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  1. Excellent, thanks for the help. I've been reading the wiki and am beginning to get my head around events, triggers and conditions. I'll also have another read of the manual now to see what I missed the first time around! Cheers, James
  2. Hi, How do I cause the mission to automatically exit/complete if a certain objective or condition is reached? Also, is there any way to add my own text to the mission score page? Cheers, James
  3. Difficulty levels and faqs

    Hi. A couple of questions, sorry if they've been asked before: Firstly, the difficulty setting: I understand this reflects an opponent's reaction time. Does this roughly equate to opponents that are: Easy = poorly-trained Medium = russian Hard = western And so should this be adjusted every mission depending on who the adversary is? Secondly, are the faqs working? When I click on the button, it takes me to a search function which never returns a result; am I doing something wrong? Thanks, James
  4. Netheravon Attack

    Version 1.1


    Small and very easy scenario. Take a minor airfield with your Leo2E and Centauro hunter killer teams in the face of Challenger 2s. (Final version. feedback welcome)
  5. Thanks Tacbat, When I searched for vehicle operators I noticed how detailed the Wikipedia entries seemed to be and so I've already started putting together a rough list based on their data. Just for the Western equipment though; I gave up on the Russian stuff as they seem to have sold it to every man and his dog. By the look of it you can just assume almost every country in South America, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe have it! I'd forgotten that Britain had bought T-80s though!
  6. That's a good selection to pick from for producing scenarios with the British - thanks for the help. Ive got a scenario outlined; if it works then it should be online over the weekend. On the other point, has anyone put together a list of which countries use which vehicles? One other thing, will anyone object to British military bases being named in scenarios? The ones I'm thinking of can be located using the internet already.
  7. Hi, Sorry if this has come up before/has an obvious answer; I have tried searching. In building my first scenarios, I don’t know which countries to represent as I’m not sure which vehicles are used by whom. Has anyone produced a table/list of what countries use which SB vehicle? Also, which countries are the default skins are for? I was building a scenario and thought I'd try to have the Brits involved; is the only vehicle available for them the Challenger 2 and none of the other vehicles are used by them (even just a little bit)? Cheers, James
  8. No buildings or roads on Dartmoor map?

    You're right - my mistake. I only found a few because I was searching a specific parameter and didn't notice the others. Doh! :cvcsalut:
  9. No buildings or roads on Dartmoor map?

    That's what I was thinking of doing, although I don’t know of any maps that show the granite formations and I think that’s the biggest detail missing… It could be a case of using google map for that part of it. Hmm, could a project for Christmas when I have more time. Will think about how much I want to do a prison break scenario with a race-against-time across Dartmoor in light vehicles :-) Considering how few scenarios there are for download, I was absolutely amazed by the number and especially the quality of maps that people have created. For now I’ll get my hand in doing a few scenarios for myself on Salisbury plain.
  10. Hi, I can't see any buildings, roads or rocks at all on the Dartmoor map. As I can see them in other maps I assume this is because there aren't any rather than it being a switch in the map editor somewhere? Cheers, James
  11. Ah, I'm weak - I've bought it anyway! Oh well, $25 for an update to my second-favourite game is ok (CM:SF is my favourite now all the expansions are out). I mostly bought it for the additional street furniture and flexibility of vehicles as I've decided to have a go at scenario creation. Hopefully you'll see the result soon
  12. I thought there might have been official scenarios utilising the new vehicles included as part of the patch. Thanks for the quick reply - I'll continue with 2.4 then :-) James
  13. Hi, I ask as I don't see lots of new 2.5-only scenarios, so are there many scenarios where the new vehicles are used? I know I can't play multiplayer if I don't upgrade but don't think I ever played online when I did have an up-to-date version. Otherwise I'll continue working through the 2.4x scenarios and wait for next year's patch (fingers crossed). Cheers me dears, James
  14. Hi, How do I command the vehicle I select? I park the humvee in the dugout facing the tank I want and a text message appears saying vehicle selected, but nothing else happens. Thanks for the help, James
  15. Leo 2a5 vs 2e; which is better for newbs?

    Thanks GH Lieste! I feel really silly asking this: Does the in-game leo 2a5 have a machine gun for the commander or is there only one MG on this tank? It seems strange to only have one MG on a tank?!