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  1. The answer is no. The TC can override which is simply grabbing his palm switch and swinging the turret to what he was looking at which would put the CWS 50cal. off target. The M1A1 variants do not have the hunter/killer capability. More information on the m1a1 for SB here: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=M1A1_(HA)#Commander.27s_Weapon_Station_.28CWS.29
  2. 42 (Centurion) please
  3. Thanks for the post pvtkramer, I really enjoyed reading the article and thanks for your service zipuli.
  4. LOL, If I remember correctly that building burnt to the ground later in the mission.
  5. Start this mission and it will crash: This is the saved file from the very first crash. Rhyfel Battle.sce
  6. I attempted to hosts and the crash happened as soon as we started. here is the dmp file: SBProPE64cm.exe.4132.dmp SBProPE64cm.exe.7676.dmp
  7. Here is mine: DebugLog.txt Everyone crashed at the same time and even after rejoin was the same.
    Very good mission, well worth the download.
  8. The M1A2 SEP can't be burned,but sometimes the ELRF will malfunction and cause an internal failure.This happens quite often,this last 4 months had to replaced over 5 ELRF's due to crew members using in proper lasing techniques. For Tanks With ELRF: For continuous firing of the ELRF - do not fire more often than once per second for a maximum of 120 seconds, with a minimum of 10 minutes cool down before resuming firing. For rapid firing of the ELRF - fire bursts of 1 pulse per second for no more than 4 seconds, with 4 seconds off time before resuming. Cool down - Never fire more than 63 bursts in an 8 minute period. A cool down period of 10 minutes is required after 63 bursts. For Tanks With LRF: For continuous firing of the LRF - do not fire more often than once per 20 seconds; you could overheat and damage LRF. For rapid firing of the LRF - fire no more than 100 pulses, with pulses 2 seconds apart; you could overheat and damage LRF. Cool down - Never fire more than 100 pulses in a 3-1/2 minute period. If the LRF overheats, a cool down period of several minutes is required.