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  1. It seems like technically every single variant of M1 can use DWFK kit, even old M1 and M1IP, altough Hunnicutt seems to imply first tests were done on the basic M1A1. Perhaps kit was designed with backwards compitability in mind.
  2. Thanks for answer, this clears up a lot, cause literature is really not talking much about this.
  3. Australian M1A1SA during deep water fording excercise. @Assassin 7I have a question. Are US Army M1's, especially newer ones like M1A2SEP, capable to use Deep Water Fording Kit as well? Do you guys use them, or at least have them kept in storage?
  4. Huh, this is interesting informations, in such case I need to note that somewhere. Thanks for informations.
  5. Yes, as I said sights are the same in terms of hardware. And I didn't said SCWS is part of FCS on current M1A1SA and M1A1FEP. However USMC plans to upgrade their M1A1FEP's, including AIDATS system, that might integrate SCWS with FCS to create a hunter killer system. Another upgrade for USMC M1A1FEP tanks is also new armor package, perhaps the same or derived one from M1A2SEPv3, as far as I could dig out.
  6. Not only M1A1SA and M1A1FEP have the same sights as M1A2SEP, but they also received new SCWS commander cupola, this new cupola is fully stabilized and have new day camera instead of optical sight, and additional thermal camera, both with quiet good zoom levels. SCWS cupola can then be used as CITV/PERI substitute. Heck USCM M1A1FEP's will receive upgraded SCWS cupola that will be controlled by the commander control handle "joystick", thus not requiring anymore a commander to spin his body with the cupola, and the image from cupola sights will be displayed on a flat screen in front of commander + cupola will be connected to the vehicle FCS thus allowing true hunter killer. Dunno if M1A1SA's will receive this upgrade, as US Army and ARNG desire is to have a pure fleet of M1A2SEP's.
  7. Actually argument it does not have guns is incorrect. The turret have modular design and is not completed yet. It was said that they will at least try to integrate autocannon with it, besides optical sight and integral radar system.
  8. M1 with Trophy HV active protection system mounted. Here is PDF -> http://www.leonardodrs.com/media/6346/trophy_datasheet.pdf This looks like new Anti Air Bradley variant with new radars, Stinger missile launcher and some sort of UAV jamming system? Stryker with Iron Curtain APS. And CROWS was integrated with Stinger launchers.
  9. Weight simulators for the new armor package. In other words some prototypes had the current M1A2SEPv1/v2 armor package installed, it's weight + weight of weight simulator plates = weight of the new armor package.
  10. So GDLS is making new promo videos of their products. For starters new Stryker variants.
  11. CROWS have it's advantages tough, with good optics etc. Besides CROWS-LP is lower, and it's even replacing CROWS-2 on some M1A2SEPv2's right now.
  12. Okay, thanks for info.
  13. M1A2SEP - Because of armor + the FCS is just sweet. (Would be cool to have M1A2SEPv2... or M1A2SEPv3 one day + version with ERA mounted on sides) M1A1HA - Because of armor + FCS is easy to use and intuitive altough a bit dated. (Also would be cool to have M1A1SA also with ERA mounted) M2A2 - Because it's a very good IFV, especially firepower wise. (Eh if we could only have version with ERA, or M2A3)
  14. There is no space left for CWS/SCWS cupola drive inside, well in theory it could be done, but it was probably more expensive and time consuming than CROWS system. Besides CWS/SCWS have smaller vision blocks and have less of them than ICWS cupola that is also simpler. There was idea to modify ICWS cupola in similiar way CWS was modified in to SCWS but I guess, again it might had been more expensive and time consuming.
  15. Great news!