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  1. So it is cancelled? Real life first of course. I hope I can find another chance to join one fo your sesions.
  2. Usually this hour of the day is almost impossible for me but next Thursday I have holidays so I will try to join the event. Will visit the site and I will try to gather as much info as possible before the meeting.
  3. Create your scenario. Go to options and select ony available view is Tank Commander. For a single platoon. Separate all vehicles of the platoon , let the one with the human as human controlled and the other 3 make them as computer controlled but after this place them back together again into the human controlled platoon For a fiull company I am not 100% sure since I am on holidays away from my PC and I cannot test it, but I think that if you place the human player in a separated CO/A vehicle if the rest of the Alpha Company vehicles are Computer Controlled, the CO/A can still give them routes or commands in the map. Worth to try.
  4. If you need someone else to find and iluminate a target to lob a misile there you do not need a 65 ton tank to do the delivery, simpler an more flexible platforms can launch a missile from an stand off possition that do not require a 4 men crew and complex heavy tank. A simple Humvee can launch those missiles from a safe stand off possition while "someone else" iluminates the target Obviously for firing an artllery round you need an artillery tube, but for firing missiles, you do not "need" a tank. Regarding its implementation in Steel Beasts, considering that E-simgames usually only models vehicles and ammunitions when they have reliable and suficient data and documents regarding the subject and considering those are not available for the LAHAT and the fire control system that suposedely would be used for firing and guiding that missile I would not expect this to be "creatively implemented" in SB. Not to mention that no military customer has any need of the implementation of such missile in SB...as far as I may gues.
  5. While I see the big advantage of ATGM as Spike or Javelin that have a Fire and forget and Top down attack capabilities, I fail to see how the LAHAT as it was designed could offer better than those missiles. Most tanks would never have the chance to see targets at 8k unless a really realli flat terrain and very favourable visibility conditions. Said this even steering a missile using the gun sight at 8 km and being able to hit a maneuvering target is not a easy feat. Regarding hitting helicopters, well just try it in game with a moving helo using a TOW, MILAN ect. Not really easy If it is static and hovering it is no problem but hovering helicopters are easy targets for any weapon in range. I do not say that LAHAT it is a bad idea but unless it implements features such the Spike or Javelin fire and forget and top down attack or I do not see this like a really big advantage. In thie other hand we have to start thinking that we do need more "affordable" ammunitions. Because not all tank targets would be highly expensive objetives. As it was discovered during the Gulf War, destroying old trucks with very very expensive AGM-65 MAvericks or Hellfires was not a good idea. You may ran out uf money before the enemy rans out of trucks, Technicals ect. The actual modern tank rounds are not really very cheap and sometimes the targets are less worth than the ammo cost. Cost is also a factor to consider into the "overall value" of a weapon system or ammunition.
  6. This time I cannot make it, I am on hollidays away from home. Have fun. Will be looking for the debriefing on that
  7. Thanks for the mision Grenny. Was intense and I had enjoyed it a lot.
  8. Nice video Mirzayev. Helps me to remeber that very intense combat
  9. About to start with this one in my Kindle. With an M-60 on front page I simply could not resist And it will be followed by this one
  10. interesting indeed ChrisWerb. Apparently the new vehicles have a lower hull thermal signature tham older ones.