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  1. @ Daskal have thought about it before, not sure how popular may be if there's a demand i would be happy to do one. will keep it in mind mate.
  2. Updated
  3. @matsimus Good stuff mate, cheers.
  4. Good to know mate, cheers.
  5. Thanks Trackpin, don't know mate will think about it for a bit, expect will do some other project some time, happy hunting...
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Challenger 2 MBT shown here in Olive, Batus and Desert camo, with added optics and markings. Two versions of each with and without side skirt and reduced front mud guards.
  7. Cheers Crusty will upload once my son gets off the pc he's just got back from school and now hugging it.
  8. Challenger 2 MBT shown here in Olive, Batus and Desert camo, with added optics and markings, plus dust and dirt. When using a model without skirt + reduced mud guards because of the vehicle modelling at certain angles a slight line can be seen in the rear of the cut out, but tbh is not bad and i for one can live with it, so until esim release a new version without the skirt it works for me, and i hope you too. I have done all with and without the skirt and reduced mud guards, when compressed the file with all contents is only 10mb so not bad considering all the content and choices i will upload to download section soon, if anyone would like any thing changed or different let me know and i will be happy to help and send a copy if anyone would like different markings etc. Here's a few shots.... Batus Olive Desert
  9. Cheers fellas, certainly look at the Chieftain and Cent later on.Trackpin good idea on other countries skins on them. Gibson Yeh my other Jack Russel is lost right now, had me other little mate 13yrs. Will keep you all posted on any updates with pack, variety is the spice and all that. Cheers guys.
  10. Thanks Bond_Villian
  11. I am putting together an Challenger 2 Pack, am open to suggestions and any preferences people may have. I have learnt much lately in skinning and have a bit of spare time to get on with it now. Will be atm Desert, Woodland and Batus versions, nothing too special but just a bit more choice and updated optics and colours on all models. PS if any one knows how to use the Decals DDS file then please tell me how i could change this to show my own side numbers on the main body of the tank. I feel any help would benefit greatly after all any community is for the greater good of all, and this has proven to be a very helpful place to come and learn, so onwards and upwards will keep posted with any updates etc., Happy hunting. I have done quite a bit lately, just keeping busy and my mind occupied, with something i enjoy doing, then a mission or two with a few friends over the weekends, blame them for all these posts lol. Also (not a sob story honest) since my little dog died a few days back ive kept myself busy, you get attached to them, sure some will understand, anyways here's some WIP shots... Olive Batus Desert All with and without Skirt and reduced front mud guards.
  12. Had to give it a go in olive, think i prefer her this colour, not sure about the eye though a friend of mine asked for it, seemed right to have a go anyways WIP....
  13. Something like this , not sure on the colour though a bit lighter maybe and not sure about the RTR All seeing eye, but just messing about with PS to see how she could look.
  14. @ Crusty, Yeh i would love to do a plain green version but to be honest mate like ive said i have problems with the PS blank skin provided in download section, other vehicle blank skins are ok to work with but the CR2 is a bitch to be honest or maybe its me but cant seem to arrange the layers in order to provide a clean version with details showing otherwise would be happy to do it. Guess i could use an older version i done a couple of years back and bodge it and scarper so to speak will look into it. Although if you know where i can get a clean working blank skin i will be happy to get cracking, cheers Crusty.