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  1. StKpPzBrig18 , thank you. we look after you
  2. from 3Reg_Tizona, R14 please, recon. Thank you
  3. I would like to have a M60A3TTS, if possible near Furia. I´m Spanish and it would be easier. Thanks. 28th August its my "virtual birthday" in SB community, 8 years, I'll bring cakes
  4. Ok thanks I proves this solution:)
  5. The same problem with pizarro units in multiplayer
  6. Ok i will be in NBG, but... Near To Tacom
  7. Can you sign up near of Tacom, it's for my bad english level. I hope in one year or two I can understand you :clin:
  8. Hello, could you signme up with Tacom (4E), thanks
  9. Great pack, last night the 3er Tizona played the winter mission. Can you put the Leopardo 2E into the pack? We would appreciate. Thanks Zipuli
  10. But I think they missed the shot. :biggrin::biggrin: Now seriously, I will scared if I am the enemy, great video
  11. Great video, but the best is the experience of the LNT. The 3er Tizona will be there
  12. Oh! Sorry I do not read the first post of this. I'm very interested in this, thanks for your work also fidelthefallguy . in any case, the game it's better with this And I hope the version 1.56 with much interest fidelthefallguy
  13. All work fine now, thank you Pak1979. It is really an incredible mod.