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Apocalypse 31

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  1. Any for PE users, specifically?
  2. Any word on a new/improved map editor?
  3. Follow up: You can also jump to medic vehicles
  4. @dejawolf Can we get a skin template for the CH-146? Didn't see it in the downloads section. Thank you
  5. I liked the Armored Fist hybrid approach - 2d interior but everything was clickable. Can't beat the real thing.
  6. Not sure If I can make it - would like to, but I voted for playable. The AI has a mind of its own - nothing more frustrating than seeing a friendly AI miss a vital opportunity to engage an enemy vehicle.
  7. +1 on this. I dont spend any time sitting inside the vehicle looking at the interior. I'm either on the gun, on the map, or outside of the vehicle. There's nothing that I need to see inside. I'm ok if there's a tradeoff of more playable vehicles with less interior fidelity.
  8. Great looking textures, as usual Splash. Looking forward to your multicam crewman uniform.
  9. Thus qualifying my sentiments on the importance of further developing the functionality of infantry in SB - merely letting players manually fire rifles and light AT weapons, much like LMGs, HMGs, ATGMs, and the AGL. The unfortunate reality is that you can only do so much with tanks, alone. The combined arms team is reality - and for a good reason.
  10. Awesome! Thank you! Can't wait for the next patch, .
  11. Just trying to pull information from you. Also - can we change the condition for C31? I want them to serve as a reserve platoon. I will directly control them, if necessary.
  12. In front of the obstacles? :-)
  13. The entire phase line? This is impossible - I cannot complete this task without an additional company of armor. Refine my orders to an objective area.