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  1. A true "Leoclerc"... and you might be surprised what KNDS made. :P

    Now they should mate a Leopard 2A7 turret on a Leclerc Serie XXI hull !!!!! Do it !
  2. Everything Leclerc

    Yeah the front hull thickness is a sensitive topic. Thank you for clearing that up about the turret traverse mechanism. On a french forum on the Leclerc i posted the same question and the only reply i got was this: "Oh my friend! We will not give out this information on this forum, data is sensitive to a new kid! Ask again when you have 500 messages to your name. " I had a hunch that i might ged BSed after no one bothered to reply to my post on 60+ page thread. Either way, I will not bother asking them again about anything. I am still wondering about the design and location of the gun elevation mechanism. DarkLabor's Leclerc model seems to show something interesting: The upper part of the object is bolted to the turret roof. Although i do not see any teeth on or gears attached to this "arc arm". I think this might just be because it was work in progress.
  3. Everything Leclerc

    That is somewhat odd. The turret traverse and gun elevation mechanism of the Leopard 2 was well known within 10 years of its introduction. I do not think the french would be so secretive after 26 years.
  4. Everything Leclerc

    To anyone that might know: 1) Where is the Leclerc's electric turret traverse mechanism located in the turret? 2) Where is the Leclerc's gun elevation mechanism located in the turret ? 3) How is the HL-60 gunner sight mechanically linked to the optics of the gunner? It seems the entire HL-60 sight moves with the gun up and down. 4) What is the diameter of the turret basket? The dark blue object behind the gunner and the yellow object behind the commander seem to have something to do with the turret travers. Where is the gun elevation mechanism?
  5. Everything Leclerc

  6. Everything Leclerc

  7. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    +playable Leclercs !
  8. Everything Leclerc

    Guys after looking at the following diagram and the other research i have done, I have come to the conclusion that the front hull thickness of the Leclerc Series of tanks is about 620-640 mm on average: The new values fall within the upper and lower limits of my previous estimate making me consider this estimate to be plausible.
  9. Everything Leclerc

    Does anyone know the approximate Leclerc LOS thickness of the front hull "beak" ? I am trying to figure it out but I get some conflicting results. Any feedback would be appreciated ! My estimate so far:
  10. History of US Tanks.

    Neat ! A question concerning the Abrams, am i right in the assumption that the US Abrams follows this special armor developmental cycle: US Army: M1 (1980 - Burlington 1) -> M1IP (1984 - Burlington 2) -> M1A1 (1986 - Burlington 2) -> M1A1 HA (1988 - Burlington2 + 1st gen. Heavy Armor Package) -> M1A2 early (1992 - Burlington 2 + 1st gen. Heavy Armor Package) -> M1A1 HA+ (1995 - 2nd gen. Heavy Armor Package) -> M1A2 (1995- 2nd gen. Heavy Armor Package) -> M1A2 SEP (2001 - 3rd gen. Heavy Armor Package). USMC: M1A1 HC (1990 - Burlington 2 + 1st gen. Heavy Armor Package) -> M1A1 HC (1995 - 2nd gen. Heavy Armor Package) -> M1A1 HC/FEP (2001 - 3rd gen. Heavy Armor Package)
  11. History of US Tanks.

    I had my doubts about earlier but i did not want to believe that it could be fake.
  12. History of US Tanks.

    So the chart is totally fake ?
  13. History of US Tanks.

    Wow! From where did you get the information that they exchanged information and that those were the values that they exchanged? Could it be that these values are actually frontal arc values and that they actual front values are actually higher? The Armed Forces Journal treated from 1989, before the end of the cold war, used practically identical values over the frontal arc: Figures from a CIA report: However these values were obtained, it seems the CIA considered these figures realistic enough to include them in their report.
  14. History of US Tanks.

    It was part of a presentation by R. Lindström, who works/worked for the Swedish FMV, that was maybe supposedly unwittlingy leaked.
  15. History of US Tanks.

    As far as i could see these are the supposed protection values for the "export" M1A2 variant not the US variant. I am getting the impression that the documents are legit.