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  1. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

    And the Winner is:
  2. Up grades or patches??

    Maschendrahtzaun ?
  3. Leopard 1 Pictures

    Sorry, but Koblenz does it wrong. What you see ist a "Halfcut" of a 0-Series Kampfpanzer Standart from 1964 and they present KE Rounds with it ? Not that what I aspected from a "Studiensammlung".
  4. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    It´s not to block movement, this can be done in the Map Editor. It´s more the LOS trough Woods. With the Editor that now is in use, you only can choose between "Big Trees" or "Small Trees" for one Pixel of Map. All the Bushes, Gras and other Foiliage is to small to Block LOS and TIS. So I think we need a new Concept of Woods in SB.
  5. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Yes Sir, I know all this. I work with this Simulation since 2002... Also I know it´s nearly impossible to explain an Aussie a Europian Wood ;-) (sorry can´t resist) Believe me in 90% you can NOT: - See anything deeper 200 Meters - Lase trough it - Fire your Gun trough it - Use TIS trough it - Drive trough it with normal Speed and without loosing Tracks or Equipment from outside your Tank
  6. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Make the Woods look like Woods, Please....
  7. 1979 ish Canadian Leo c1 ?

    CAT ? Have a look here: http://www.mihalko-family.com/Canadian-Army-Trophy-Competition.htm#1979
  8. Is there a German word for the Leopard 2A5/6/7 wedge armor?

    Yep, the German FM for Leop1rd 2 A6/7 calls it "adaptive Panzerung".........
  9. Leopard 1 model problem

    Misstakes at the first view: 28 ! ;-)
  10. Leopard 2 Updated Sound Pack

    Yes please !
  11. Leopard 2 Updated Sound Pack

    A good Example: If you look right in the first Video, you see the Driver is steering in a "S" at low speed. First you hear pling, pling", when he goes straight you hear nothing, then he steer again and the "pling, pling" is back. In the second Video the Track is (over) worn (have a look at the Sprocket) ;-) So, that´s I said.
  12. Leopard 2 Updated Sound Pack

    Nice one, but a little to much "klong, klong, klong, klong" from the Tracks. This only happens if your Track isn´t in good shape or in slow Curves...... Here you can compare:
  13. T 54 steering and brakes

    Have a look at the Brake Pads, sounds like they are "Glasy" (verglast we said in german). This happens when they were overheated, try to sand them.
  14. Battlesight engagement logic

    BS is a "emergency Sight" if your LRF is damaged. THAT is is the only reason to use BS with modern FCS. (OK there are 2 or 3 others, but that´s the main reason) If you think there are other reasons, that is my Offer: Tell my the circumstances and I will try to tell you the answer ;-) P.S.: Sorry lost that. A AI Gunner will ever try to use the best System that is available, so if LRF is not damaged he will use it.... P.P.S.: What do you think how long it takes to "Lase" ?
  15. Battlesight engagement logic

    Sorry, but I can´t get the reason for this Discussion! In 1985 as I was a Tank Gunner it was the usual Technic to fire from the move and when we switch to EMES 15/18 all NCO said "This can be done by a trained Monkey". So were is the Problem? What do you want to do and why it do not work? Ask and I will tell you .....