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  1. 51 FPS i7-4770 @ 3.9Ghz V-Sync Off
  2. thanks for extra info. yes, same method like the mod I did for Leopard 2. Hope someday we get "real lights" inside cockpits... I think it can add a lot to night battles immersion.
  3. wohoa! Lt DeFault that looks so nice but is already in game or will be in future versions? Is a personal engine MOD? S.O.S. ps: so glad my humble mod was the inspiration! Hope it can be added to all tanks.
  4. Please Volcano any chance to have some kind of flashlight or red lighting inside cockpits for night battles in the future? It can be nice if we can turn on/off some kind of local light inside there. If I not remember bad in the past I think that was an "engine no go" but with the actual updated stuff maybe that can be achieved in some way. Thanks! and happy with the nice update
  5. wow! Downloading then seeding ps: thanks for the 3D BRDM-2, nice!
  6. Thank you !
  7. Thanks for the news Ssnake! Ready for the release notes
  8. You can test your mem with some utils like "Aida64" There you can stress your mem/system and check for errors... (Tools--System Stability Test) Good luck!
  9. BMP for me, 1 or 2 no problem
  10. For SB and other sims I use http://xpadder.com/?lang=english&country=US With that you can assign keys to the controls and use two (or more) of them. I use an old and good Micro$oft Sidewinder plus a gamepad and I assigned a lot of keys to them. You can do lot of nice stuff with xpadder. I left the game keys to default and then I assign them to both of the joysticks. I have several profiles for the different tanks and when you have all ready is very nice and works Hope it helps!
  11. very nice, thanks!
  12. Please Apocalypse 31 can you upload some template of ALL that ? It can be a great starting point to the almost-green at editing like... me Thanks!
  13. Nice Sunday surprise! Thanks
  14. Yes! Me too Glad is coming (hope soon) for DCS... They did a nice work with the "Gazelle" http://www.polychop-sims.com/bo-105-pah-1a1/
  15. BO-105 + Tanks, Nice!