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  1. I thought you were rolling with Mech inf for this one?
  2. We had this same conversation a few weeks ago. The ASLAV-25 in SB can carry 2x dismounts. In the editor you can attach the missile teams to the vehicles, change their callsign to match the vehicles, then mount them.
  3. Looking at switching over individual units, not entire sides.
  4. I like it. Also - how about a "Switch Side If" to compliment the Surrender If feature that we have.
  5. Shot'Kal. Simple technology, accurate main gun, and pintle mount for 7.62mm or .50 caliber machine gun. It's slow speed means that scenario areas don't have to be very large, and its lack of thermals means closer, more intense engagements. Overall, a simple but fun machine that makes players focus on the basics of tanking. I hope we see the introduction of more older vehicles like this. NZLAV. Wheels, 25mm Bushmaster, pintle mounted 7.62 machine gun, and dismounts. Great vehicle for both conventional and unconventional themed scenarios. A quick vehicle that can get in and out of a bad situation and has just enough firepower to defend itself against light armor, or even the odds with some AT dismounts. I look forward to the addition of more wheeled vehicles, and I hope we can see an expansion on the AMV line with the 40mm variant. Infantry. I have my gripes with the lack of player control with Rifle Squads and Snipers, but I also absolutely love the way Steel Beasts manages it's infantry. In first/third person, an entire squad (up to 15-men) will follow your lead and stick with you. In map or overhead mode, the Squad goes exactly where you tell it to go. No other game manages Infantry like this; ArmA 3, sometimes referred to as an Infantry Simulator, doesn't even come close to the precision and ease of Infantry management that Steel Beasts has - it's AI will get lost and confused on even short simple movements. In terms of effectiveness, SB Infantry have become more effective and lethal throughout the years, particularly with the addition of playable crew served weapons, ATGMs, Automatic Grenade Launchers, Underslung Grenade Launchers, and mortars. A battlefield without Infantry is unrealistic, I'm glad eSim acknowledges this, and I can't wait to see more improvements and additions to the infantry in the future.
  6. In before the politics and Abrams/US haters come along... I was really hoping to see this at the Maneuver Conference this year, but didn't get a chance - just saw a bunch of unmanned vehicles.
    Overall, great first mission. Can't wait to see where you go next - maybe something for Sunday Kanium sessions. Sustains -A reasonable number of units for small cooperative or single play -Great location for a defense mission - terrain favored the defenders greatly, and there are no shortage of ambush positions. -Mechanized Infantry - Marders are fun, and those Milan teams saved my butt - Panzerfaust teams not so much, they froze-up the second they saw tanks. Improves -Default callsigns; default callsigns are hard to understand (they're backwards for US players) -Victory conditions; I had to go hunting to win the scenario, and I didn't achieve victory until I hunted and destroyed 2x BMPs that were towards the rear of the map (region south). Maybe set the victory conditions so that all AFV's destroyed within the blue area = win?
    As always, great work. Thanks for providing the skin.
  7. You can load dismounts into the ASLAV-25. The vehicle just doesn't come standard with them
  8. Id like to see a victim operated IED that doesnt require scripting...think an individual mine instead of a conditional IED
  9. This x100. Visual feedback for dismounts that are being suppressed would be amazing. The cowering animation from Combat Mission immediately comes to mind. Visual feedback would also alleviate the "why is my infantry not shooting" frustration. I'd also add that it would be nice to have another quality level for dismounts that makes them immune to suppressive fire - call it Fanatical or Suicidal.