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  1. Great ideas Maj.Hans! All that can add a lot to realism. I dream also about a "random" mission generator, hope someday!
  2. T-72B1 1985 + BMP2 Leopard 2A5 + Marder
  3. oh!! have those dial-up memories too
  4. Good point !
  5. I'm with stavka maybe two options DVD or Blu-Ray (with shipping cost) + download (with some kind of server cost for download) Of course 100% free is better but if that is finally a no go... I will pay my download. Thanks for the details Ssnake!
  6. yes, same situation here! Crossing fingers x download version. And of course I keep my dongle between cottons.
  7. I hope a download version will be available if not it will be a no go for me. My country now have new customs laws and then after all the extra $$$ and extreme paper work the customs/mail office steals lot of stuff so I hope for a pay download version. If not bye-bye new maps for me
  8. Version 1.07b Beta Available http://steamcommunity.com/app/541210/discussions/0/2183537632740192385/ Finally new controls !!
  9. humble SSD + powerful HDD ready for the update! Thanks for the news!
  10. +1 for that option (someday)
  11. Thanks!! More tanks info = More happiness!
  12. Thanks for the clear update!
  13. Don't know if the terrain showed in that video (I think is that one) is the actual future PE terrain or the one that will be used in the real military version of the sim...
    Thanks for the mission!! Always is good and fun play the Soviet side (at least for me )