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  1. Debating the merits of biying the upgrade to 3.028. I dont usually play this online andso v2.483 where I now am may be good enough for now. IIRC v4 will bring a new grafix engine and I may wait for that before spending $.
  2. Okay thanks fellas, looking into it.
  3. Hi Brothers, What is the latest free update to this version please. Getting back into it and my install cd is from 2009. Cheers.
  4. This was the issue for me as well. Thanks.
  5. Shermans were designed to be medium tanks on purpose so many more could be mass produced, borrowing from the Soviet philosophy that quantity has it own quality.
  6. Do I understand correctly? I just install this beta over top of my existing 3.x version? I dont have to update the codemeter license etc?
  7. No, it is not, agreed. Just another tool in the chest, sir.
  8. Perhaps in some cases, however tactical radar (eg F16/F18) has a GMT option (Ground Moving Targets) that can pick out moving from stationary. When slaved to a targeting pod (eg Sniper) a pilot can clearly id the target and execute a stand-off attack.
  9. Having trouble sifting them out form all the downloads, anyone got some? Cheers
  10. That's a fact. On the other hand, the F16s and A10Cs also forced the real tanks to spend more time hiding and living in fear.
  11. *F16s dont need to avoid interceptors, but will often have F15s or other F16s flying cover *SEAD support will suppress (hopefully) OPFOR AD *IR targetting pods and ground radar will locate the tanks, along with JSTARs and FACs (all simulated in FBMS) **ergo tanks are targets Dont get me wrong, still love tank sims.
  12. Got it, cheers
  13. Is there any documentation on use of the M1A2 in SB?
  14. As one who flies tactical aircraft alot in sims (mainly the uber hardcore FalconBMS F16 but also the DCS A10C)... In either jet my preferred weapon is the stand-off Maverick D (IR) missile, or CBU97s from close in. Im here to tell you there aint no defense for a tank against this threat. Just pray.
  15. You fellas have a website?