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  1. I would not be so sure that M60A1's and M60A3's did not received gun mount and gun modifications during their service, it is very possible that the last M60A3's in service probably did received such modifications, afterall you don't need factory for such refit, but a military unit workshop.
  2. AFAIK M900 was developed initially for M1/M1IP's M68A1 gun, and simply can be used by M1128's M68A2 gun.
  3. History of US Tanks.

    Diagram is a fake. In the FMV documents you have clearly shown protection vs KE on the turret ranging depending on place and angle from 400mm to 700mm vs KE and 500mm to 1800mm vs CE, quiet nice for an M1A2 with export armor package. FMV documents have nothing about hull protection vs KE, but vs CE you have protection ranging from 600mm to 1200mm vs CE. It is also important to note that Swedes made only protection estimations based on the US Export Armor Package and Swedish armor package that was meant to be used in any tank design they decided to purchase.
  4. History of US Tanks.

    These seems to be closer to truth.
  5. History of US Tanks.

    Export Armor Package always is in a single standard. No changes there, only exception was Australia that got modified Heavy Armor Package that had DU replaced with something else, perhaps Tungsten on request of Australian MoD. In general this drawing is indeed fake.
  6. History of US Tanks.

    This is a modified hull for CATTB, and I have an extremely strong suspicion there is not a lot of truth here, both upper glacis and hull sides over crew compartment are too thin compared to... khem khem... I seen and touched myself. Also heavy side skirts are often too thin in various estimations.
  7. History of US Tanks.

    Meanwhile US Army is testing another component of vehicles active protection, this time it's soft kill system. System is made from Laser Warning System and ROSY smoke granades dischargers. This system will be a part of larger MAPS or Modular Active Protection System, which will also include a dazzler to jamm guidance system of the ATGM's, and a hard kill component, in case of the M1 it will be of course Trophy HV. From the photos of both systems installed we can see that LWS, ROSY and Trophy HV can be all quiet easy integrated together, and they won't interfere with one another. Video from LWS and ROSY tests can be seen in the link below.
  8. History of US Tanks.

    And so, US Army resterted the MRM-CE 120mm long range GLATGM for 120mm smoothbore tank guns program, under a different name, but then again, XM1111 MRM-CE was working, it only went in to a development limbo after Future Combat Systems program was cancelled. Good to see it is back on track.
  9. Leo 2A4 in Syria

    Technically it's immposible to isolate hull ammo storage of the Leopard 2 from the crew, because there is no space for sliding blast doors there. You would need to redesign ammo rack in to some sort of a drum, so a blast proof bulkhead with small ammo port could be used, but then again, this would most likely reduce number of stored rounds. I know American when M1 was still XM1 and in early development stage, were thinking about placing two mechanized ammo drums around the driver station, these drums would be isolated and equipped with blow off panels. In the end tough, more practical was to move main ammo storage to the turret bustle, and have a small ammo storage in the hull between turret and hull compartment. The advantage of moving ammunition closer to the rear of the tank is that you can, if you have compact enough powerpack, build two large, isolated magazines with blow off panels and mechanized ammo racks like for example that of the Meggitt Defense. Both magazines can store 34-40 120mm rounds, in case of turret bustle magazine it can either be loaded by loader, or by compact autoloader mechanism, so using such solution you can optimize vehicle design and increase it's main gun ammo capacity while still increasing survivability because ammo is still in isolated ammo magazines with blow off panels, and because of the design, instead of large sliding doors, you have a solid bulkhead with a small ammo port with small sliding door covering it, thus structural integrity of such protection feature is greater. So a perfect tank with manned turret would perhaps look like a downsized CATTB "Thumper" technology demonstrator, downsized for 120mm gun and with a more optimized hull and turret design, so addon armor, APS could be installed + more modern optics, electronics, RWS etc. Something to read about Meggitt Defense Systems compact autoloader and mechanized ammo magazine. https://www.meggittdefense.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/120mmCompactMagazine.pdf https://www.meggittdefense.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/120mmCompactAutoLoader.pdf But in case of Leopard 2, I do not see any technical feasibility to solve the problem of it's hull ammo rack, without redesigning the vehicle, and redesigning it, means designing a new tank really.
  10. History of US Tanks.

    This is model of the new turret for M109A7 armed with next generation howitzer XM907 ERCA with L52 gun barrel. With new HE ammo the XM1113 and new propelant charges, the range of this thing will increase up to 70km! Small correction, XM907 is not an L52, it's an L55! https://www.army.mil/article/182638/picatinny_engineers_double_range_with_modified_m777a2_extended_range_howitzer
  11. History of US Tanks.

    Interesting, a second more advanced CATTB turret, but mounted on original M1 hull and not CATTB modified hull.
  12. History of US Tanks.

    Without a problem, in Poland during Armed Forces Day parade we have plenty of tracked heavy armored vehicles and nothing especially bad with road happens. Heck we guested in 2016 also US troops with M1A2SEPv2's and no problems were noticed, most likely US troops will again participated in our Armed Forces Day parade this year, also with their M1's.
  13. Poland Armed Forces Modernization.

    Polish Leopard 2A5's undergoing maintnance and repairs in WZM facility.
  14. History of US Tanks.

    Interesting, this is the initial hull design for the Infantry Fighting Vehicle variant of the NGCV designed and builded by TARDEC, DATC and CTC. This is not the final design of course and will change, however this hull is meant for initial testing of the new friction based welding method, welds strenght, general structural integrity etc.
  15. SB Wiki problems.

    It seems that SB wiki can't be opened, anyone have similiar problems, Opera flagged it as being source of attacks, while Firefox and Chrome do not open it at all.