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  1. Bekibekibekistan (3.025)

    Version 1.0


    Bekibekibekistan terrain file using the 29 Palms height map
  2. Strv 122 decals ?

    paahh! thanks
  3. Strv 122 decals ?

    Can anyone help me locate the Stvr 122 decals? I'm using it in z desert scenario cannot skin it as there is a number on the turret that I cannot locate where it's file is? Thanks
  4. Edited missions will not load

    Another issue with this scenario was I could not load a custumer map, for some reason when I tryed it would just flicker and revert back to blank. Some maps would load not others.
  5. Edited missions will not load

    Unfortunaly it happened again, guess I'm just going to have to wait until the update ...sigh
  6. Edited missions will not load

    fantastic guys! thanks most appreciated, will try it out as soon as i can and let you know.
  7. Edited missions will not load

    roger that, no the auto save files are the same! it just loads blank? file zipped and attached US Entry into North Iran.rar
  8. Edited missions will not load

    horror of horrors!! you spend two days editing a mission then at some point it crashes and it wont load again. its happened twice in a row and im about done with this!!:mad3: attached mission file can anyone let me know what might be going wrong thanks, damn wont attach file...despair...
  9. repeated crash log translation

    so went back to the last saved copy that worked added 3 more spawn points for a civi population and CTD again now unable to load scenario. i seem to be limited to 4 spawn points beyond which it all goes horribly wrong. spent almost all day on this one scenario and go nowhere...done
  10. repeated crash log translation

    honestly i dont know what is and is not the problem everything seems to be all to eager to CTD at the first chance.
  11. repeated crash log translation

    yer auto save is hard at it but still crashing. also noted i can only load the auto saved versions. the original file loads blank no map
  12. trying to build a scenario using civi pop and spawn town populations but spent all day with nothing but CTD, attached the logs could anyone let me know what they actually say thanks debugLog.txt
  13. Nav Mesh and Path Finding

    Vehicles behave better but three or more vehicles and if its tight streets things tend to go pear shaped, but I have not had the time to really delve into this in a substantial way as of yet. Yet I see improvements with the limited tests I have run. Tried the Nav mesh on a town map and used a 6 man infantry unit in march route through the town, within 5 min the inf where all over the place stuck behind buildings between walls and telegraph poles etc. until we can put inf into some sort of column or file formation I don’t see this improving. but as far as i can see Navmesh is just an aid to laying routes not helping AI units to avoid objects and holes once moving.
  14. Before I start with the issues from what I have had a chance to see looks amazing, thanks guys. Specs: Windows 7 pro 1366 x 768 res, 32 system, Intel core i5-3320 2.60GHz, 2 cores, 6.2GBs memory, Intel HD Graphics 4000. First thing I found trying to use the visibility sliding bar or light levels is that nothing changes until I reach 43% then it suddenly jumps to a band of lighter sky around the horizon but the sky above this band stays black and If I move the slider all the way to full brightness the sky above a certain altitude remains black? Also, I use to be able to double click on a unit to jump to that unit, now it takes me to a single soldier and the sky is a strange negative effect above a set altitude similar to above? any come back or ideas? thanks
  15. In this case it’s a wide valley with the village of Kohistan and a few other settlements along a central road that follows the river valley through a green zone and farm land. Two sets of mountains dominate the ground west and east.