small scenario featuring a platoon of Leo 2A5's and 2 platoons of CV9035-NL's. The scenario can be played SP or Co-op. NOT suitable for H2H play. The mission is intended to pose an interesting situation to new(er) commanders in SB Pro PE, where he or she needs to command and control a small force of multiple units, while at the same time the size of the mission is small enough. Hopefully preventing information overload. There is a fair bit of randomization built-in, along with a few surprises. It should play in between 1 or 2 hours.
  5. Thanks for posting the map! It's absolutely gorgeous and poses a pretty interesting and diverse terrain for all kinds of situations. I am definately going to play around on the map once I've finished my current mission in the ME.
  6. I can work on it again tomorrow. I'll see if I can get some screenshots up.
  7. The map is perfect! Thanks
  8. I have seen it in the maplist so I am pretty sure its in. Thanks for the recommendation, KT! I will check it out.
  9. It doesn't matter. As Lt_Default says; Kill em all! :gun: At least it would be an acceptable stop-gap measure to enable them to run, no?
  10. Hi guys, I am looking for a good map that I can use to create my own training scenarios. Ideally it would consist of various elements like one or more bigger settlements or cities, a few villages, rolling terrain as well as flat. And sufficient room to maneuver in between. The idea is to create scenarios where different tactical problems can be easily created on the same map. I would assume one of the real work training locations would do just fine, but as I have no real life military experience I was wondering which maps qualify or -if they do not come with the stock install of SB- where can I download the given map. Many thanks!
  11. Wouldn't it be possible to just swap the models to a generic infantry model for running? No new animation needed.
  12. Pretty interesting links Stanny. I also appreciate the explanation of the SA-11, Hedge. If Russia denies to have any ties with the rebels and Ukraine sees them as such (the rebels), why don't the international research crew get any military escort at the crash site, you think?
  13. We are awaiting confirmation about co-workers of my wife being on board and possibly collegues of my own... Condolences to everyone who is affected by this tragedy wherever they may call home.
  14. After being a little hesitant at first of going through the process of adding a new license to my Codemeter (had problems before), Asid helped me get everything sorted in a clear and patient manner the other day. Everything works fine! Now I need to find the time to get on with it more.