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  1. Game screen larger than monitor??

    Many thanks it worked What's with the grammar police comment??
  2. Game screen larger than monitor??

    Gee thanks????
  3. Game screen larger than monitor??

    Can anyone help - like an idiot I (noob) selected the largest screen size in options - looks good but all the info menu's etc are off the monitor. Heres the problem I am unable to access the enter button after I have selected a smaller size display - I did a re install but that did not work, can anyone help. I am running windows on a Imac 24 inch and it looks and runs great. you can answer to my email simon@simonharephotography.com
  4. SB on mac system

    Hi Tankers any of you playing SB on Apple mac system? Will be testing soon and wondering if any one been before me - it should work, right. S