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  1. Map size

    22x22 is a massive amount of area. I made my missions all to be about 10x14km and that's a lot of space. Keep in mind that it takes about 45-55 minutes at top speed to get across 12 km and if you're in firefights that time can triple easily. The type of ground also affects your speed. Going through soft ground or swampy areas can slow you down to half speed or less.
  2. Maps & Map Building from Scratch Questions

    Oh, OK, I get it now. Thanks for giving me some insight into that issue Sean. There is some road data that comes directly from the height map information. How interesting. I actually did download Manteuffel's map of Trentino and he did an awesome job. He actually did really nice work on the towns and roads and it's very nice. I'm going to spend some more time working on some of the incomplete maps myself. I know how much time it takes so I wasn't knocking you, it was just a suggestion. Maybe I can add to the community by doing my own part on that aspect. Like you said, some of the maps are works of art but it takes a ton of work to get them there.
  3. Maps & Map Building from Scratch Questions

    I uninstalled and reinstalled SB and got the preloaded maps back. Sean, I want to point something out to you guys. The reason I deleted some of the maps in the first place is that I had spent some time downloading different ones and couldn't remember which ones were official with the simulation. Some of the maps you guys include with the official release are a real mess. Take Trentino for example. It has roads going up the sides of mountains and tracks and roads crossing the river with no bridges. There are a bunch of other maps that are just as bad. I really think you guys need to look these over carefully and either update them or trash them. I'm going to take the time to do some of my own editing too but I'll put my initials on the end of the ones I change. BTW, I don't mean trash them completely, I don't want anyone to misunderstand me. I mean just remove them from the official installation until they're updated.
  4. Maps & Map Building from Scratch Questions

    Seriously, that's the only way. That seems a little drastic to me.
  5. Maps & Map Building from Scratch Questions

    Do you have a list of the official ones Ssnake?
  6. Maps & Map Building from Scratch Questions

    I need a list because I deleted a bunch of them and I don't know which ones are official. I had been collecting maps over the years and they weren't being deleted because they're in a different folder from the program even when I uninstalled to install an updated version of SBPro.
  7. Maps & Map Building from Scratch Questions

    Is there a list of just the esim maps?
  8. Maps & Map Building from Scratch Questions

    Thanks Sean, I got you on that point. Do all the current terrain maps install with 3.0? What I'll probably do is just take one of the blank maps and make my own from it instead of working on a new height map. I've done a lot of map editing so I'm familiar with all the time needed to put in buildings, roads and bridges. I was hoping that there might be a method to bring in more data than just height but it looks like from what you're stating that there isn't.
  9. I have the current list of maps from the install of 3.0 but it looks like all of them are from 2006 and earlier. I find it strange that there are no maps from 2006 on. Is there a current or updated list available? Also, I'm interested in building a map from scratch. I remember looking into this a few years ago and something about NatGeo Satellite terrain data comes to mind but I'm not sure if that's correct. Can someone please point me to the tools necessary to get the data to start building a new map? Everything I would need besides the SB map internal editor would be great. I've also noticed that some of the maps are incomplete. An example is the Wolfsburg one. You can clearly see where the roads and cities should be but there's nothing there. Are there completed versions or are this just blank for a reason? Added note: I think it was actually USGS data and not NatGeo data.
  10. Version 2.0


