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  1. Area of operations extends from Bara Kul, within the Baghlan Valley (west side of Baghlan Mountain Ridge) into the town of Banabrak
  2. We could always activate the reserve (B2) if we get more guys that want to play as MECH INF
  3. 2018 Sullivan Cup

    Troopers getting after it.
  4. 2018 Sullivan Cup

    Final Event and awards ceremony
  5. 2018 Sullivan Cup

    Still early.
    This is easily one of my favorite Steel Beasts scenarios. Simple and fun - great in cooperative mode, but also manageable in single player. The random scripting also adds replay value.
  6. 2018 Sullivan Cup

    Tank platoon demonstration from the opening day of the 2018 Sullivan Cup. I had a front row seat! Plan on going to a few more events this week. Edit - I'm not the best camera man. Every few seconds the camera starts to wander because I was too busy watching the event myself. Sorry!
  7. Wargames

    Even $1 seems high for 7 of those HexWar games. They look really bad.
  8. New WW2 Armour simulation.

    Game description on Steam: I have my own view on what is defined as a simulation. I'd rather use the term as a verb (ie, the act of simulating something), rather than a noun or adjective to describe software. Anything can be used to simulate something; Battlefield 4 can simulate squad tactics as much as Steel Beasts can simulate gunnery. Post Scriptum does look beautiful, just like Squad does (that Unreal engine is graphically pleasing). However, I don't see PS being much more detailed than Squad. In fact, PS looks like a mod for Squad - a game that has been in Alpha for almost three years.
  9. ArmA

    Operational Summary Week II Task Organization -HQ (Command & Recovery) -Team Anaconda (MGS, IFV, Infantry) -Team Bulldog (MGS, IFV, Infantry) Task Force Kanium conducted their second week of fighting within the Altis area of responsibility (AoR), this time fighting to extend their foothold at the Mazi beachhead, while continuing to clear enemy forces from the outskirts of Selakano, and fighting to seize key terrain within the Selakano Peninsula. During the last operation, Task Force Kanium conducted a simultaneous air and amphibious landing which allowed them to quickly establish a foothold on Altis, and secure the largest city in southeastern Altis. During this operation, Task Force Kanium continued to expand their beachhead by resuming offensive operations around Selakano; to clear enemy forces from the outskirts of Selakano and seize the critical infrastructure of the Selakano army base and airstrip. Week II objectives were (1) Selakano Base and (2) Selakano Airstrip. The plan called for Team Anaconda to seize Hill 92 (key terrain) that would allow them to provide Team Bravo with direct fire against enemy forces at both objectives. Simultaneously, Team Bulldog would conduct a flanking attack from the south to swiftly clear the base and the airstrip. The attack on Selakano base was initiated by Team Anaconda, who suffered heavy casualties as it attempted to seize Hill 92. Enemy forces were dug in on both objectives, and provided mutually supporting fires on Hill 92. Infantry forces from Team Anaconda held Hill 92 against constant enemy fire, and several enemy counterattacks from motorized and armored vehicles. With the conditions set, Team Bulldog launched their attack, first hitting the Selakano Base, where it fought through stiff resistance in the form of infantry supported by light armored vehicles, then continued north to attack the airstrip. During Team Bulldog’s attack on the airstrip, the enemy reinforced the objective with two platoons of infantry. Team Anaconda immediately moved into the objective, reinforcing Bulldog, and repelling the enemy counterattack then quickly establishing a defensive perimeter against any future attacks. The Task Force is currently established in a defense, vicinity Selakano Airbase, where it will defend until relieved.
  10. ArmA

    Kanium coop campaign: Operation Blue Skull - The Liberation of Altis http://www.kanium.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=115&t=4365 Operational Summary - Week I Operational Objectives Completed Seize Radio Tower (220053) Establish Beachhead and FOB Seize Selakano Task Force Kanium launched their initial entry operation to seize a foothold on southeastern Altis. This part of the operation began with an attack on an enemy communications outpost along the southeast shoreline to disrupt mission command and ended with the seizure and liberstion of Selakano (city). During this operation, light infantry forces from Task Force Kanium conducted an air insertion that allowed them to quickly seize a communications outpost in the south (1) while Light Armored Vehicles initiated an amphibious assault towards Green 1 Beach. During their foot march towards Green 1, dismounted forces made significant contact with elements from an enemy infantry Company, reinforced with light armor in vicinity of Mazi (2). Task Force LAV's conducted a contested amphibious assault then quickly regrouped with friendly infantry forces to destroy the enemy between Mazi and Selakano. Once Mazi was secured, Task Force Kanium received Headquarters personnel to establish FOB ALPHA. Task Force Kanium then seized Selakano (3) with its main body, while a light armored detachment fixed enemy forces at Selakano base, and prevented the reinforcement of Selakano city. WARNING ORDER - WEEK II Situation Task Force Kanium continues to expand its foothold in southeastern Altis. Enemy forces have been defeated in Selakano, but still retain a Mechanized Infantry Battalion (MIBN) that is capable of mounting a significant counter-attack (we anticipate the deployment of the MIBN reserve during an attack on Selakano Base or Airbase). During the last 96 hours, Task Force Kanium was successfull in establishing FOB ALPHA, which has enabled a stead flow of reinforcements and critical supplies to support future offensive operations. Mission Task Force Kanium conducts offensive operations to defeat enemy forces and enable freedom of movement for follow-on forces into the Altis Area of Responsibility (AOR). Execution Concept: This phase begins with the transfer of security from TF Kanium within Selakano and ends with FOB ALPHA re-established at the Selakano Airbase. During this phase, TF Kanium will conduct an attack across the western flank to clear enemy forces from the Selakano Base, Airbase, Feres, and the Ferest Outpost. Critical to this operation, is the seizure of the Selakano Airbase, which will allow Task Force to establish a forward arming and refueling point (FARP). Once secure, FOB ALPHA will be re-established at Selakano Airbase. Scheme: Within the next 96 hours, Task Force Kanium will be relieved of defense in Selakano then immediately begin generating combat power at FOB ALPHA. Once prepared, Task Force Kanium will conduct an attack along the western flank to seize Selakano Base, then continue to Selakano Airbase, Feres, and the Feres Outpost. Once Selakano Airbase has been seized, FOB ALPHA will redeploy and establish an air point of debarking (APOD) to support future operations and the arrival of close combat attack aviation. Service & Support All classes of supply will be available at FOB ALPHA. Unit maintenance and medical posts are co-located. Air MEDEVAC is located on USS Freedom, within the offshore Carrier Battle Group Command & Signals Succession of Command: K-66, A-1, B-1 Signals: FREQ 50: CMD NET FREQ 100: Team Anaconda FREQ 200: Team Bulldog
  11. This might be a good solution.
  12. Post the link. I always enjoy reading regs and policy. I don't understand if it's a Public Affairs thing (not sure how playing a video game can violate) or a PERSEC / OPSEC issue, in which case wouldn't make sense, since your are already providing indicators about your identity.
  13. Did you also tell them you use your first name, last name, military rank, Army branch, and location on these forms?
  14. To be fair, I have near 100 scenarios that I've built.