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  1. Some more informations about M1A2SEPv3/M1A2SEPv4 upgrades. I can only say wow, this will be one hell of an upgrade. And these are only some basics from ECP1A and ECP1B phases, there is a separate program to install hard kill active protection system + survivability upgrades here + new armor. But FCS upgrades are also impressive, I mean, even current M1A2SEPv1/v2 is amazing machine in this regard, but here, well US Army do not fuck around these days. I guess this time they want to squeeze maximum from M1 upgradability before replacement will be avaiable.
  2. Meanwhile, M1 TTB is being slowly restored to it's original condition by the National Armor and Cavalry Museum personell. It's great to see it finally in better shape than it was few years ago. All vehicles in NACM collection will be eventually restored and preserved.
  3. Standard without addon armor as I assume. Here is quote from the committee that discused this.
  4. Small news, M1A2SEPv3 weight will increase over 80 short tons, or 72.5 metric tons. Armor upgrade is more significant than I was thinking, it will weight around 9-10+ metric tons more than M1A2SEPv1/v2.
  5. Hey, Andrei Tarasenko updated his site, and some new great informations are included. @cobrabase you might be interested in this, altough in most cases articles are in russian and needs translation. Anyway, first article is about evolution of the armor protection, mainly of the T-64 series. http://btvt.info/3attackdefensemobility/armor.htm Another article, in english this time, is about development of welded turrets for tanks in Soviet Union. http://btvt.info/3attackdefensemobility/turret_welded.htm
  6. http://www.dtic.mil/ndia/2017/armament/Bahadur19476.pdf And here how M1 will be integrated with UGV's and UAV's, notice modified loader station. And something more about the MUM-T concept. http://www.dtic.mil/ndia/2017/groundrobot/Dvorak.pdf
  7. M2 IFV with Iron Fist APS and M1 MBT with Trophy HV APS. Again notice that for demonstration purpose only, M1 render for some reason do not have shown composite armor installed.
  8. Perhaps, but I never seen even single excercises where gun tubes would be replaced to test interchangeability.
  9. Gun tube might also not be interchangeable, notice that for example MRS mirror is placed differently, and I would not be surprised if the gun tube mounting might be different.
  10. No, M7 is a fire support vehicle, or how to call it, it's used for long range targets detection, identification, and to call on artillery or air strikes. Instead of a TOW launcher, it have powerfull optics with laser range finder, thermals and so on. Completely different thing than M3. M7 is sometimes called BFIST, and is a direct replacement for M113 based FIST-V.
  11. FY2018 budget request https://www.asafm.army.mil/documents/BudgetMaterial/fy2018/wtcv.pdf 56 M1A1 upgraded to M1A2 SEPv3 287 Low Profile CROWS and 90 Ammunition Data Links for field upgrades 87 APS systems for Abrams 60 M2A2ODS and M7A3 Bradleys upgraded to M2A4 and M7A4 Bradleys 345 Bradley ECP1 kits (track and suspension system upgrades) and 134 Bradley ECP2 kits (improves the power train and electrical system) for field upgrades 35 APS systems for Bradleys 107 AMPV in 5 variants Stryker ECP1 (910 amp alternator, in-vehicle network, 450 HP engine, and upgraded suspension) starts in FY2019 71 M109A6/M992A2 Paladin sets upgraded to M109A7/M992A3 16 M88A1 upgraded to M88A2 Hercules 7 Assault Breacher Vehicles 27 Joint Assault Bridges
  12. 1-Austria Leo2A4 2-Germany Leo2A6 3-USA M1A2SEPv2 4-France Leclerc 5-Poland Leo2A5 6-Ukraine T-64BV These are official results of Strong Europe Tank Challenge I got from one of guys I know and is reliable source.
  13. Not longer than 740mm for AZ-185 autoloader in T-90A, T-90AM/SM/M, and also AFAIK T-72B3.
  14. Interesting news guys, US Army is funding R&D for alternative diesels for their ground vehicles including M1's what is interesting is... they are funding R&D for flat opposed piston diesels like Ukrainian 4TD, 5TD and 6TD series http://www.calstart.org/Libraries/HTUF_2016/6_-_Major_-_Achates.sflb.ashx
  15. For the active fleet, probably yes, at least untill more advanced MAPS or Modular Active Protection System will be ready. MAPS will use both soft kill and hard kill countermeassures. Actually some times ago, MAPS prototype with soft kill countermeassures was tested in M1, hard kill countermeassures test is planned for near future.