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  1. RBS56 BILL Bug

    also with the AT-4B, M47 Dragon and SAM RBS70 MK2
  2. RBS56 BILL Bug

    As seen in Rotar's TGIF video: and just now tested in single player. Between the 4 load and 5 load missiles to be fire the reload is instant instead of the proper time such as between loading for the 1st through the 3rd missile.
  3. M1A1 TC 50 cal gun sight depresses palm switch?

    SB simulated this as it would be IRL. The CWS is not stabilized but can move independently. If you were to move the CWS while the gunner is scanning it would be pointless due to you would be fighting the Turret movement in azimuth. Left/Right movements are powered and up/down are Manual. What your seeing is proper engagement techniques being used. On the range most of the time the gunner will find the target and lase to it given the TC the range. All the TC has to do then is adjust up or down. The TC 50 most of the time is aligned in azimuth with the Turret for faster and more accuracy when engaging targets.
  4. It was fun and a very GG. I have to admit that I had a blast with the T-72 while supporting ash. Overall good mission and very fun
  5. We love screenshots

    Always fun with six angry Leopard2A5DKA2's coming at you:
  6. is this old? or did you do the lawn dart action again?
  7. Yes the M1A2 SEP can display the information necessary for indirect fires, Using the FBCB2 system
  8. Should AP-FSDS be effective over 2 km????

    IRL, it would depend on the hit. Saying that you took a hit to the lower right of the gun mantle several times would cause damage. The damage would depend on the strength of the projectile saying that it didn’t penatrate all the way through, but hit hard enough to cause Gun trunnion resolver damage and stability failure. Then you would not be able to fire due to a LOS firing inhibit. Or maybe it caused damage to the rotor bearings then your main gun would be stuck in position not allowing you to elevate. The pentrator could even cause accuracy lost depending on the damage to Gun Mantle,Rotor and Rotor Bearings after the hit. The mounting bolts are made to stretch but within only certain limits, which I’m not going into detail of the sizes and the names of them. But even after that your out of the fight. Hard to say what would actually happen given the random of damage that is possible. I would think that the crew would at least be happy that they lived to fight another day.
  9. We love videos

    Thanks for the video, Good video.Very hard fight. Good game
  10. Video Thread

  11. Video Thread

  12. Video Thread