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  1. Thanks for the news Ssnake! Ready for the release notes
  2. You can test your mem with some utils like "Aida64" There you can stress your mem/system and check for errors... (Tools--System Stability Test) Good luck!
  3. BMP for me, 1 or 2 no problem
  4. For SB and other sims I use http://xpadder.com/?lang=english&country=US With that you can assign keys to the controls and use two (or more) of them. I use an old and good Micro$oft Sidewinder plus a gamepad and I assigned a lot of keys to them. You can do lot of nice stuff with xpadder. I left the game keys to default and then I assign them to both of the joysticks. I have several profiles for the different tanks and when you have all ready is very nice and works Hope it helps!
  5. very nice, thanks!
  6. Please Apocalypse 31 can you upload some template of ALL that ? It can be a great starting point to the almost-green at editing like... me Thanks!
  7. Nice Sunday surprise! Thanks
  8. Yes! Me too Glad is coming (hope soon) for DCS... They did a nice work with the "Gazelle" http://www.polychop-sims.com/bo-105-pah-1a1/
  9. BO-105 + Tanks, Nice!
  10. Well Ssnake explained it Just talking about Win 7 / Win 10 on this topic : Next time will do it in Ground Zero didn't know it was a "dedicated support thread"
  11. Glad I'm still with Win 7 64, Hope SB will keep supporting it with DX 11 in the future DX12 not needed In my second "for the TV" PC I have Win 10 and really... Yes, I can speak with Cortana
  12. Thank you Austria for the BMP-2 !! For celebrate a nice video (Marko + Apocalypse 31 )
  13. My ears thank you!
  14. Yes, same here. I have tons of books + magazines. Now here the prices are like gold but I will keep em until the grave Is great to have a good sim session with SB, then grab an old book and inject more fuel to the passion PDF is nice but will never replace a good paper book, at least for a 41 like me. Armored Fist! I remember that one, still play M1 Tank Platoon II from Microprose. My first arcade/sim game was Spitfire and my first "true sim" was Gunship in Commodore 64 Thanks, no rush. Hope we will find a better one for the Marder...
  15. Thanks Apocalypse 31 for the extra sound + the great video, top quality Reinforcements have arrived -Great video and check minute +/- 3:30 -Cold War taste is high on that one, and I like it- Very welcome Marko ! Really like that video, show inside details -great to compare with the one in game and find all the stuff right there- and the live sounds are very nice. Glad u like it. I remember the times when I have to wait to TV documentaries (very few about weapons and more few about tanks) and have ready the crappy VHS ready for record stuff... Now is like paradise, so much material that is impossible to process all Can't resist