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  1. It was fun and a very GG. I have to admit that I had a blast with the T-72 while supporting ash. Overall good mission and very fun
  2. We love screenshots

    Always fun with six angry Leopard2A5DKA2's coming at you:
  3. is this old? or did you do the lawn dart action again?
  4. Yes the M1A2 SEP can display the information necessary for indirect fires, Using the FBCB2 system
  5. Should AP-FSDS be effective over 2 km????

    IRL, it would depend on the hit. Saying that you took a hit to the lower right of the gun mantle several times would cause damage. The damage would depend on the strength of the projectile saying that it didn’t penatrate all the way through, but hit hard enough to cause Gun trunnion resolver damage and stability failure. Then you would not be able to fire due to a LOS firing inhibit. Or maybe it caused damage to the rotor bearings then your main gun would be stuck in position not allowing you to elevate. The pentrator could even cause accuracy lost depending on the damage to Gun Mantle,Rotor and Rotor Bearings after the hit. The mounting bolts are made to stretch but within only certain limits, which I’m not going into detail of the sizes and the names of them. But even after that your out of the fight. Hard to say what would actually happen given the random of damage that is possible. I would think that the crew would at least be happy that they lived to fight another day.
  6. We love videos

    Thanks for the video, Good video.Very hard fight. Good game
  7. Video Thread

  8. Video Thread

  9. Video Thread

  10. M1A2 Manual

    Yes, they are MEMS gyroscopes.
  11. M1A2 Manual

    GPS AZ And EL gyros, CITV AZ and EL gyros, Hull gyro, gun elevation gyro, feed forward gyro and Azimuth gyro.
  12. M1A2 Manual

    8 gyros
  13. M1A2 Manual

    Big distinct difference between the V1 and the V2 are LRU’s, software such as the CITV has a orange FLIR instead of green. And APU replaces by 6 Hawker Battery kit
  14. M1A2 Manual

    So has the TIP and RVSS
  15. M1A2 Manual

    CROWS used to be a MWO for unit option. Now it has became a requirement.
  16. M1A2 Manual

    No not the same, it’s the SEP V2 CEEP. It has the upgraded LRU’s and the Software. With the 6 pack batteries and the 2w146-7 harness.
  17. M1A2 Manual

    The SEP in game is the baseline V2
  18. M1A2 Manual

    You can search this number: 9-2350-388-10-1 in google. Good luck though,
  19. No, that’s not what it says. Everyone is welcomed, it just states that you would have to advise everyone that you would not like to be recorded during the game. You have managed to do it for all other events that I was on such as TGIF.
  20. Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

  21. Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

    Yeah sick here also with the flu. It sucks
  22. Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

    I’m afraid so, we switch to Simhq teamspeak and a few of us played. Wish we could have had you in the game. We put the info out on Discord and here. I’m was lucky to join today