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  1. For the 2006 Lebanon War we have (waronline.org): 1) 45 tanks were hit by 51 ATGMS or RPGs. 2) In 24 cases (47% of the number of hits) the HEAT warhead penetrated the tank's armor. 3) In 3 of those 24 cases the tank's ammunition exploded. 4) 5 tanks were total loses - 3 hits from ATGMs (one "Merkava" Mk.2, Mk.3 and Mk.4) and two from landmines (one "Merkava" Mk.2 and Mk.4). 5) 31 soldiers and/or personal KIA in tanks. 6) Another 4 soldier were also KIA (1 in a D9 bulldozer and 3 in a Puma Heavy APC).
  2. Tanks like the Merkava 2D, Merkava 3, Merkava 3 Baz, Merkava 3D would be nice too :3
  3. Crewable Merkava would be nice
  4. DM53 allegedly:
  5. Some Finnish "tank commander" and an unrelated German retired soldier told me that it was 900+ mm point-blank. I am surprised by this figure as well. I would expect the penetration of the DM 53 round to be around 750 - 850 mm for the L55.
  6. Rumor has it that the DM53 fired from the L55 can penetrate 900+ mm RHAe point-blank.
  7. Fully crewable Leclercs would be really nice
  8. NATO blunts
  9. Ssnake and Grenny, thank you for your replies. I was also under the impression that armor and armament specifics would not be in operational manuals, since this information would not be relevant for the proper operation of the vehicle. On another note, should i try to get my hands on one of the manuals ? I am really curious
  10. Hello Everyone, I heared from a Finnish "Leopard 2A6 commander" and another source that has access to the operation manuals of the Leopard 2A4,A5 and A6 that the L55 on the Leopard2A6 firing DM53 rounds can penetrate "900+ mm" of RHA. What do you guys think about this 900+ mm figure?
  11. I think they would rather get indignant about non-Estonians tanks being placed inside of Estonia.
  12. How dare those Russians place tanks near their border!
  13. Thank you Rotareneg and Ssnake for breaking it down for me!