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  1. yeah 8) Some points: - Plz be on time. We always play the same time. Anyone can be late and we will pause and get you in. - We start PLT/COY planning 15 mins before game. If you want to be PLT lead and cant make it get you XO to help you.
  2. The Manning looks exceptionel good this time. KT mission is top of the line... New guys are as always welcome and will be taken care of 😊
  3. Well yeah. The Sunday one at 18 utc.
  4. We will take he later minute shuffling as they come. Looking forward to this evening 😊
  5. Well always in the field in Finland 😂
  6. If there are any fruther questions about this plz pm me and I can answer any questions
  7. If you are looking for a post already manned then don't hesitate to let us know. Many of us can take several vehicles. So if tank slots are filled plz let us know if you are a tanker or mech. We can always shuffle around 😊
  8. Finnish updated bmp 😊 (And I know it's beating a dead horse) - M/92 m113 support vehicle - light recon Jep with dismount team (gd240)
  9. I can only say just wait for the next couple missions in this line of missions. Both coys are engaged and from now on its in real time in terms of units, ammo and damage taken. ENY 2nd echelon is comming into play despite heavy losses. Time when a plt can sit and wait is over I would say 😊
  10. rgr thx
  11. yeah that seems to work. Is this a new change cause I loaded templates we used earlier version with a spanish cav/recon unit and they had mini uav at that time?
  12. I cant seem to get the mini UAV to launch Tried from a number of different option (cv90 dismounts, AO dismounts etc.) KT tested also but no luck. Can I get a confirmation if anyone have luck with launching? Swords
  13. Seen - CO post is yours. Standby for mail regarding orders and verbal brief
  14. No problem. We can all have bad connection