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  1. If available C31, C32 and C33 for Furia, Lipe and Colebrook. Thanks!
  2. The 3 Reg Tizona would like to take B3 Mech Infantry Platoon. Initially we have confirmed 2 guys (Furia and Lipe) but that may change to 3 or 4. Do the Marder dismounts have Milan ATGM?
  3. I would take one M1A2 SEP . This time it is only me from the 3Reg Tizona. Rest of our guy are not available this weekend.
  4. Thx for the info Major duck. You can remove the "maybe" on our platoon manning list. All 3 members of the 3 Reg Tizona are present and accounted for The "Spanish" platoon is ready to roll
  5. Hi. I would like to ask what kind of dismounts would the CV-90 carry? Default? ATGM?
  6. Can you please reserve 3 vehicles in B-3 for 3 guys from the 3 Reg Tizona? (Furia, Lipe and Emil ) Thanks
  7. Just finished MARINE CORPS Tank Battles in the MIddle East and I can just highly recommend it. I really enjoyed it. It is well written and documented. Yesterday I have started another interesting although this time as well chilling book wrote by a very sennior NATO Commander about actual events and a possible escalation with Russia. I have started it yesterday but so far I have to say it is quite thrilling, extremely well documented and mixing so well actual political and military data with "future possibilities" that surely makes it interesting. Many people copare it to "Red Storm Raising" In the words of Admiral James G Stavridis, US Navy, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe You fail to read this book at your peril. War With Russia: An urgent warning from senior military command
  8. Please Reserve R-12 for 3REG Lipe. Thx
  9. Very interesting review in all new IFV displayed in ITEC 2017 and that are compiting for the Czech Republic BMP2 replacement program. Interesting designs, all very attfractive I have to say.
  10. I had not seen there was a new Rec Platoon R-1 with Pandur. Can you please move me in? Really enjoy the recon job.
  11. I cannot make it today either. Family comittements.
  12. Danke Grenny. Enjoy the concert!