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  1. History of US Tanks.

    USMC starts purchasing Trophy HV for their M1A1FEP tanks, other upgrades will also include NGAP (Next Generation Armor Package) from M1A2SEPv3.
  2. Do tanks have laser warning receivers?

    US Army is also testing LWS and ROSY for M1 and M2. The way LWS and Rosy are installed, means they can be also used with Trophy HV.
  3. History of US Tanks.

    Thanks, need to dig more!
  4. History of US Tanks.

    Most ultrasonic gauges make critical errors. We tried this in Poland with few vehicles, it's complete bollocks. And I meassured glacis around drivers hatch with meassuring tape, it's 50mm.
  5. History of US Tanks.

    @Ssnake@dejawolf@cobrabase@Assassin 7 During doing some research I discovered something interesting, it seems that my theory I discarded in the past was in the end correct! M1's upper front hull plate (glacis) indeed have variable thickness, around drivers hatch it's 50mm thick, however rest of the plate is ~70-80mm thick. How do I know, well I found photos of an old basic M1, modified as a test bed for hydropneumatic suspension system with variable height control. I noticed that front fuel tanks were removed replaced by hydropneumatic oil reservoirs with pipes coming through holes cut in upper glacis, and what I noticed is that glacis plate on most of it's surface is thicker than over driver hatch area.
  6. History of US Tanks.

  7. why Leopard barrel elevates after shooting?

    Especially that Leopard 2 turret is a bit cramped.
  8. History of US Tanks.

    A higher quality photograph.
  9. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

    One of the reasons why fully electric system is better than hydraulic one.
  10. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

    I am not certain but I think they might not be able to do so. Compared to M1A2SEP, T-84 is very... primitive, FCS wise.
  11. History of US Tanks.

    M109A8 turret tested on M109A6 testbed chassis.
  12. I would be more worried about poorly armored turret of the Leclerc with it's huge weak zones in frontal projection. Leopard 2A7 hull, despite obvious weakness in form of ammo storage, have relatively good frontal protection.
  13. History of US Tanks.

    It seems that final design of the new M109A8 was choosen, including it's autoloader.
  14. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

    AFAIK some problem with FCS, it was fucked up by Malyshev factory when they refurbished vehicles, not only that, entire electrics were old, so there were cases of a lot of sparks inside.
  15. History of US Tanks.

    First photo of the M109A6 test bed for XM907 ERCA (Extended Range Cannon Artillery) for M109A7/M109A8. XM907 depending on source uses L52, L55 or L58 barrel, will have max range of 70 km and with new ammunition possibly extended to 100+ km, an autoloader + a second variant for towed M777 is developed. It seems 3 different autoloader designs are considered.