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  1. Protractor

    Very nice mod, good job 👍
  2. Very good scenario! Really enjoyed it. Also look forward to seeing that one again. Great job Calgunner as Green Co. It was a really great experience and the teamwork was good.
  3. M1A1/M1A2 SEPV2 Unity Mirror bug

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before. The Unity Mirror should move up and down with the same LOS movements at the Gunner Primary Sight. You are still looking out the Head Mirror.
  4. Do tanks have laser warning receivers?

    Here is Trophy: Iron Fist:
  5. Do tanks have laser warning receivers?

    No nothing like that, a lot of modern tanks have Turret/Hull positioning indicators in the gunners station. Most modern tanks do not come with these systems stock.The units have to buy these systems to be installed. I think that Trophy is intergrated into the Tanks GPS system so when the tank is lase a indicator and line from the lase location appears on the digital map along with a warning alert and the added on system defenses. Not sure about the others add on systems like shtora. Maybe Damian might know more about these systems.
  6. Do tanks have laser warning receivers?

    Yeah I think it’s the Iron Fists but not sure for the CV-90. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_Fist_(countermeasure)
  7. Do tanks have laser warning receivers?

    Yeah it has the Shtora https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shtora
  8. Do tanks have laser warning receivers?

    The answer is no, unless fitted with a external add on system such as Trophy or Shtora. So the element of surprise is important along with tactical movements and preparation. No such thing as a fair fight in Armor Warfare. Study your enemy weaknesses, train as much as you can. Learn from your mistakes during the training. The crews ability to do their job and work together play a major part along with experience. Remember never underestimate your enemy, he will surprise you if your not ready!
  9. History of US Tanks.

    The plates above the fuel cell are thicker than it is around the drivers hole. If you ever replaced a front fuel cell you would know this. Also the fuel cell can shrink and expand to a certain limit. They also have a unique shape. The right front holds 149.8 gallons and the left holds 106.6 gallons.
  10. History of US Tanks.

    Already talked in discord. 😁👍
  11. why Leopard barrel elevates after shooting?

    OK thanks. Yes, you are correct about the GTR, but if you cannot adjust your Reticle far enough to the boresight point ( reached the max limits of adjustment in elevation). Then you would have to re calibrate the GTR, which would require making the calibration off of the GTR itself. On the Abrams the Coax mount, Rotor Bearing covers and GAS sight has to be removed for this process.
  12. why Leopard barrel elevates after shooting?

    What is the “Save” button used for then? Is it like a safe button? Can you fire in this mode? Also I find having a Potentiometer to adjust the Gun’s elevation position pretty cool. I wonder if this can actually adjust the Gun Trunnion Resolver if it is out of calibration? On the Abrams it is a pain and long process to adjust it.
  13. why Leopard barrel elevates after shooting?

    Ok thanks
  14. why Leopard barrel elevates after shooting?

    So the gun fires, the FCS then safes the Gun while elevating the gun at the same time which would be Elevation uncouple. Then a firing inhibit is active not allowing the gunners triggers to work. When the round is loaded the breech block goes back up and then the loader hits the arm button to put the gun back to the same Los as the gunners sight, when they are aligned the inhibit is no longer active. Is this correct?
  15. why Leopard barrel elevates after shooting?

    Interesting, the video here shows different I would think.Not sure but it looks like the gun goes back to the gunners LOS after the button is pressed.
  16. why Leopard barrel elevates after shooting?

    Actually would be a bit slower than without moving Gun. The loader from my understanding has to hit a button after another round is loaded allowing the Main Gun to come back to the same LOS as the Gunner’s sight.
  17. why Leopard barrel elevates after shooting?

    The M1A1/A2 could do the same if needed. The loader would switch his panel to Elevation Uncouple which would elevate the Gun offset from the sight. The main use for this would be when firing down at a angle. The Breech would need to be lowered to load another round.
  18. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

    Thanks greatly appreciate the details
  19. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

    Emergency mode will not allow you to bypass the inhibits depending on the fault. A GTD fault the inhibits will still be active. Normal mode stab fault then it would bypass the inhibits. I’m just curious if there is a way to bypass the electrical triggers on the T-84
  20. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

    Ok thanks. Got a question, I understand that they would not shoot the tank in this condition but say if they were in combat and this happened would the T-84 FCS have a Firing inhibit which would not allow thier electrical triggers to work due to the GTD readings? And if so is there a way to bypass it? If the Abrams had gun chatter, the FCS would have a firing inhibit not allowing the electrical triggers to operate but the gunner could bypass the FCS inhibit by using the Blasting Device (Master Blaster) going straight to the firing contacts E1 and E2 on the side of the Breech. The SEP Arming Handle would have to be armed.
  21. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

    Did they even do any AAC checks before they were sent. Any FCS test at all?
  22. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

    loose harnesses will cause these kinda of faults too. So they just rushed the tank out of the factory to come and shoot at a tournament. WOW
  23. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

    Did they say what was the actual fault? LOS issue? Or within the FCS, Azimuth subsystems ? GTD component?
  24. Video Thread