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    Leclercville in Lecleria
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    Leclerc, AMX-56, Char Leclerc, Leclerc Serie 1, Leclerc Serie 2 , Leclerc Serie XXI, Leclerc,etc.
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    Leclerc (I dream of Leclercs each and every day)

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  1. Very informative and useful !
  2. looool
  3. Challenger 1 , Chieftain mk11, Marder 1A2, etc. would definitely be nice additions but we should not forget that an AMX 30B and AMX 30B2 would be nice as well !!
  4. Video starts at: 11:27
  5. There should be a Leopard 2A0-2A3 somewhere in there!
  6. As far as i know, only the AMX 30B2s are in storage depots. The regular AMX 30 B2s might have already been scrapped.
  7. précisément
  8. IIRC , on the replay it looked like the entire shell was intact bwfore detonating inside the fighting compartment. The hull roof under neaththe turret face is 20 mm thick so maybe shrapnel could have gotten in there somehow.