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  1. Video Thread

    Good footage. Watched, cheers for posting
  2. Scimitar WIP

    Cheers DK-DDAM Quick look on Woodland
  3. Scimitar WIP

    Hope they fix the gunner sticking his head through the hatch, lol Wheels are easier on the eye Dirt is building
  4. Scimitar WIP

    Ye'h know what you mean, took for a test drive like a spinning top kind of may do a version with all one colour, still a wip, the dirt will come in time. As for adding noise its ok but ruins the paintwork too much, will do it the old and slow way and keep going. All the best, folks.
  5. Scimitar WIP

    Ye'h i like thatCaptain_Colossus. WIP it be...
  6. Scimitar WIP

    Upgraded an old skin i had of the Scimitar a WIP atm, will be doing a new woodland camo soonish, any sugestions or flak appreciated, all the Best Wardog. PS still clean may dirty her later tbo im not that great at adding the dirt, just throwing it, lol, but will have a go.
  7. Best music for PRE-combat ?

    Got to be a classic like this by Hans Zimmer The Rock - Main Theme
  8. Video Thread

    Heads up on Abrams M1A3 It's good apart from the annoying robotic commentry
  9. Video Thread

    U.S Soldiers Live Fire Exercise with M1A2 Abrams tanks, Good Video cheers
  10. winter scenario

    Ye'h kind of tricky but worth it, a ice change, i mean nice change to the norm conditions lol. Need your eagle eyes on to visually id mind ya, played a scenario with a couple of friends not long back, was a good one. will ask them for the scenario i don't have it any more i'm afraid. All the best 3r22r
  11. CR2 PACK

    @ Daskal have thought about it before, not sure how popular may be if there's a demand i would be happy to do one. will keep it in mind mate.
  12. CR2 PACK

  13. Video Thread

    @matsimus Good stuff mate, cheers.
  14. wide spacing

    Good to know mate, cheers.
  15. CR2 PACK

    Thanks Trackpin, don't know mate will think about it for a bit, expect will do some other project some time, happy hunting...