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    Nice mission that comes with a package of documents such maps and a word file with briefing and information. Intense short mission. Treacherous terrain. Watch out! You will be leading a US Marine Corp M-60A3 Company.
  1. If available C31, C32 and C33 for Furia, Lipe and Colebrook. Thanks!
  2. Just finished MARINE CORPS Tank Battles in the MIddle East and I can just highly recommend it. I really enjoyed it. It is well written and documented. Yesterday I have started another interesting although this time as well chilling book wrote by a very sennior NATO Commander about actual events and a possible escalation with Russia. I have started it yesterday but so far I have to say it is quite thrilling, extremely well documented and mixing so well actual political and military data with "future possibilities" that surely makes it interesting. Many people copare it to "Red Storm Raising" In the words of Admiral James G Stavridis, US Navy, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe You fail to read this book at your peril. War With Russia: An urgent warning from senior military command
  3. Very interesting review in all new IFV displayed in ITEC 2017 and that are compiting for the Czech Republic BMP2 replacement program. Interesting designs, all very attfractive I have to say.
  4. I cannot make it today either. Family comittements.
  5. Hi Nike-Ajax, just out of curiosity, what is this about "Masculine Melange" that you mention twice on your posts? Never heard about a Masculine or Femenine variant of Melange. (or who knows whatever other new sex gender versions being invented lately)
  6. First time I see a 360 degree video of a combat from an attack helicopter. Awesome You can move the camera around with your mouse for those that are not familiar with this format
  7. "Österreichische Kaffeespezialitäten: Melange oder Wiener Melange mit Milchschaum" I love it
  8. Ordered a mug with the winner of the Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2017 For my "Melange"
  9. Nice collection of Leopard action clips
  10. This is a very cool idea. I will order some items, maybe the VEC Mug, but I am really missing any stuff for the Pizarro, Centauro or Leopard 2E. Any plans to add them in the future?
  11. That was a very interesting session. More a classroom event than a simple combat. With Gibsonm teaching and Greeny supporting, the session was really good and interesting. A lot of expertise here. We started covering the very basics and sometimes no matter for how long you have been playing SB, it is a very good thing to refresh. There is always room to learn more stuff. I highly recommedn these sessions specially to the new people and to the veterans that want to make a refresh of basic concepts with an open mind. I will try to attend next events. Thanks Gibsonm
  12. I would like to know if there would be possible while creating a multiplayer H2H scenario that is intended to be stopped, saved and maybe resumed on a later date, to have the option to prevent the players to play the AAR using the option "show actual enemy". While this option is very useful once the scenario is completed to debrief the players, if the scenario is saved and planned to be resumed in a later date it would not a good that one side can perfectly plot the other side deployment and units location with absolute precission. Is there any way scenario creators can prevent that once an specific scenario is played, players can execute the AAR with "Show actual enemy" option enabled?