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  1. http://breakingdefense.com/2017/08/upgunned-strykers-open-fire-at-aberdeen-but-fielding-will-be-slow/
  2. Stryker Dragoon 30mm:
  3. Here is an article on the Stryker MSL by Warrior: http://scout.com/military/warrior/Article/General-Dynamics-Land-Systems-Unveils-New-Hellfire-Missile-Firin-105894682
  4. From last TGIF 8/4/2017. Good fight
  5. Just having fun shooting up T-90's
  6. Here is more from that PDF: http://www.dtic.mil/ndia/2017/armament/Dean.pdf and here is where I found it: https://aw.my.com/en/forum/showthread.php?97769-History-of-US-AFV-s&p=1550841#post1550841
  7. For the Abrams, I have had to check and replace many guns tubes due to strikes. The worst one that I have seen was 2 years ago when a unit got attacked by the opfor in the early morning out at NTC. The rumor is that the CO and XO jumped in the same tank and rolled out in between 2 platoons. One platoon took contact when they rolled down on a forward slope in which they stopped. The CO tank was falling behind and came over the hill traveling anywhere from 25 to 30 mph. The CO tank hit the stationary tank with the front of the gun tube causing the gun to come out of battery and causing the turret to swing uncontrollably almost 360 degrees. The damage was severe and the crew members came out with only minor injuries. The front piston bolts were stretched and loose which has a 500 ft/lb torque. The rotor caps bolts were also stretched and loose which they have a 100 ft/lb torque. The mantle bolts were loose which has a 700 ft/lb torque. The gun tube was chipped on the end. Luckily the piston spring follower bolts stayed laced and tight which we had to check and relace. The rotor block and trunnions were check for alinement. So many bolts were replaced and many components were checked and replaced as needed ( Azimuth turret brake, manual azimuth drive and azimuth servo). After 2 weeks of work,waiting for special tools and parts. Everything was reassemble and the tank was remotely fired during screening which this tank shot well during that gunnery. The small gun strikes such as a gun tube hitting a tree branch would need to be check via SOUM which is a official Armor Accuracy Checks and rescreened. Small strikes can cause a tank to have to re bore-sight. But in SB, having a gun strike damage implemented, I would see it being more of a hassle than anything. They already have Main Gun damage anyways if your main gun is hit by a incoming enemy round which is enough for me IMO.
  8. Here you go, this is not the same played at Kanium but a close version of the mission. Operation Downport V1RE.sce
  9. Yeah, also in RL theTC can select the ammo index from his ICDU Tactical Screen. In SB I like that the AI gunner will automatically index the correct index when the round is loaded making it easier to fight. When you multi-crewing, the TC has to watch the index symbol on his CITV Screen to be sure.
  10. Well when you insert the tube inside the cradle you have threads that interlock, but only when the tube is turned to the right and is fully seated. You can turn the gun tube at a different rotation and when you lock the tube, it would put the Collimator to the side. There are 2 grooves at the breech side of the gun tube, one is what I used to insert the locking bolt on top of the breech which puts the Collimator up. If I used the other groove it would place the collator to the right side as such for I would think the leopard.
  11. I always thought the gun tube itself was interchangeable. But never had the opportunity to replace a gun tube on the leopard. Just replaced gun tubes on the Abrams.