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  1. Superbowl 2018 riot

  2. Yeah having now seen those other FMs, I agree the Fm15 is a much better read.
  3. I have the pdf and it's excellent but has it been superceded? Cheers.
  4. Voice Attack profile

    Got it, cheers brother, will try and advise.
  5. Voice Attack profile

    Anybody have any please? Cheers!
  6. eARMOUR Homepage

    Awesome link, cheers.
  7. Where to find a copy now?
  8. Alsways fun to make fun of the airforce

    Except when they're packing Mavericks and CBU-97s.
  9. Use of 50 Cal on M1A1

    Well I *DO* have M1TP2 installed and running so that could be so, I will check that and advise. Cheers...Im 52 andso my memory fails me at times...
  10. Use of 50 Cal on M1A1

    Because thats why forums exist, brother. And I could have sworn that in times past, maybe even SB1 (which I have) that the TC when up top could directly control that 50 cal. Heck of alot easier to see and use the weapon when unbuttoned.
  11. Use of 50 Cal on M1A1

    So is there no way to directly operate the roof mounted 50 cal?
  12. Learning the game the hard way :)

    Just read this thread, excellent discussion though I have nothing to add.
  13. Request sitrep on you fellow Canadians...still active? I am updating to latest version soon and will seek online play.
  14. Video Card Recommendation

    Correct me if Im wrong but a major impediment for you updating the grafix is the corporate users needing to upgrade their extensive hardware eg the USA?
  15. The Christmas War

    Cheers brother will try it and advise.