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  1. nice with the recording. Good to see thing from different perspectives.
  2. great! due to SnS connection problems I had to stop recording so no opfor on this one I am afraid
  3. Yeah a difficult day for the 21MRB. Due to 4th COY being delayed we lost the two important NAI 18-19 (I think it was) and had to give ground. Difficult weather did hurt our optics vs Thermals but managed to contain the attack despite losses. The ADV GUARD has been hurt but we are confident that our efforts have not been for nothing. Our 2nd echelon is entering the aor and will surely finish what we started 8)
  4. good game From 3rd plt view we had some nice hours. Long range gnnery and plt movement. Duck and Grim Works pretty good together. 8)
  5. So many recording I will be happy to sit back and just play this time. Happy to be in Kapy coy
  6. B31 for me. Also for the ifv crazy guys next week you will be back in the marder of joi once again to repel the red horde.
  7. throw it to duck 8) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0EdgowK-fIsVE9oeG91VVNQUVE
  8. Last Manning sort out will happen prior to game. I expect some last minute shuffle.
  9. AAR https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0EdgowK-fIsTmdzNFY3b3JLdWc
  10. Yes now we have danish equipment in sb that is from same era (centurion lol) . No I really need a good map for ops with landjut units. We have most of the units except the pnmk 92 for doing some non ifv action. Danish and all still 😊. I appreciate the response from all.
  11. Is it the same with the DK data? If so then I understand and will not bug you anymore 8) what are those prices? (If its publicly available)
  12. I am still hoping to get some area around Kiel channel and Landjut AOR. Are maps on hold until new software is released?
  13. Just wanna say awesome. I know the routing fucked it up but we had some knife fights with the t72. Close enough to Draw pistols and duke it out.