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  1. Hello Everyone, I am trying to create a CAD model of the Leopard 2 (A0-A4) to determine the approximate mass of the empty Leopard 2 turret shell. According to Spielberger the empty turret shell weighs 8,9 metric tons. At first i thought this was the weight without the special armor inserts but i was told by a Polish colleague of mine that that was the weight with the special armor inserts. So right now i am trying to create a CAD model of the empty Leopard 2 turret shell to determine its approximate weight and in turn the weight of its special armor inserts. I am using reference images, schematics, measurements of the actual vehicle, official documents to generate the model. In the end, the model will be an approximation but i am still trying to be as accurate as i can be. Now i would need constructive criticism /feed back to correct the most obvious flaws in my model. I would greatly appreciate your imput. Thank you all in advance! Empty turret shell during assembly: Turret with special armor inserts: My model so far (a work in progress):
  2. RIP
  3. Did they give the weight of the vehicle also in metric units or just US imperial units ? Also i found this: Is this for an M1A2 or an M1A2 SEP ?
  4. I am very confused. I was under the impression that the weight of the M1A2 SEP V2 is 63.1 metric tons.
  5. 73 metric tons....
  6. 1. Leclerc 2. Leclerc 3. Leclerc but seriously: 1. Leclerc Serie 2 (T7) - can't wait for this baby to become fully crewable! <3 <3 <3 2. Merkava 2B - adorable <3 3. T-72B1 - I sympathize <3
  7. I don't care what any of you want to call it! For me those armor modules will be known as "Schadenfreudegeräte" from now on ! >_<
  8. Thank you very much! Would you know how to determine the penetrative ability of the 125 mm 3BM22 APFSDS-T. In the Steel Beasts Wiki it states the projectile penetrates roughly 440 mm RHAe at 0 km. Russian sources (Favonov) state that the round penetrates roughly 430 mm RHAe at 2 km. Is it realitic that a 1976 round would only lose around 10 mm of penetration at 2 km ? How much would it penetrate at 1.5 km? How much would a 115 mm 3BM28 (1978) penetrate at 1 km ? Its penetrative performance is rated around 380 mm at 2 km by Russian sorces and 460 mm at 0 km by the SB Wiki.
  9. Does the RHAe[mm] (Penetration) column represent the penetration depth at 0 m , 1000 m or 2000m ? I am somewhat confused since there is somewhat contradictory information out there.
  10. I was wondering what this was ? Is it part of the main fuel tank system? It seems to be placed in the lower front hull , below the composite armor package. Is the fuel tank system more or less one connected block as shown above? What is the thickness of the fuel tank in the area shown ? How long is the ammunition drum assembly ? I was thinking about 1100 -1200 mm. Driving simulator position
  11. Close enough. He is a WT forum member. I was having a conversation concering the Leopard 2 and he ended up stating that the Leopard 2A5/2A6 has a resistance of KE 1628mm and CE 2817mm. What makes me doubt this value; besides that it is absurdly high, is that he states values down to the millimeter. Who would bother ,even in a professionally prepared ballistics report, to give these values down down to millimeter? I would expect a range of values (e.g. 700 - 750 mm) representing an plausible estimate, since in these cases there will always be some kind of variance. He also stated that the combat weight of the Leopard 2A1, 2A4 and 2A6 is 53, 56 and 63 metric tons respectively according to his documents. As far as i know the Leopard 2A1 has a combat weight of about 55.15- 55.4 tons, the 2A4 56,5 tons and 2A6 around 61 tons. The other issues is that he states that one of the armor wedges of a Leopard 2A5/A6 weigh 3.25 metric tons. Looking at images from disassembled and labelled German and Dutch Leopard 2A6s, a wedge weighs between 500-600 kg. After some 3D modelling I determined A non-hollow steel wedge of the same size would weigh about 2.2 metric tons. He also stated that the DM53/63 can penetrate 900+ mm of armor point blank and that that the turret of a Leopard 2A5/A6 was penetrated using this ammunition. Weirdly enough, I had some other "former dutch soldier" also state the DM53 / DM63 can pen 900+ mm of armor. I am not totally sure whether or not to accept or dismiss anything this guy is saying. What do you guys think?
  12. A screenshot of his desktop he sent me: I also asked him about the weight of the wedge shape modules on a leopard 2A5/A6. I told him that i heard that they weight about 3 tons each. He replied saying that they weigh 3.25 tons each.
  13. Hello Everyone, what do you guys make of these comments from an former soldier that happens to have had access to the operational manuals of the Leopard 2A1, 2A4, and 2A6: " allright LEO 2A5/6 the real protection on the turret is listed: against CE 1628mm against HEAT 2817mm TOW2 missles can pen the turrent front by 20mm thats all im going to say. the Leo2A1-4 is way weaker" - former soldier He also said that the DM53/63 is able to penetrate 900+ mm of RHAe and that the turret of a Leopard 2A5/A6 was penetrated. Any educated guesses and/or feedback on what these comments could mean would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !