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  1. Wish: The ability to place military structures and objects (hesco walls, towers, tents, etc) in the mission editor rather than having to edit the map. This will be a much bigger deal if the new terrain engine is implemented.
  2. Battle of the Beasts by @Assassin 7 1. The Paderborn terrain provides such a great landscape of hills, valleys, and built-up areas. It really keeps the player on their toes, and also offers significant advantages for whichever side can occupy key terrain. 2. Objectives are sized and spaced perfectly, and offer a significant challenge. The secondary objectives are also highly engaging (secure a CIA agent and oversee his extraction via helicopter, destruction of enemy fuel trucks, etc) 3. The force structure includes tanks (M1/LEO mix) and PC's; the scenario requires coordination between the two to be truly successful. 4. The mixture of 1,2, and 3 all make this an engaging scenario that offers significant replay-ability and allows mission leaders tons of creativity. I've played this scenario at least a dozen times and its always been a great experience. Edit: +1 for this thread.
  3. Just tried it again. No luck. Could you just post the file here?
  4. When I try to download, the .Rar file is corrupt and cannot be opened.
  5. I'm looking forward to this. Thanks for the effort.
  6. @Stuart666 posted all 10 scenarios for Team Yankee for SB1 and @Crusty upgraded them to SB Pro PE. (Files: http://www.steelbeasts.com/files/file/46-team-yankee-missions/) I still have all 10 scenarios. Fun, although a bit outdated from 4.xx. I also posted a unit template for Team Yankee
  7. Sounds about right for anything related to Eagle Dynamics!
  8. Happy to hear this! I hope the team hasn't ruled out more player control over dismounts. -first person sights for rifles & LAW/RPG -shooting from the knee
  9. There are more aircraft in the Pro version than PE. And I'm pretty sure Ssnake said we weren't going to get thisc feature in the PE version. So, NO chance of seeing them.
  10. Totally agree! The PRO version lets users fly helicopters and use the weapons, and its pretty damn awesome.
  11. Pilot controls the rockets - they are fixed points and cannot be slaved . Gunner controls gun and missiles. Edit - Source: Family member requires 8 hours of sleep (pilot)
  12. Great scenario and had a blast. Thanks @Assassin 7!
  13. You're looking for round.wav
  14. Sounds like he got off easy then.
  15. What does this mean? What is the threshold for 'few differences' ? As long as we dont mess with the terrain? Adding/moving tree's, buildings, roads?