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  1. SB Pro and Voice Attack

    NOTE: for those not familiar with Voice Attack - it is very versatile PC voice control software created by a gamer for gamers. I use Voice Attack with Elite Dangerous all the time. It is especially useful when used with a HOTAS control system. Never have to touch the keyboard - ever. I'm thinking of building a profile for SB but figure some may already have done so. If so what is your experience with it and SB? Is it worth the effort to put a profile together (not hard - might take 30 minutes)? Does it add to the immersion factor. If I put one together it would primarily be for vocal commands the TC would issue to the gunner, driver and loader. What say you - what is your experience using VA with SB?
  2. Ammunition & Missile Effective Ranges?

    I could - but Wiki's are notoriously incorrect. Anyone can change them anytime. Hell I won a bet once doing just that - changed a wiki. Bet a guy and told him to look it up. He used wiki - I collected $20 and changed it back. Last I checked where I lived the schools won't allow students to use wiki as a source for papers they write. 3 daughters - didn't understand why - so when my middle daughter was writing a paper about Abraham Lincoln I changed the name of his wife to hers and told her to look up his wife's name on wiki. She did. She understood. I fixed it back to Mary Todd. My other two daughters never did get it. Wiki=Not Reliable That said: Dark Angel supplied the answer to my question.
  3. Ammunition & Missile Effective Ranges?

    That's really good to know. Feel pretty stupid for not figuring that out. Thanks.
  4. Looking for the effective ranges of the various anti-tank missiles in SB Pro PE. Can't find any info in the docs (probably not looking in the right place). Googled the ones I was interested in but - well - you ever seen the TV commercial about the French Male Model? Just because it's on the internet doesn't make it true. Is there a source recommended by the SB community as reliable and that matches the specs in SB (one wonders why they aren't shown when one chooses the ammo or unit).
  5. Picking your fight?

    That's a very interesting question - especially when you mentioned no IR on 70's NATO armor. My take on your question is that - as you alluded to - when operations take place and in what kind of weather is entirely dependent on the equipment available. In the early 70's I served in a US Tank Battalion on M60A1's. On our vehicles we had a rather large search light that could switch between white light and IR use. We also had a primitive IR GPS sight for the gunner. We also had IR headlights for use at night but the driver's IR periscope, much like the gunners sight sucked. Neither the gunner nor the driver's sights worked very well and when they did it sucked so bad that it might as well not have worked at all. I don't ever remember firing the main gun on a range at night using the IR searchlight (another tank always illuminated your target) though we did practice with the white light a couple of times a year. That said: In 3 years I can remember only one of many training operations that we participated in where we fought at night. We moved at night a lot but we didn't train to fight at night during any training exercise except the one time. So the answer to your question is - based on how the unit I served in trained - US Armor in the early 70's would have maneuvered at night and regularly planned for it regardless of the weather but not planned at all to fight at night unless absolutely forced to. Battles would be fought at dawn or later assuming forecasted visibilty at fighting ranges was going to be available and a lot of effort would have been put into that. Here's something else that you might find interesting. We were all in agreement that if the balloon ever did go up that our searchlights would probably fail quite a bit and not work. You see when you lit one up at night it could be seen from miles around. If bullets and sabot were flying and you lit your searchlight up at night you might as well just bend over and kiss your - well you know - goodbye 'cuz all you would be doin' would be announcing to every enemy tank around that you were available to be shot and were happy to point your self out so they could do it.
  6. Credits Music

    Ummmmm... Isn't that the whole point?
  7. Credits Music

    Whoa! I ended up switching the music to Braveheart's "Attack on Muron". I'm hear (pun intended) to tell you that it changes the whole experience watching the slide show. Gave me chills. Amazing ambiance. Amazing how just changing the music makes that slide show so much better.
  8. Credits Music

    Thanks... I'll do that... I tried that prior to asking but replaced it with an mp3 which didn't work. Will try a wav. I think probably "Ride of the Valkyries" would go nice with the end game pics.
  9. Credits Music

    Is there any way to replace the credits music with something else when SB shuts down. I really enjoy the pictures but after - what - 11 or 12 years that music is finally getting on my nerves. Gettin' old I guess.
  10. What are acceptable losses?

    I've read a lot of military history. A lot! My perception/opinion based on that (and historians tend to write to their perceptions) is that when a unit in battle takes 25% or more casualties (wounded and killed) it's ability to continue to fight effectively starts to become impaired not only due to losses but also due to the morale impact of men seeing their friends killed, maimed and wounded. At 50% they are next to useless (all they want to do by they point is GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE!). My perception is that the 25% varies depending on the training and experience of the unit. There are many historically documented exceptions - key word exceptions! The spartans (those guys were just plain unreal) and the Iron Brigade of the US Army in the American Civil War come immediately to mind. Take this post with a grain of salt - I'm a bit buzzed right now.
  11. ETA on terrain patch?

    To whomever thought of us C drive SSD users and making it possible to put the maps else where (my E drive comes to mind for me - fastest - almost empty and a full terrabyte)... Thankyou! THANKYOU! THANKYOU!
  12. Joystick Y axis is woking Backwards...

    Thanks for the heads up on shift-J. I still can't find it in the list of controls though - maybe just mind blocking it. I can see me fat fingering and setting shift J - probably did that somehow and inverted the darn thing.
  13. Pull back on the stick and the reticle goes down. That was wierd and NOT right. Pull back and it should go up. Works right on all three of my flight sims and the cal routines show pulling back is up and pushing forward is down. Searched a bit but couldn't find an invert Y axis button (which shouldn't have to use anyway - fwd is down and back is up - normally). So somehow some thing got switched in SB. Any ideas how to get it to work right? Using Saitek X-52 PRO.
  14. INF Missile Team AI will not Fire Missiles

    I am aware of that. Except when I select the unit options optional weapon doesn't seem to be one of the options. I'll look again - maybe I've still got my head up where the sun don't shine. EDIT to ADD: I think I'll just rent an apartment up there. Found optional weapons (all the way at the bottom of the list) - that worked.
  15. INF Missile Team AI will not Fire Missiles

    They were LEO 1A5's. Didn't know about the perceived armor thing. Makes sense - why waste a missile if it isn't even gonna scratch the paint. That said: I found the HTML logs for the scenarios (that's a cool feature I had no idea about). Turns out it was me with his head up his rear. Teams all had Dragon 2's assigned with max range of 1500m. Tanks stopped at 1838m so out of range. For some reason I assumed the missile teams for blue had TOW's (they used to - probably a long time ago - not now it seems). What's worse I can't seem to find any man packed TOW's - that system existed when I was in the US Army - 71 to 74 - is it gone now?) Anyway I'm going to reload the test scenario up and see if I can find a man pack ATM with a bit more punch than a dragon and a lot more range. Don't really want to use a vehicle in this setup as I'm basing the battle on one in the Larry Bond book Cauldron.