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  1. History of Soviet Tanks.

    Object 195.
  2. History of US Tanks.

    Finally Nick Moran "The Chieftain" talks about M1A1, the tank he served in Iraq. This one is USMC M1A1HC named "Spawn", Nick served on US Army/ARNG M1A1HA/HC/AIM (dunno exactly which one) names "Barely Legal". Nick also says he will make one day full "Inside the Hatch" for this M1A1. Anyway, enjoy!
  3. History of US Tanks.

    https://www.dvidshub.net/video/631880/ausa-2018-warriors-corner-19-long-range-precision-fires-cross-functional-team-update Interesting video, we can see here M109A6 chassis testbed with M109A8 turret armed with M907 L58 ERCA gun in action.
  4. History of US Tanks.

    This is pure BS from that moron Mike "Sparky" Sparks vel BlackTailDefence. There is no true in this, period.
  5. History of US Tanks.

    Series production M1A2C tested at Yuma Proving Grounds. M109A6 chassis used as a testbed for M109A8 turret system. M109A8 turret system is a modified M109A7 turret system that adds an autoloader and M907 ERCA L58 gun howitzer. This will be mounted on a new M2A4 IFV and AMPV based chassis for M109A7.
  6. It's a question how big that weakness is. I was inside several MBT's. Currently, the only one I would go in to battle? M1 series, eventually Merkava Mk4.
  7. History of US Tanks.

    Thanks to @Assassin 7 I have a confirmation about changes in designation codes of M1 tanks, from now on M1 Block II variants are: M1A2 M1A2A (former M1A2SEPv1) M1A2B (former M1A2SEPv2) M1A2C (former M1A2SEPv3) M1A2D (former M1A2SEPv4) For now no known changes of M1 Block 0 (M1 and M1IP) as well as M1 Block 1 (M1A1 and it's subvariants).
  8. SB Pro PE Maps/Scenarios question.

    Thanks guys for the answers! @Rotarenegthanks! I will try this scenario tonight!
  9. Poland Armed Forces Modernization.

    PT-91M2A1 that was presented outside is considered as better option than PT-91M2A2 that was inside. Funny story why Leopard 2PL prototype was not presented this year, but I think I can't speak about this.
  10. I have a question, is it possible to move scenarios from SB Gold to SB Pro PE? SB Gold had this quiet fun scenario called "A Village Called Netreba" if I recall correctly, I wonder if this scenario could be ported? Eventually was there any recreation of it for SB Pro PE? Could not find it.
  11. History of Soviet Tanks.

    Object 490 mockup.
  12. History of US Tanks.

  13. History of Soviet Tanks.

    http://gurkhan.blogspot.com/2018/08/15-564.html So it seems that Russians more and more talk about "Armata", "Kurganets" and "Boomerang" ceased production, this time, heavy IFV T-15 based on "Armata" chassis, will be replaced by... T-72B based BMO-T APC that will be upgraded. Also on Gur Khan blog we can read, that there are informations leaking about some unspecified problems with "Armata" and other new vehicles detected during tests.
  14. History of US Tanks.

    More detailed NGCV IFV CAD model.