    <p>In 1988, a software company called Dynamix developed a tank combat simulator game for DOS based computers called "M-1 Battle Tank" which was published by Electronic Arts. In 1991, EA teamed up with Sega of America to release it for the Sega Genesis console naming it "M-1 Abrams Battle Tank". Although very limited in scope it provided simulator enthusiasts a console based option and was truly a 3D simulator, meaning you could move or get engaged from any direction.</p><p>The scenarios I’ve created for SteelBeasts mimic the scenarios from the console game but are updated drastically to make them much more realistic. There are 8 missions in total, numbered and titled but feel free to play them out of order except for #1, "The Moselle Defense" as this mission sets up the story line. When you played the original console game in "Campaign" mode it randomized them somewhat. I hope you enjoy my versions of European defensive and offensive operations based on this classic console game!</p><p>Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions about changing or updating the missions. Please don't try to make changes or upload them yourself though. I've done some updating to a customized map region and there are lots of events that depend on user action and unit numbers. I would like to keep them as close to the original idea that I had for mimicking the original computer game.</p><p>Please enjoy them and let me know what you think!</p><p>Scott "Striker" Hicks</p><p>NOTE: Please accept my apologies for anyone that has already downloaded the file. The reason they were bugged is because I had pulled the scenarios from an older save file accidentally. I created multiple save files in case I had to go to a backup. OOPS!. Anyhow, I went through every mission and updated some of the settings on them and also play tested every one of them myself so I know that they work properly. There are some issues with the scoring though. On some of the missions the score shows wrong even though the victory conditions do work correctly so don't let that throw you off. Please let me know if you see any other bugs and if you want to open it up in the editor and make suggestions for the ending score please private message me with suggestions or a replacement file.</p><p>Thanks! Striker</p>
  11. I used 1 minute only as a test. That really is an unrealisticly short time but it's a game so where do you draw the line. Set it to 15 minutes and some people walk away. Set it to an hour and no one would even want to play the scenario. I think 5 minutes is probably a little more reasonable. They might go to another unit in the mean time and come back to find it's repaired. I've done that before. And the M88A1 and the M113 repair are my typical choices for having repair vehicles on station. Anything else would be pretty silly IMO.
  12. Another idea Ssnake is that you guys could probably implement a "Repair Zone" function to apply to a custom region or an oval or rectangle graphic. That may be an easier thing to do. A lot of people are using the repair function in their scenarios now.
  13. OK, I got it now and I totally understand by what you said here. The problem was that I wasn't putting in the correct variables. I also look at a mission created by someone else where it worked. 1 So the main thing is place the platoon and it can be from 1-4 units. 2 Create a region for the repair to take place. 3 Place a vehicle inside the zone 2/B (doesn't have to be a repair vehicle specifically but I used the M88A1 repair) 4. Put the condition to repair on the vehicle needing repair such as 1/A tank platoon using these settings. I used checkbox 2 and 3: Repair All If: Unit "this" is in "region 1" (and) Unit "2/B" is in "region 1" If true delay by 1:00. You use the unit "this" because that applies to the individual tank out of the platoon or the whole platoon. So now when you either group the vehicles or divide them you will get the "unit this" in the first part of the statement and it works. Thanks!
  14. Not when they're grouped. When you go to the "Repair If" logic statement it will only show either/or and not both. So if they're grouped you'll get 1/A available in the unit box and if they're separate you'll get 1/1/A and 4/1/A available when you click through but the main platoon callsign isn't available to select.
  15. Snaake is probably the best person to answer this but maybe someone else has a solution. Is this a bug? In several of the missions I'm creating I want individual tanks to be able to get repaired. When I create a platoon of 2 tanks and go the the "Repair If" option, I'll use the statement "if 1/A is in Region 1" as an option. The problem is if they split up into 1/1/A and 4/1/A while the scenario is running then the repair doesn't work at all. If I split them up in the editor into 1/1/A and 4/1/A and then use the "Repair If" in the two different vehicles such as "if 1/1/A is in Region 1" and apply it to the second tank "if 4/1/A is in Region 1" then they can repair separately but if they are attached together in while the scenario is running, again the same problem occurs. What happens in the logic statement is that the unit turns into "this" instead of 1/1/A or 4/1/A. My solution so far has been to create two separate platoons of 1 such as 1/A and 1/B but this is not very practical since the player might want to do the scenario alone and use both tanks attached together. Is this a bug? I though I remember this working properly in 2.5 version. Any suggestions?