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Apocalypse 31

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  1. Sorry gents, I'm out this weekend.
  2. Great idea going here, and if possible, I think this would make a good compliment training session for Sunday sessions.
  3. Sure is. Thats @Gunslinger668 getting yelled at for not loading fast enough.
  4. There's a tradition around here when the new guy shoots at his own Co CDR... Looks like you're buying beers for the whole company :-) You can ask @Zaphod about that
  5. +1 on the sce, man! Great job. It's always a sign of a good sce when the designer is thrown off by the AI he scripted.
  6. 33 Players attending. Outstanding!
  7. So which platoon is it? Come see me in my office so we can chat about what other responsibilities my company commander is taking away from his BN CDR.
  8. Or people just don't want to subject themselves to the pain that is Steel Beasts Infantry? https://youtu.be/YNUC8Al0J9U
  9. echelon are organic and will not be changing. i also dont consider them combat power and sometimes forget to annotate them unless there is a change.
  10. WARNO 1 @Abaddon @Grenny Task Organization Change: TM A: 1/A 2/A 3/B TM B: 1/B 2/B 3/A
  11. Outstanding, much appreciated.
  12. @Volcano Regarding interior main gun fx. What is the differences in: i_120Maingun0 (?) i_120Maingun1 (?) i_120Maingun2 (Leopard 2)
  13. a full-company, combined arms assault on the last objective
  14. Suppressing fire as the infantry breaks through the hedges
  15. B2 creating a breach in the hedgerows for the infantry