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  1. We took liberty of picking the elite crew for top slots. If you can't make it or want another spot let us know. I will be on opfor.
  2. You can take FO. I'll take what is free when we start
  3. DebugLog_1.txt
  4. DebugLog_2.txt
  5. I can take whatever. Leave the tanks to the tank boys 8)
  6. A new year and some stuff to improve again. Original mission had error that made server crash. Apoc had spare mission we could run. Yeah well, shit happens 8)
  7. Dalle if you want to take the plt then I have no problem with it. Let me know.
  8. MechBat PLT Missions

    Version 1.0.0


    Small series of Kanium missions. Coop finnish MechBat units in PLT size mission with AI scripts. Can be done solo or PLT training. Ranges from Leo2a6 to bmp2.
  9. I thought that sagger was well placed. Was surprised it got taken out so early. I am doing a us early 60-70 with m60 early and infantry with dragon etc.
  10. MechBat Attack on Tirwa

    Version 1.0.0


    Small MechBat force attacks old equipment near Tirva. 2A6 and BMP attacks defensive positions.
  11. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hajnl1akzeysb4r/Royal Canadians 1966 Game File v2_C1 rifle_10440_121816MAN-PC2004.aar?dl=0 thx for game and thx for a good kanium year. More new stuff to come. 8)
  12. Nice to see you again tjay. Getting to cold to fly? 😊