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  1. NATO Reticle explained?

    In the Abrams the day channel reticle is produced from the LRF which is projected through filtered lens to the gunners and TC view through the Objective Relay. The magnification is magnified through the A-Focal which is a device built into the GPS similar to a rifle scope. Your SHTR/Clear/filter switch is attached to the Objective Relay and the 3x-10x lever is attached to the A-Focal.
  2. NATO Reticle explained?

    FM 3-20.21 might have the answer for you. You can find this online
  3. Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

    Well maybe a PM would have been the professional way. Instead of keeping your dirty laundry on the forums. Just IMO
  4. Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

    Well that’s very professional. Interesting coming from a Australian Military member.
  5. Looking forward to the this mission.👍
  6. Gunslinger668 will take A14.
  7. "OP TESCO" by SwordsmanDK and SnS

    R12 please
  8. why Leopard barrel elevates after shooting?

    Yeah there shouldn’t be. The NBC system should be its own subsystem. The Abrams Breech when the guns goes out of battery. The Breech block roller goes on top of the Cam and then when the Breech is coming back in to battery the Breech Block is lower from the roller. The Afcap deflector stays up then is dropped from the loader lowering the arm handle ( putting the Main Gun in Mechanical Safe) which then the loader would load another round.
  9. We love screenshots

    From last night's TGIF, Great Mission! Thank you Volcano for making this mission:
  10. I cannot make this one. Hopefully I can on the 29th.
  11. Protractor

    Very nice mod, good job 👍
  12. Very good scenario! Really enjoyed it. Also look forward to seeing that one again. Great job Calgunner as Green Co. It was a really great experience and the teamwork was good.
  13. M1A1/M1A2 SEPV2 Unity Mirror bug

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before. The Unity Mirror should move up and down with the same LOS movements at the Gunner Primary Sight. You are still looking out the Head Mirror.