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  1. Also cannot traverse while using GPS sight extension when the FCS mode is put in CITV GLOS by the TC without Designate. Just now checked it. It seems to be backwards as far as the modes go while you are using the GPS Extension. I put the FCS mode in CITV SCAN man and am able to move the turret while looking through the GPS Extension which should not happen.
  2. While in the TC's position you perform a designate the FCS goes to CITV GLOS. You can move the turret using the CITV sight but cannot move the turret when you look in your GPS Extension. IRL the tank does not know which sight that you are actually looking through, you should be able to move the turret after a designate in CITV GLOS using your CITV sight and/or your GPS Extension.
  3. IRL the default mode is GPS GLOS. This mode defaults as soon as turret power is turned on. FYI
  4. As far as SB, IMO SB is the most accurate and closes Tank Sim that you can get to the real tank. If they modeled all the possible damages and faults that could happen in real life believe me it would not be fun.
  5. Primary Optical sights do not work without turret power. The Gunner would have to use his GAS sight, it doesn't need power. The Azimuth manual drive is mechanically driven and the Elevation manual is hydraulic driven within its own loop which meets up with the main hydraulic system in the elevation mechanism and separating by a valve. The m1a1 will fire with no master power ,only using the blasting machine/ master blaster. The SEP has to have to main gun armed to fire with no master power also using the master blaster. A swamp tank would have to be cleaned out and serviced before even consider powering the tank but a tank can take in water going into the turret basket if all the connections are tight. If the turret is under water and the tank was running when this happened it's really hard to say what components would be shorted out, but your engine would blow for sure. I'm sure you would loose master power too due to the battery box full of water.
  6. Realistically your main gun would not need to be repaired or replaced from water damage. Just would need services done to it. Now other damages such as a gun tube strike, piston seal leak, loose rotor cap bolts, loose piston follower bolts, warp rotor would require inspection and repair. According to the Maintenance Allocation Chart it would take the Maintainer 23.2 hours to inspect, service and repair these parts: 120mm Main gun, Breech, Breech Ring and Piston. I'm sure there is more time allocated depending on which maintenance tasks is being done.
  7. Ok, good luck with getting the manuals then.
  8. No, your best bet would be to use the SB Wiki. http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=M1A2_(SEP)
  9. M1 series, leopard's and then the Merkava's
  10. The answer is no. The TC can override which is simply grabbing his palm switch and swinging the turret to what he was looking at which would put the CWS 50cal. off target. The M1A1 variants do not have the hunter/killer capability. More information on the m1a1 for SB here: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=M1A1_(HA)#Commander.27s_Weapon_Station_.28CWS.29
  11. 42 (Centurion) please
  12. Thanks for the post pvtkramer, I really enjoyed reading the article and thanks for your service zipuli.