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  1. Thank you Rotareneg and Ssnake for breaking it down for me!
  2. I was under the impression that the M1A2SEP as well as all the other M1A1 store only 6 rounds in the hull. Why is it that in the SB version that there are 18 rounds stored in the turret and 24 rounds stored in the hull ? Is this a bug ?
  3. "You tried and failed, let me take over from here" or maybe "Let me finish what you have started"
  4. The following show an early effort back in 1978 to build a common French-German MBT. The Project was called Napoleon. It would have featured a German Leopard 2 hull mated to a French designed 120 mm gun turret.
  5. Would it be possible to add the infantry kills as well or would that entail a major effort that would not be worth it ?
  6. Leclerc S1, S2, SXXI Merkava 2D, 3D, 4, 4 Mem K2 T-72B T-90S Type 90 Type 10 BM Oplot
  7. My bad, i was not that sure what you had meant but now i understand. Thanks !
  8. but is the vehicle "destroyed" if the engine and main gun are destroyed ? How did the M1A1 above get destroyed ?
  9. I was also wondering about this. Maybe the entire crew was just incapacitated. I am not sure how thou.