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  1. First fully destroyed T-90A in Syria.
  2. I would dismiss it, even if he is a former soldier, or even active duty, I seen a lot of such guys running amock in a fantasy world.
  3. As per recent informations from Russian MoD, T-14 MBT's and most likely other vehicles based on "Armata" platform will not get in to active service before 2025-2030's and no more than 30 will be made per year. Other new platforms like "Kurganets" and "Boomerang" also face similiar problems.
  4. It is not BMP-T but BMPT or rather BMOP as these designations are used together. BMPT means Боевая машина поддержки танков or Tanks Support Fighting Vehicle, while BMOP means Боевая машина огневой поддержки or Fire Support Fighting Vehicle. If the designation would be BMP-T it would means something like Infantry Fighting Vehicle - Heavy. Similiar to BTR-T which means Бронетранспортёр - тяжёлый or Armored Personell Carrier - Heavy.
  5. PT-17 autoloader in the turret bustle is fully functional.
  6. News are that GDLS will complete and deliver first batch of M1A2SEPv3's to the US Army to the end of this autumn.
  7. Ok, because I made a lot of photos, it would be a nightmare to post them here. So here is my MSPO 2017 album, enjoy! http://imgur.com/a/ChVU1
  8. Western designs are still better, it's simply upgrade of a T-72 class tank. Rumors says turret is of Ukrainian origin, dunno if it's truth. Ammo storage is indeed changed, other specification not known at the moment. Some say it might be armed with Ukrainian 120mm KBM-2 smoothbore gun with a rear turret bustle autoloader.
  9. Ok, so new variant of PT-91 tank was just presented and official presentation will be during MSPO 2017 exhibition, this variant is called PT-91M2. https://katowice.tvp.pl/33765287/bumarlabedy-nie-sklada-broni-nowe-propozycje-modernizacji-twardego Here is video from local news station from region where factory is placed.
  10. I need a freakin proper camera, my videos from parade are meh unfortunetaly But anyway, here is full TV transmission from yesterday parade, enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLsdcyuSJYE
  11. Videos from the night Armed Forces Day parade rehearsal. Enjoy!
  12. http://www.defence24.pl/644757,pancerne-przygotowania-do-defilady-defence24pl-tv Preparations for the Armed Forces Day Parade. In the link there is video presenting excercises. There will be a lot of vehicles, 30 tanks (10 Leopard 2A5, 10 Leopard 2A4, 10 PT-91), 8 AHS Krab, 8 AHS Dana, various Rosomak variants including Rak 120mm mortar. It's also said that during parade we will see US Army Strykers, and there also will be M1 MBT and M2 IFV on the static display. And of course much more.
  13. Soon, 15th August, here in Poland we gonna celebrate Armed Forces Day with grand parade. Like each year I will participate, and hopefully I will be able to provide some photos or even videos to you guys. I can only say at the moment, that units and equipment that will participate in parade, is already being moved to one of several military bases around Warsaw.
  14. Some more photos of M1 TTB that is being restored in The National Armor and Cavalry Museum in Fort Benning.