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  1. ERA Bricks Super-Glue? [FIXED]

    Thanks for the great news Ssnake & Volcano ! I will be ready for play again some kind of Arkanoid with the T-72s
  2. ERA Bricks Super-Glue? [FIXED]

    thanks for that Volcano! I tried using several types of HEAT rounds and ATGMs and no brick fall. Individual or in groups (like in previous version of the sim) Hope it can be fixed, was such a nice detail
  3. ERA Bricks Super-Glue? [FIXED]

    That! I'm ok with the impact effects in sim right now (they are great) but I miss the ERA disappear when hit thanks for replies!
  4. ERA Bricks Super-Glue? [FIXED]

    Hola! I just notice that the ERA bricks of the T-72s didn't "explode" when hit by HEAT or ATGM like the ones I remember from previous version. Was nice to see them disappear from the 3D model before a second killing hit. Please was that nice detail removed from sim or my HEAT rounds powder is getting wet here?
  5. Sonalyst is back on radar?

    Playing Cold Waters right now but Dangerous Waters II can be super nice thanks for the news!
  6. Ho-Ho-Ho! Release Notes are up.

    This was a nice surprise! Marry Xmas to all there
  7. Team Yankee Mission 1

    Thanks will download when up! The name make me remember one of my first tank games with Amiga 500 Start at 1:25. Was a nice game for 512K Ram
  8. ETA on terrain patch?

    No problem! Just please don't go DX12 Vulcan is nice option and you don't have to install Windows 10
  9. Great ideas Maj.Hans! All that can add a lot to realism. I dream also about a "random" mission generator, hope someday!
  10. T-72B1 1985 + BMP2 Leopard 2A5 + Marder
  11. ETA on terrain patch?

    oh!! have those dial-up memories too
  12. ETA on terrain patch?

    Good point !
  13. ETA on terrain patch?

    I'm with stavka maybe two options DVD or Blu-Ray (with shipping cost) + download (with some kind of server cost for download) Of course 100% free is better but if that is finally a no go... I will pay my download. Thanks for the details Ssnake!
  14. ETA on terrain patch?

    yes, same situation here! Crossing fingers x download version. And of course I keep my dongle between cottons.
  15. ETA on terrain patch?

    I hope a download version will be available if not it will be a no go for me. My country now have new customs laws and then after all the extra $$$ and extreme paper work the customs/mail office steals lot of stuff so I hope for a pay download version. If not bye-bye new maps for me