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  1. Since purchasing SB Pro PE 10 years ago, I have played in solitary confinement, in a bubble if you will. I design all my own solitaire scenarios and use customized maps, with customized themes and terrains built to suit me. I have my own textures, many of which I have shared. I recently started replacing vegetation to spruce things up. I play only in the editor "test" mode as I constantly change the forces, weapons and AI routines to get endless play variation. On my maps there are no mishmash of road types that clash when overlaid and all the "painted" on streams are gone. I typically play company sized engagements with realistic force mixes representing Soviet, North Korean and Chinese forces verses US ARMY units circa 1979-1986. Are there others like me? I am hoping I can network with other like minded players and finally go head to head with someone. It would mean creating a dropbox to share the maps and scenarios and learning the whole client host routine but this is easy.
  2. Nation camo codes

    Thank you sir.
  3. Nation camo codes

    I looked in the manual, SB Wiki and searched "camouflage" in said manual but I have no idea what half of the nation codes are? Sure USSR and OPFOR are easy but how is one to know what IL or ET is?
  4. We love screenshots

    I redid my CH Combatstick card today.
  5. We love screenshots

    Having taken a round to the turret, Stan the driver goes outside to drop a deuce.
  6. Dual Monitor in SB Pro PE

    Thanks Gib. I am having some success but I still have to work out some things.
  7. Dual Monitor in SB Pro PE

    OK, I guess I will have to learn how to do a network session. Ten years and I have never played another human!
  8. Dual Monitor in SB Pro PE

    Thanks for the quick answer. So I run two instances, load the same scenario in the editor in each instance; play one and just use the other for the map? I have just tried this and its nice to have a map but I don't think I can run two windows for one instance correct?
  9. Dual Monitor in SB Pro PE

    Is there a way to utilize dual monitors in either the mission editor when testing or during a scenario? I swear I saw a clip of someone who had the 3D screen up during a mission and on a second monitor the terrain map?
  10. Almost 10 years since...

    Can you imagine how the sim will look in a another 10 years?
  11. Let's do some grass

    It is I, who has created the cool grass and yes they work splendidly .
  12. Let's do some grass

    Ssnake for a man who prides himself on his CS (customer service) you should know better than to talk over the heads of your consumers. I would like 100 words of WTF all the above means in layman terms. I looked it up on Google and got a migraine.
  13. Let's do some grass

    I was thinking of updating some of the foliage in the old sim. I have piles of it in my train sims that convert easily to .dds. Some textures need to be built as they contain textures for numerous shapes in the sim, but it's easy enough. I have a series of maps that I use that are of a western US feel, so I added some sagebrush to the mix of grasses.
  14. Something seems amiss here. From the driver's view I can get NVG views in the M901, M113A2 and M60A3. I have not figured out the exact sequence for any but "zooming" while in the driver's view, hitting the "TIS" button and "going up" in the hatch works, most of the time in the M60A3. Zooming from the closed hatch view of the M113 series and hitting "TIS" works also.
  15. SB does not detect CH Combatstick (FIXED)

    Programmed stick, added Enterpad back in and so far so good.