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  1. FY2018 budget request https://www.asafm.army.mil/documents/BudgetMaterial/fy2018/wtcv.pdf 56 M1A1 upgraded to M1A2 SEPv3 287 Low Profile CROWS and 90 Ammunition Data Links for field upgrades 87 APS systems for Abrams 60 M2A2ODS and M7A3 Bradleys upgraded to M2A4 and M7A4 Bradleys 345 Bradley ECP1 kits (track and suspension system upgrades) and 134 Bradley ECP2 kits (improves the power train and electrical system) for field upgrades 35 APS systems for Bradleys 107 AMPV in 5 variants Stryker ECP1 (910 amp alternator, in-vehicle network, 450 HP engine, and upgraded suspension) starts in FY2019 71 M109A6/M992A2 Paladin sets upgraded to M109A7/M992A3 16 M88A1 upgraded to M88A2 Hercules 7 Assault Breacher Vehicles 27 Joint Assault Bridges
  2. 1-Austria Leo2A4 2-Germany Leo2A6 3-USA M1A2SEPv2 4-France Leclerc 5-Poland Leo2A5 6-Ukraine T-64BV These are official results of Strong Europe Tank Challenge I got from one of guys I know and is reliable source.
  3. Not longer than 740mm for AZ-185 autoloader in T-90A, T-90AM/SM/M, and also AFAIK T-72B3.
  4. Interesting news guys, US Army is funding R&D for alternative diesels for their ground vehicles including M1's what is interesting is... they are funding R&D for flat opposed piston diesels like Ukrainian 4TD, 5TD and 6TD series http://www.calstart.org/Libraries/HTUF_2016/6_-_Major_-_Achates.sflb.ashx
  5. For the active fleet, probably yes, at least untill more advanced MAPS or Modular Active Protection System will be ready. MAPS will use both soft kill and hard kill countermeassures. Actually some times ago, MAPS prototype with soft kill countermeassures was tested in M1, hard kill countermeassures test is planned for near future.
  6. Armor is only removed from this specific rended, normally the armor will be installed on real vehicle + Trophy HV installed of course.
  7. Another thing is, that some penetrators designed to defeat targets protected by heavy ERA, are designed to use a certain feature of ERA to their advantage. ERA is designed in such way that hits of projectiles below a certain diameter will not detonate them. So for example M829A2 have a specially designed tip that will create a hole in ERA without detonating it. I suspect that M829A3 and M829A4 might use similiar trick among possible other solutions.
  8. So Active Protection Systems development in US is moving forward. Here we can see how Iron Curtain will be installed on Strykers and Trophy HV on M1's. M2 will receive Iron Fist system. Also we can see that future Modular Active Protection System will use both soft kill and hard kill countermeassures.
  9. M1A2SEPv3, it seems to be in final configuration for series production at the moment. US Army is also making progress in case of active protection systems, either short term solution with off the shelf systems, as well as long term solution, the MAPS - Modular Active Protection System. http://www.scout.com/military/warrior/story/1668691-army-buys-vehicle-active-protection-systems http://www.defensenews.com/articles/army-speeds-up-future-modular-active-protection-system-for-combat-vehicles http://www.upi.com/Defense-News/2017/03/28/Lockheed-Martin-Northrop-Grumman-complete-MAPS-test/4631490730740/ http://news.lockheedmartin.com/2017-03-28-Lockheed-Martin-and-Northrop-Grumman-Complete-Initial-Integration-for-U-S-Armys-Modular-Active-Protection-System#Closed There is also work moving forward with new vehicle camouflage paints that also reduce their thermal signature. http://www.armymantech.com/pdfs/GMPGVCSPPI.pdf
  10. Weight simulators for some armor improvements in M1A2SEPv2. It's possible that 3rd generation HAP armor might had some interim upgrades over the time during vehicles service.
  11. http://www.israeldefense.co.il/he/node/28700 Well, as far as translation goes, it seems that US Army performed first, and successfull test of the Trophy HV active protection system (known also as Windcoat in IDF service) installed on M1 tank.
  12. Thanks! Well you know, people here are really passionate about history. I hope soon the Armored Vehicles Museum in PoznaƄ will be opened for public after relocation outside military base, then I can visit it in my free time, and get inside more vehicles.
  13. Yeah, it seems that Barracuda kits are still seen only in US, in Europe what they use is most likely ULCANS, altough I heard that US Army was interested in Polish Berberys, that is said to be better suited for terrain here in the region.
  14. One of the more interesting projects was Chieftain 800/900. Also interesting is the way how special armor is installed, seems to be exactly same method as in case of Challenger 1. Actually turret seems to have the exactly same basic structure as in Challenger 1. Another interesting project was so called "Aluminium" Chieftain. Some other interesting projects. Vickers Mk4. Vickers Mk7. Vickers Mk7/2. It seems that Vickers Mk7 turret was a direct predecessor of Challenger 2 turret.