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  1. Servus Duke!! That looks nice!! I see we are togehter on the same section. Looking forward to that!!! Want to take the lead? I will be happy to follow you
  2. Do you guys have a nice skin for the CV-9040 to fit in this mission? I am not much fond of the default one but on the downloads page most of the available ones are "slightly old"
  3. On my experience on organizing this type of events, polls are not the most reliable source to know the number of people that would actually attend it. For one reason or another some people simply do not like to answer Polls. Do not ask me why. I guess some people cannot commit to an event that is planned to happen in a couple of months because they are used to work on short term schedules The fact is that we have a "comunity" that most of the times that we are organizing something like this we are having 20+ people in attendeance. Yesterday at Kanium match we were 30 I am sure this event would be very suscesful. A well prepared and profesionally designed scenario is always very welcomed. In my case as I have already voted you can count with me and I am sure with 20+ more others (Poll or no poll)
  4. Thanks Nike-Ajax. That is perfect. Thanks! Is this a B or C model? What type of dismounts/weapons do we carry?
  5. Video Thread

    An excellent video Matsimus. It is scary to think how fast an easily we have forgoten all this situation that was real threat not so long ago. When I joined the military in 1984, that was a real threat. Now young generations think of it as it never happened. Very nice footage on the video. You got a new subscriber!
  6. Video Thread

  7. Calendar requires administration

    Nice. Now looks much better and useful! Thanks
  8. Video Thread

    Interesting point of view

    Excellent. Thanks Count with me
  10. I think you can make it international. One of our guy had a serious work accident and he is recovering his hand dexterity but would need much more time to be ready and some other people of our team may not be available this month. So please make it international.

    What type of vehicles would be available? Is there a Manning List alalaible?
  12. I would love to continue the scenario. I have a request if this happens. If possible please keep a small number of the Spanish Reccon Units alive. I am not much proficient in a Challenger and in the other hand I am quite happy with recce units specially Spanish ones
  13. Video Thread