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Everything posted by dpabrams

  1. We call farting in your suit a "Dutch Oven".
  2. Will there be MRE farts in the fighting compartment?
  3. Ssnake, I will give you 50 big ones, that's US, to build 2-level fighting positions, with grenade sumps and piss tubes :).
  4. We need the audio of the guy at 3:20 who says, "Get some"!
  5. The M1's are good models but are showing their age. The M2/M3 and M2A1 and M3A1 are much needed.
  6. DarkA, If I sent you a M2A1 Bradley and a M1 would you upgrade those models also? Excellent work on the BRDM. Which program do you use? Pete
  7. LNL gave me more creative liberty with the counters and they look much more detailed than MBT's counters.
  8. That is a counter from Lock N' Load's Heroes of the Gap, for which I also did the counters, wrote some rules and play tested.
  9. OH hay! I did the counters for MBT.
  10. I am posting this as I believe there are several of us that are starting to dabble in this dark art. So for the first post I am looking to get the Leopard AS1 closer to the original Leopard 1A3. The rear turret basket is a bit of a mystery and is a separate texture that I have not been able to locate. Anyone know what texture it is? Thanks, Pete
  11. Good work Captain.
  12. Got my cow elk this week. We will survive the winter!
  13. Thanks base! Still working out some ghost shadows from shapes removed and the basket on the turret top that protected a wind sensor is cross mapped with hand grabs so it may have to stay. Dejawolf is helping me out and I am bugging him about kit bashing a real 1A3/4. I love my M1's, M60A3 and the 1A3/4 is number three on my list of fav Cold War tanks. Bundeswer has some neat gear.
  14. Getting there also with a 1A3.
  15. I cling to this.
  16. I have the new $1700.00 beast I bought up and running and I have once again gotten familiar with the sim. So much so that I have been going through my mods and started to update them for the models that have remained the same sine about 3.002. Of these models are the M1, M1A1, M1A1(HA) and my prized possession the IPM1. I long ago did the texture work for the dds files to include normals and speculars on the M1's. Only one more obsession remained and that was to delete the tarp in the bustle rack. With some help from Splash I have removed said tarp and will do so for the M1A1 and M1A1(HA) soon. So here you have the new look IPM1. I plan to eventually check and update the mods I did for the M901, FISTV and Bradley's to, although they work fine in 4.006. I need to allow for the models to use the in sim decals which previously I put on the model and required the user to add decals from the thermal view which was a pain. I will also check into removing some other parts of other models in a sort of "vismod" to get slightly different models. One that comes to mind is the Leopard AS1 mod I did to represent the Bundeswer Leopard 1A3. I will look into removing the turret rack extension for example. More to follow. Pete
  17. OK, with the help of Dejawolf I have made some real progress. The T-62 is about ready and I have done a winter skin. Pete
  18. Thanks Chris. The 1A3 is not perfect as the tool boxes and the cage around the wind sensor will have to stay. Main difference visually from a 3 to 4 are some sights for the most part. I would have to dig into the books for the real details.
  19. Working on a Leopard 1A3 from the AS1. Pete
  20. Getting somewhere on the Leopard 1A3 vizmod. It has not been easy and requires some magic as far as dds files go. Still have some ghost shadows that I can't get rid of yet. Pete
  21. I got real problems with the T-62 right now. For an unknown reason I have lost the timber and the tow cables on the model and I cannot figure it out.
  22. WOW! Guess I'll have to message some people directly.
  23. IPM1, M1A1 and M1A1(HA) have uploaded but not yet "UP".