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  1. In DCS, the base game will have the models. Users without the modules just can't fly them. That's why DCS has been successful. They have 3rd party developers producing modules. If a module fails then it's no skin off the back of Eagle Dynamics. The risk is for the developers.
  2. Totally unsolvable, mate!😀 Just kidding. Solved in 100s of other games (DLC), including DCS, MS Flight Simulator, X Plane, IL-2, etc just to name a few.
  3. Good to hear. Thanks for the communication, and I hope that this can be sorted. When woke up this morning, I was in the largest, most active SB VU. As I go to bed, I now find that I'm in a large, active ArmA VU.
  4. Just to clarify.... The person who made the initial comment is NOT part of Kanium. Not sure why this blew up into a big ordeal.
  5. This is why SEVERAL games (Flashpoint Campaigns and JTS Squad Battles, in particular) will never be installed on my hard drive ever again. Both games were infuriating when it comes to combat resolution. In particular, the tutorial from JTS Squad Battles had a M1A1 against an Iraqi bunker - where over 10 HEAT rounds had no effect. No thanks!
  6. Unless we can raise $1 million, then good luck getting anything.
  7. But not really...
  8. Team callsigns, categorized as map callsigns (used in 3d world) do not recognize any text to the right of Map Icon.
  9. Sounds wishlist @Volcano LMG Audio: Looped .wav's vs Single-Shot .wav's M240, MG3, M60, RPK (actually PK): The single-shot, repeated .wav files (i.e - a_M240.wav and x_M240.wav) just don't sound as good [natural] as the looped .wav files - such as extcoaxloop.wav and extcoaxloopend.wav. You can tell its the same sound repeating over and over, whereas in real life the sound would fluctuate, change pitch and volume with natural factors. Wish we had looped .wav's for these weapons in-game so that they would sound more natural.
  10. Expanding the in-game AMV line to include the 30mm variant with ATGM - some more firepower for our wheeled vehicle collection Or just the AMV ATGM - filling a wheeled ATGM capability for in-game western units A light reconnaissance helicopter - would also fill out the in-game US Armored Cavalry Regiment set A light ground reconnaissance vehicle with some firepower -and another addition to Brit Kit
  11. Shooting the soldier that refuses to join the aircraft or vehicle doesn't seem to fix the bug either. Also - I have found that if you jump to a dismounting unit before it is 100% dismounted (not all personnel out of the vehicle) then you will screw their process and the vehicle will experience the bug.
  12. Had a ton of issues last night during the Kanium game. Both of my helicopters became bugged (flashing purple icon in 3d, where a LMG team leader refused to join the aircraft) The aircraft will not follow waypoints. Just gets stuck with the flashing icon and doors open. We also had the same issue with the XO LAV.
  13. http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php/Micro-UAV Just need to update the Wiki
  14. Again, not sure how other divisions do it, but the cadets we received were paired with their branch choices. As a company commander, I received a spreadhseet months before their arrival that included personal contact information and branch choices. The information that was listed as their branch choices wasn't always accurate, but that's a different story. On 2 occasions I received cadets that were not interested in branching combat arms. Even if you go to an ADA unit, there are still opportunities to lead and leadership lessons to be learned. Besides, there's no better welcome to the Army than being given a curve ball at your first introduction.
  15. Not sure on the broad policy. My Division Commander had a policy letter than mandated that the cadets were required to serve as Platoon Leaders during their summer training.