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Apocalypse 31

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  1. Your engineers should be busy during this one.
  2. You realize that these are non-crewable, yeah? You can drive it around, but your ability to fire it is zilch, and good luck getting the AI to engage what you want.
  3. Just a heads up; 1st platoon are M1A2's, while 2nd and 3rd are LEO2A6
  4. The inevitable...oh well. If it's for the better, then I guess its a sacrifice that must be made.
  5. XO
  6. My rule for game purchasing is $1 = 1 minute of play. If I do not see myself pumping either 40, 60, or even 125 hours into a game, then I pass. I've been playing SB for 10 years, and I'm pretty sure I got my $205 worth many years ago. Same with ArmA III. Every penny has been a return investment for my personal enjoyment. I may have a different perspective on this, but for me, the term simulation refers to a verb rather than a noun. A simulation is a training tool and any piece of software can be used as a simulation. I know plenty of professionals that use off the shelf products in a simulation capacity, to train and educate others.
  7. I'll be there. Recon or wherever I'm needed - with the exception of Platoon leader. Do we need a BN CDR?
  8. Great fight today. Thanks to all the participants.
  9. Weather: Overcast, light drizzle TOWs: TOW-2
  10. Terrain isn't the problem, though. Whether it is fixed now or ...whenever (?), there will still be the issue of grass, rocks, debris and other 'stuff' that restricts LOS and prevents the infantry form engaging from the prone.
  11. But whats wrong with taking a knee in the open? Especially if it means actually seeing your target versus being obstructed?
  12. I think most of the LOS issues would be mitigated if infantry were able to shoot from a kneel. Grass and debris is always getting in the way.
  13. +1
  14. This is fantastic news. I had some frustrations during our Kanium session this past Sunday. I, as well as many others appreciate these efforts and look forward to the future. If you require any help during this process please feel free to pick my brain.