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  1. *tinfoil hat 🧢 mounted* It’s the Asians dood. We started noticing all of this computer security stuff round’ about the same time Asian porn started gaining ground. Advertisers started making a crap ton of money off of Asian porn and computer chips are mostly made in Asian countries so you do the math. *tinfoil hat 🧢 removed*
  2. Probably a game made by loaders
  3. Well I, for one, am hoping for a Christmas release of the upgrade. At least it’s on my wish list, and yes Santa, I’m looking at you 😬
  4. So if I read this correctly the delta map is going to be new. Something that we can use to make small changes, like altering a road or tree line. A map feature accessed through the scenario editor?
  5. If that’s the case with maps regarding the terrain upgrade then it will be a pool of sorts. We get to choose a region of a specific map but we can’t alter it. A random battle generator may actually be possible now.
  6. Stupid question daskal but are those skins your work? If so looking forward to the upload
  7. I stand corrected The inclusion of that type of damage modeling would be awesome
  8. Yea I played all of the SFC stuff too, 1, 2, OP and the one I hated, 3. When I started playing with SFC1 it was 2000. I even have an original copy of starfleet battles as well, picked that up in the early 80’s. I’m just astonished at the immersion of Bridge Crew though. You can look everywhere and see the entire bridge. Look down, up, a full 360 through 360. And your using VR hands to interface with the environment. I just got hammered at the Kobayashi Maru scenario in the campaign. I’ve pre-ordered Doom for New Years eve so that should be a laugh with everyone
  9. There are no mods to this sim to achieve what you’re looking for. There are skins that can be used in place of the stock ones that ship with the game and there are some texture mods for fire, smoke and other visuals but there is nothing beyond that. Damage models don’t exist in ProPE for the vehicles other than smoke and fire rising from the dead unit and missing treads and the odd upside down turret laying on the ground beside a dead AFV.
  10. Not certain how many of you own a PS4 but Star Trek Bridge Crew is jaw dropping. It only plays with the VFR and the investment is pricey but it’s completey immersive. Just starting to get to the combat aspect and of course it doesn’t fall into the traditional “wargame” genre but the VR experience is something that has to be experienced to be believed. I was doubtful of VR at first but not anymore.
  11. Sorry Chief, didn't mean to alarm you. I was curious if it was possible. All objects have the .mrf file designation along with skins and I thought it mite be possible to simply move the files from the Terrasim folder over and bingo, I would be able to use some of the objects from a map that no one uses. My apologies
  12. Ok. Thanks Ssnake.
  13. Is it possible to copy the .mrf files, images in the desert and tis in the terrasim folder over into the corresponding folders in the normal PE directory and be able to place/ add these images into the map editor and or mission editor?
  14. M1A2SEP. Just enjoy it the most of all the tanks. The .05 is very handy. NZLAV Again, I simply enjoy the PC, it's easy on the eyes. APACHE What is understood doesn't need to be discussed