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  1. How soon? Want to remove those crazy mask over the face of the tank crew.
  2. I like the Split and Merge of scenario files now.
  3. Those pictures look dam nice, I've saved some of them on my desktop wallpaper.
  4. This may be a dumb question, I know that there is a 50+ page PDF that Ssnake is working on, will there be a SB Pro PE updated Manual that will be on sale at the same time that 4.0 goes on sale?
  5. Great news, unfortunately, I will be leaving next week for WARSIM training at Ft Leavenworth, KS. Seems with all their wisdom, they will move me to a new job, called "Work Cell Controller" either Maneuver or Fires, will be working with BN/CO troops during Warfighter Exercise instead of Brigade TOCs But enough of my trouble, I have my credit card ready, and will play it this weekend.
  6. Don't you have 2 machines I have three, counting my laptop
  7. That is so freaking awesome!
  8. Well dam, guess I will have to look harder when videos play instead of watching in awe
  9. Talking about decals and most likely off topic, but here goes, a long, long time ago, there was talk about to be able to have more then one decal for a vehicle, for example bumper numbers, A-33, A-34, and so on. Has that capability been added to 4.0?
  10. Can I ask what is the work around?
  11. Nimm mein Geld jetzt, bitte.
  12. Just dam freaking awesome.
  13. Thanks Mark, I was more concern with the AVLB MLC, is there any armor vehicles including the new armor over 60 tonnes, if not then there's nothing to worry about.
  14. Just wonder with all these new vehicles being added, will there be any new additional AVLBs, or is it just a waste of time worrying about blown bridges in a scenario?
  15. Is it my understanding that if the vehicles that was just shown don't have a pixel troop shown up on the hatch, means that those vehicles don't have them? Plus can I go ahead and just send you my money now before I spend it on something else :-) (I'll be on a Brigade Warfighter exercise at Camp Atterbury, IN during the month of June)