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  1. Canadian campaign. I need to know more of that 12alfa 😊
  2. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0EdgowK-fIsdE9iSW5tcHNiLUU aar
  3. Awesome. This makes it all worth it 😊👍
  4. You will find me in a BMP 2 somewhere with vodka bottle, kaviar and a dictionary...
  5. As said game is free for all to come. If you dont have access or dont want to go to kanium site then just show up on the evening and we will pick you up from there
  6. We will be skipping this Sunday but back next Sunday. Post will go up Monday with manning list etc
  7. All future kanium sunday games has ceased until we get clearification of whats going on. swords
  8. Our event here was deleted by mods? Was this a mistake? Can we plz have it up Again?
  9. The chieftain playable should be accessible I think. How much for that 😊. Don't think it sounds bad that amount
  10. So how much do we have to scrape together for a crewable chally 1 and chieftain?
  11. THX yours and 12 Alfa post clarifies some of my questions about SB map making
  12. What is need exactly by us to provide to you for new maps? Do you need map data or anything specific. And what does the map program do? Add roads or forrest or ? Plz help us map requesting people understand the process for making a map.
  13. Narva/ talin or sulwaki gap Baltic countries in particular
  14. I will be there. Might have to run before its over but will have server rdy to roll. Swords
  15. Glad that most had a good time on this. This was again a series of mishaps during planning phase that I have to look closer into. A restart makes me happy that my guys in A Coy could remember some of my previous plans. Nxt weeks games will be a tad smaller to try and get us in the right direction with regards to prevent planning phase mishaps. So stay tuned for nxt mission.