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  1. Warning Order has been distributed to the C and D Commanders. Still need a FO (UAV controller, more importantly)
  2. I was planning on using C Co as our support force, with D SQDN as our Assault force.
  3. Still need a C CO CDR
  4. We are speaking different doctrinal languages neutralize – A tactical mission task that results in rendering enemy personnel or materiel incapable of interfering with a particular operation. defeat – A tactical mission task that occurs when an enemy force has temporarily or permanently lost the physical means or the will to fight destroy – A tactical mission task that physically renders an enemy force combat-ineffective until it is reconstituted
  5. Ok. Got it. The pumping station is merely a terrain feature, but that tank BN must be 'neutralized' - I'm assuming you mean destroyed? If you want the station seized, then it would be appropriate to assign that as a task.
  6. Just to clarify: which mission is it? Neutralize the tank BN or Seize the pumping station? terrain vs enemy focus - changes the plan drastically.
  7. There's nothing worse than the few people that police this thread telling others what is/is not allowed in a 'wish list'. I can only imagine the type of world we'd live in if everyone thought inside the box.
  8. I'll volunteer for BN CMD
  9. Yeah. The last time we tried this, the CO A didn't own his vehicle by default.
  10. ehhh. Be careful with this. We tried this for one of the mission you previously made, and it caused some problems.
  11. I'd also recommend giving the Iraq Army HMMWV's and MRAPs rather than BTRs. Maybe also lose the Taliban skin for ISIS.
  12. Re:Morality War is horrible, and horrible things happen in times of war. The effects of a sabot dart hitting a vehicle and turning the crew into pink mist is just as bad as (if not worse than) a 7.62 round to the skull at close range. With that being said, asymmetric and insurgent scenarios always appeal to me - maybe because of my personal experiences - but I generally find them difficult to pull-off in Steel Beasts - its more suited for general/combined arms maneuver. Good luck pulling it off, and I'll definitely try the scenario when its released. Also - @Splash We need modern Iraq Army skins!
  13. ugh, so unrealistic. literally unplayable.